Yu. Lutsenko "to Lozinsky is helped by deputies"

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The Minister of Internal Affairs told why don't arrest bribe takers from the city hall, and also about the pedofilskikh preferences of the rector Mikhaylov and how to stop flow of the Caucasian thieves to Ukraine.

During conversation the minister talked not only the last high-profile business, but also a lawlessness of the capital power: for example, the Interior Minister is perplexed, why "Kiyevvodokanal" buys nuts on 127 million UAH. Almost sensation: Lutsenko was tired to be a minister and is ready to transfer a position after presidential election to "the worthy person".

News from the minister "the Newspaper... " I illustrated with own front-page materials from different numbers - we watched these affairs and we will watch.

In Kiev: protect "thievish" officials

- We will begin with corruption. Recently on a large bribe the chief of GU of domestic policy Victor Goncharuk "lost". But he on freedom also calls charges by nonsense.

- To it really incriminate receiving a bribe - 3 million UAH - through the intermediary. But the issue of arrest is resolved by the investigator of prosecutor's office and the judge.

- Speak, Goncharuk enters the closest circle of the mayor Chernovetsky?

- Concerning their proximity with Chernovetsky of statements to me didn't arrive (laughs. - Bus). The mayor has now about 20 deputies - there pack of leaders so it is difficult to tell who is now especially close to him. The Kiev power does everything that anybody, even from an average link of their group, wasn't made responsible.

- How the capital power influences militiamen?

- The militia does the part - we detain when receiving bribes, we prepare materials about office crimes, and then under the law are obliged to transfer them to prosecutor's office. Unfortunately, frequent doesn't work the arrest mechanism further, and the official will bail. In principle and so can be, recognizance not to leave is still half-troubles. But then cases aren't investigated. I don't remember any case successfully finished in court of bribes to the Kiev officials! For example, about a month ago we detained on a bribe of the deputy head of one of capital district administrations. Transferred materials to prosecutor's office, but they think month:to initiate proceedings or as always? Such counteraction to accountability of "thievish" officials as in Kiev, isn't present anywhere!

- Once you collected materials on abuses of the Kiev power in the special folder? Much there the facts collected?

- The folder is called "Astronauts". The facts so many that they there any more aren't located. Here the last material (takes a leaf from the folder. - Bus): "Kiyevvodokanal's" officials who now terrorize inhabitants of Kiev water supply problems, bought on 127 million UAH not pipes, and: nuts, dogrose, dried fruits, seeds. What for? It isn't known.

They on accounts have zero, complain of debts of inhabitants and spend such money for nuts! ? On Monday I will make the order to check the municipal enterprises of the capital. It not only "Kiyevvodokanal", but also "Kiyevenergo", "Kiyevkhleb", "Kiyevmlyn" and others. I have a presentiment that before each elections at these enterprises the special period begins, and nuts strongly give policy.

- What else abuses found in Kiev?

- After Chernovetsky's victory all funeral sphere assigned to one clan. They dismissed all heads of cemeteries and the director "Spetskombinat". Even mortuaries separated from hospitals, and in the charter approved by Kiyevsovet, wrote down that they have the right to participate in transplantation. It is good that the prosecutor's office interfered, and it forbade. There are questions on the Kiev crematorium where account of dead men isn't kept at all. Speak, all of us equally them burn - why to write down? Happens, there bring the dead in general on private cars!

- About violations in Ministry of Health. How investigate these facts?

- Checks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs began to epidemic - in the middle of July. Found mass violations during the purchasing and distribution of drugs. After checks in Ministry of Health and in regions of 600 materials on abuses in the sphere of health protection sent to prosecutor's office. Now the narrow circle corrupted business - structures under a political roof receives huge funds on purchase of medicines. Here example: in 2009 Ministry of Health signed contracts for purchase of drugs with: JSC Farmatsevticheskiye preparaty regionov - on 162 million UAH, JSC Interfarm - 111 million UAH, JSC Tsentralny aptechny sklad - 105 million, JSC Hansa - 85 million UAH. In all list there is only one producer of drugs - JSC Biolik. From it bought already on 1, 5 million UAH. All other intermediaries.And after all if to take preparations from producers they give 50% of a discount for wholesale party. Intermediaries need to give all sum. To someone who allows these intermediary firms to government purchases of drugs перепадает a good jackpot.

- Why don't bring criminal cases on these violations?

