Nikolaev Sbushniki "ineptly" bribed the employee of criminal investigation department and "missed" money

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On July 1 the staff of department "To" Nikolaev SBU carried out special operation on capture "the werewolf in shoulder straps". The local addressed to them and told that the employee of criminal investigation department of the Factory District Department of Internal Affairs demands from it a bribe.

Nikolayevets went to an appointment with marked money and under vigilant supervision of staff of SBU. But something went not so. Money was allegedly transferred, but it wasn't succeeded to catch by a hand of "bribe taker" - he managed to come into the apartment and to close a door.

Couldn't get in Sbushniki as they had no corresponding permissions. Without hesitation, they decided to send "headache" on department of internal security of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

They told everything that occurred.

When the employee of criminal investigation department came to the workplace, for it already waited. But traces from marked money it was revealed not. There is a question - whether so there was a bribe?


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