Staff of the Dnepropetrovsk militia "blocked breath" a local porno - to dealers

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Staff of management on fight against the crimes connected with human trafficking, General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Dnepropetrovsk area exposed organized criminal group activity which part five locals were. Malefactors organized shop - a warehouse and were engaged in video production distribution, including pornographic character. Reports a press - service Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Organizers of criminal group controlled porno sales markets in Dnepropetrovsk and provided its distribution on the central city streets, stations and through service of automobile delivery.

Police officers carried out the authorized searches in a residence of participants of criminal group and in five specially equipped warehouses. During searches the modern computer equipment which was used for reproduction of production of the pornographic character, over four thousand units of disks, the laser systems of reading prepared for supply of a distribution network was withdrawn.

It agrees with a conclusion of the carried out art criticism expertize, withdrawn production is recognized as the pornographic.

On the facts of illegal activity of participants of criminal group criminal case on signs of the crime provided by the article 301 "Import, Production, Sale and Distribution of Pornographic Subjects" of the Criminal code of Ukraine is brought.

Concerning participants of criminal group the measure of restraint in the form of a subscription оТеперь is chosen investigative actions concerning this business are conducted. Besides, measures concerning establishment of special shops on production of production of the pornographic contents in the territory of other areas are taken. not departure.


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