The Ukrainian killer caught in Germany, flogged the Crimean earth to the Israeli politicians

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The detainee in Germany "the Ukrainian killer" Victor Feshchenko (Daniel Meir) not only kept up acquaintance to deputies of the Knesset, but also used communications in the Crimea, offering Israeli socially - to politicians and businessmen "good bargains" on a purchase of lands in Ukraine.

Victor Feshchenko (Daniel Meir) detained in Germany who is suspected of commission of a series of murders in Simferopol in the middle of 1990-x, living in Israel, I didn't hide the communications in Ukraine. In particular he relied on Vladimir Sheyderov who was to the death in March, 2008 the mayor of Feodosiya. In conversations with activists of a number of Israeli parties, Feshchenko bragged that Shaders it is necessary it the relative. By means of these communications he also did the business - activity with the Israeli businessmen and even municipal figures.

Under the certificate of a number of sources, approximately in 2005 of Feshchenko - Meir started spreading rumors about the extensive communications in the Crimea, and about opportunity to assist in a purchase of lands near Feodosiya. In confirmation of the words, in 2006 it helped to organize visit of the deputy of the Knesset from Kadima fraction of Mikhail Nudelman to the Crimea. The same year Feshchenko - Meir addressed to one of assistants to this deputy, with a request to help it to become the parliamentary assistant or Nudelman, or someone from the Kadima party which was then in power. Having been refused, he demanded that Nudelman petitioned for it in one of the German higher education institutions where allegedly I wanted to arrive. When and this request to it it was refused, according to eyewitnesses, Feshchenko - Meir flew into a rage, and even began to threaten one of assistants to the deputy (communication between them finally interrupted at the beginning of 2007).

At the same time Feshchenko - Meir addressed to another Russian-speaking socially - to the politician, having suggested to reduce with municipal officials of Feodosiya for a favorable land acquisition in this city. This transaction didn't take place. The similar story happened and to the owner of known restaurant in the center of Israel, and to one Russian-speaking municipal figure.

I proved Feshchenko's Ukrainian communications also to that was accepted in Embassy of Ukraine in Tel - Aviva, and I helped with registration of visas. Under the certificate of one of party functionaries of "Kadima", during visit of the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to Israel in November, 2007, Feshchenko - Meir even was present on reception at Shimon Peres's office. According to the eyewitness, the killer sat at one table with the ambassador of Ukraine Igor Timofeyev.

Victor Feshchenko who was born in 1975 in Simferopol, this week was detained by the German law enforcement agencies. It is suspected that was the leader of one of criminal groups in the Crimea in 90-x years, being the killer by nickname "Bald". Feshchenko - Meir was detained as a result of joint actions of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs and police of Germany. On its account seven death, all - in Simferopol.


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