The trip to Nikolayevshchina ended for the inhabitant of Odessa is deplorable – he overslept the train, and the new acquaintance threw it, having stolen the mobile phone

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Recently in a call center of linear point of militia on the station Pervomaisk - on - Bug lineyony department on the station Kotovsk I addressed 48 - the summer inhabitant of the Kotovsk region of Odessa region. He reported that at him stole the new mobile phone "Samsung". The man arrived to Pervomaisk the Nikolaev area on family affairs. Upon completion of affairs, coming back home, I decided to please the family and I got as a gift three brand new mobile phones. At the railway station of the station Pervomaisk - on - Bug, buying the train "Kremenchug — Lviv" ticket, I got acquainted with 49 - the summer man, the inhabitant of the Rovno area who also had to go by this train. The man quickly gained of him the confidence. Little by little, got to talking, cut for acquaintance. The inhabitant of Odessa started telling about himself. Poshchegolyal the brand new mobile phones bought in shop, gives Sector of public relations of UMVS of Ukraine on the Odessa railroad.

After "feast" the inhabitant of Odessa dozed off in a waiting room as before departure of the train there was more enough time. The neighbor who was tempted on new things of "companion" fast used it and stole from it one mobile phone. The crime occurred at station Pervomaisk - on - Bug. When the victim woke up, the fellow traveler near it any more wasn't and the expected train left long ago.

Except these troubles it appeared also that one mobile phone disappeared also. In despair of people I asked for the help employees of transport militia of LPM on the station Pervomaisk - on - Bug. Guards worked quickly and without delay on the station Kotovsk the thief was detained by workers of LO therefore long to enjoy the stolen mobile phone it wasn't necessary to it. On this fact the investigative office against the inhabitant of the Rovno area brought criminal case according to Art. 185 of UK of Ukraine - theft of someone else's property. The measure of restraint will be chosen by court.


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