Meanwhile Grigorishin doesn't manage to include "the Dawn - Mashproyekt" in the holding

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Konstantin Grigorishin went in the footsteps of the colleagues and decided on business structurization.

Yesterday the Power Standard group declared plans of creation of management company for the power machine-building enterprises. Experts consider that its cost can make $2 billion

By data "The power standard", UK will unite under the wing the Sumy NGO of Frunze, the Zaporozhye transformer plant, Plant of small-sized transformers, plant on production of heavy-duty Super transformers, the Zaporozhye cable plant, Plant of the weighted boring and leading pipes. Besides, further acquisitions of group will be its part in power machine-building sector. UK will deal with issues of strategic development of the enterprises, and also will provide centralization in the field of sales, finance, legal service, development of the personnel and in other areas. Thus, owners expect to optimize expenses and to increase financial productivity and competitiveness of under control assets.

Will head UK vice-the president of "The power standard" and now ex-the head of NGO of Frunze Victor Choban which place was taken by Igor Ivanov. According to Victor Choban, integration of NGO into uniform management company will increase efficiency of the Sumy enterprise and will accelerate its development as now capacities of NGO are used no more than on a third. "The uniform power machine-building holding which would be competitive in the world" is created, - added a press - the secretary of group Andrey Borovitsky. According to him, UK won't include the enterprises in which the group has no a controlling stake, and also the enterprises in other spheres of the industry. Thus, a number of assets in power, ship-building and developer sectors is left of new structure in the basket. The state status doesn't allow to include the Nikolaev GP "Dawn — Mashproyekt" which loyal management to group operates in holding.

Thus, Konstantin Grigorishin followed the example of others large financially - the industrial groups which have created official managing directors of structure for the enterprises, in particular Rinat Akhmetov's SKM or Victor Pinchuk's EastOne.

Experts positively estimate an initiative of "The power standard"."All these enterprises work at one markets. Creation of such company will allow to centralize the scheme of purchases, sale and management", - the analyst of Steinberg Research Alexey Nekrasa speaks. According to him, the management company will be able to represent group at FGI auction, in particular according to "Turboatom" where it possesses about 15% of actions, and also to take part in quality of the general contractor on the international tenders. According to mister Nekrasy, the cumulative cost of the enterprises of holding can make 1,5-2,5 billion dollars. "Such dispersion is caused by a lack of information on some of the enterprises", - the expert explains. Besides, it allows the subsequent sale of part of the enterprise to the private investor or during IPO. However, earlier in interview Victor Choban negatively estimated IPO as a way of attraction of financial resources. According to the analyst "Alf Capital" Denis Shavruk, UK will be able to act as the corporate borrower for the enterprises, distributing the raised funds in group." In case of issue of eurobonds or attraction of a syndicated loan participation of such company will allow to raise large funds at their smaller cost", - he believes. In his opinion, the cost of power machine-building holding can make to 2 billion dollars

However, in most "The power standard" we aren't ready to report yet the name of created UK and creation terms. According to experts, this process can take about half a year.


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