- It is very difficult to prove criminal intention of the official, that that on the tender was won by this or that firm. It is necessary to change all system of purchases of drugs! Let directly hold tenders between domestic producers, instead of intermediaries.

- How murder of the businessman Shabab Aloyan is investigated?

- Our group left to Moscow, now we work with militiamen of the Russian Federation to bring to Ukraine the organizer - Merab Suslov. According to our version, the customer of this crime - the Russian thief in law by nickname Ded Hassan. The other day in Kiev the group of 6 people with a weapon arsenal was neutralized. Among detainees the native of Kharkov - the killer who has stayed some tens years. It planned the next crime connected with a family of Aloyan. Together with it took the Chechen who arranged recently firing in cafe on the Hem from - that there switched off a chanson.

- Earlier you said, what two Merab are involved in Aloyan's "order"?

- Yes. This is Aloyan's relative - Merab Suslov, and the Russian thief in law Merab Kutaissky. With colleagues from the Russian Federation we believe that Suslov was the organizer of this crime. But the version about the second Merab's participation - didn't disappear yet.

- And what with case of firefight in Goloseevsky park? Already contacted customers?

- We detained the performer, and the same Russian thief Ded Hassan was the organizer of these dismantlings probably. He is the most active thief in law, trying to control cleaned from "legalists" the Organized Crime Control Department Ukraine. In Russia after execution of the thief Yaponchik there was a mass of the internal conflicts.

- After firefight in park in the Ministry of Internal Affairs a certain citizen addressed and declared, what the deputy Elbrus Tedeev took away from it "Mercedes"?

- The statement of this person isn't connected with firing, but нардепа Tedeeva really concerns. Business was so. At first Elbrus Tedeev gave one car to other Tedeev (Robert) who on interrogations calls itself the brother of the deputy. On it Robert went to dismantlings at first to Vinnytsia, and then to capital park. And other car нардеп received from the inhabitant of Kiev, having promised him the help in businessovy question a kidka.For "Mercedes" Elbrus didn't give money. It was in April, and the letter from the victim came to the Ministry of Internal Affairs after firing in Goloseev. After publication of the letter of this person on "The Ukrainian truth" at night the car already was under an entrance of the owner. It is possible to speak, of course, about depreciation, but I hope that such openness of the Internet and militia promoted return of property and saved our deputy from criminal liability.

- Tedeev didn't manage to interrogate concerning the second car?

- The structure of a crime was settled. The applicant any more had to him no claims. Concerning firing in Vinnytsia and Goloseev the deputy interrogated, the consequence to it has no questions. Here unless it is possible to appeal to morals: why the People's Deputy gives the car to the subjects participating in gangster dismantlings with the killed.

- The murderer Aloyan and participants of firing in capital park - visitors. How to stop thieves' migration to Ukraine?

- Both in Russia, and in Georgia only for "rank"" "thief in law" put in prison. Our Gennady Moskal developed the similar bill. Unfortunately, Rada while doesn't consider it. The thieves in law at us remained two and a half - Vasya Ushasty in Kiyevshchina and Mamed in Donetsk. A half is a thief Lera Sumskoy, he runs in the Sumy area from Russia. For this year we detained 25 visitors of thieves and authorities during attempts to carry out a meeting. All of them are deported, two - are arrested. It is heavy to stop flow of criminals, without having migratory service - its creation was vetoed repeatedly by the president. Ask me, how many foreigners now in the territory of Ukraine - I won't tell you.

Pedophiles: Mikhaylov demanded five-year-old children

- And how contacted the rector of Academy of "water-transport workers" Vasily Mikhaylov who is suspected of pedophilia?

- From last fall collected materials about the pornostudio organized by Mikhaylov. In April got permission of court to its "wiretap". In October statements from two victims arrived - they told that the head of higher education institution raped them when they were minors. Only after these statements we could bring criminal case. The rector was detained together with the cohabitant at the airport after return from Egypt. Then carried out a number of searches - found prepaskudny videos and the photos which have been personally made by Mikhaylov.

- Why he removed itself(himself) in orgies?

- Now we find out - or in sale registered both a group sex, and zoophilia... I was shocked with interpretation of one telephone conversation of the rector. Mikhaylov was in mood and ordered to itself five-year-old children, offering подпоить them beer or to entice candies.

- Who had to bring to the rector of kids?

- His cohabitant who is now arrested. The rector even suggested it to use in sexual debauchery of their general four-year-old child!

- Where it found victims?

