Having crept from a balcony to rob the grandmother, the Nikolaev granddaughter a balcony door sent the old woman to a knockout

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In Ochakovo the Nikolaev area in militia the statement 77 - the summer local resident about robbery at her apartment as a result of which the pensioner lost all the savings - 5200 hryvnias arrived. The unknown at first called late at night at a door and it was presented by the employee of militia, but the woman suggested it to come in the morning. In a few minutes someone got on a tree on a balcony of the second floor and beat out a door, having sent that to a knockout the owner of the apartment. When she regained consciousness, money wasn't, transfers kriminal.tv.

On suspicion in assault it was soon detained 16 - the summer granddaughter of the victim, the schoolgirl of the tenth class. She tried to convince militiamen that no relation to a crime has, but to explain, from where she has 3 thousand hryvnias, couldn't. The reputation of the granddaughter in the opinion of her parents and acquaintances was far from ideal, and not without the bases. Therefore very few people from them doubted the one who actually paid to the grandmother power visit. So it also left.

The maiden, eventually, admitted that convinced the guy to visit the granny and to exempt it from spare cash. Says that planned to go to the regional center and to buy which - that for school. Probably, textbooks. The part of money dispersed at once, and the remained three thousand returned to the victim. That doesn't want to see the granddaughter now in general even if her and won't send for a long time for a lattice. Criminal case is relative «guests» it is excited under article about theft.


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