- It generally school students. We have the school albums withdrawn from pedophiles. Here it is important not to put a trauma to victims. The majority of parents of victims don't want neither to give evidences, nor to write applications. By the way, any statement from students of Academy too while isn't present.

High-profile cases: Lozinsky is helped by deputies

- And what with Lozinsky's search? Speak, he skillfully bypasses ambushes by means of the acquaintances from the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

- I don't exclude that to it help. Lozinsky though it is short, but nevertheless I worked in "bodies". It is rich and can enjoy support of different people - from deputies to militiamen. But I am convinced of honesty of the chief Ugrozyska of Ukraine. There are other nuances. In 2005 the decree of the president all complexes for "wiretap" of conversations obliged to transfer militia in SBU. Efficiency of search work from it decreased at once.

- And why such strange things happen to investigation of deadly road accident with participation of the mayor Dimitrov?

- It too causes irritation in me. The public prosecutor's investigator in the first day had to send to court the resolution on arrest. But to this day I didn't make it. The mayor who killed the person, only was ousted, instead of arrested!

- In Odessa also didn't arrest responsible for deadly arrival - the colonel of SBU...

- It lowers image of militiamen in the opinion of Ukrainians. Thousands of successful operations of militia are leveled by tens examples of leaving from responsibility of politicians and poshes. It is inadmissible! In the Ministry of Internal Affairs approach other. Recently in Donetsk region employees of militia were responsible for two deadly road accidents. On the same day, instead of backdating, them dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and all were arrested.To me doesn't deliver big pleasure, but each my arrival to militia comes to an end with the double growth of criminal cases against "werewolves in shoulder straps". This year of such affairs already more than 300.

Swindles: Volkonsky reads business, and Adeladzha - гриппует

- Whether there is a progress in business "Elite - the center"?

- Volkonsky already reads case papers. This procedure will take about a month more. Volkonsky - Shakhov didn't give any serious evidences. Traces of money too didn't find. At the beginning of the next year business of "Elite" will go to court. But even after a sentence the end won't be put to investigation of swindle, yet won't detain his accomplice - Oleg Shestak.

- Recently to the pastor Adeladzhe brought charge of participation in the next swindle - state of emergency "Grant". On turn "Club of one thousand millionaires"?

- At Adeladzhi's church the mass of clubs - is created up to club of virgins. Separately worked and with millionaires. We carry out expertize - whether propaganda of the pastor could force parishioners to give money. Long before the beginning of epidemic of Adeladzha I got sick with flu in hospital. I wish it the fastest recovery - there are plans about New year to bring business "Kingz Capital" to trial. There tens volumes and serious proofs of fault of the pastor.

Elections: members of the commissions will warn brochures

- How the militia prepares for presidential election?

- We will prepare brochures with examples of falsifications of elections-2004. And concrete examples of condemned "switchmen" which didn't show on the administration, didn't tell who gave them money. Unfortunately, pawns received then for 3 years of prison who it is conditional and who and it is real. We will dispatch these brochures to members of electoral commissions and their native, as caution.

- Whether there are examples of preparation of "roundabouts" or falsifications?

- Recently we found signs of mass falsifications on early elections in the Ternopol regional council. According to the decision and parliament commission of inquiry to us documents on 5 sites allowed to open territorial election commission. It appeared, in many documents the signature of the voter for the received bulletin is very similar to the autograph of the official that conducted this "sheet". We started interrogating the people, many who is listed voted, in general on elections didn't go. Now in prosecutor's office think, whether to bring criminal case … Very important quickly to investigate it to remind falsifiers of criminal liability.

- And whom you see yourselves after January 2010-го?

- Dictatorship of the law and the uniform center of decision-making is necessary to us. If future president provides it - me all the same where I will work. I will tell frankly, I was very tired to be a minister and daily to see how enormous work as a result is reduced to "mouse" result in prosecutor's office and vessels. I was tired to assume all criticism, for example for the posh Kalinovsky who in general ran away not at me.

And most of all I was tired to look in the face to the subordinates who in a year fix, for example, 1800 bribes, and 50 people go to prison. To explain militias that everything will change soon, I already have no forces. I don't give up but if the decision is made that there is a normal candidate for a post of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the new power - well and thank God.

- You assume who will be your successor?

- Oh, on this place always there are a lot of wishing, only they don't imagine where want. But this interview - any not farewell. On the contrary, I still will have forces and a fuse to work here as in the first day.


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