Unattractive results of hidden fight

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs exit board which has taken place in Zaporozhye last week, considered three questions. On total a press - conferences the minister Lutsenko presented them in the following sequence: about results of activity of the Zaporozhye management; the general results of work of the ministry on the directions determined by the president in January; the office crimes connected with illicit trafficking in the earth.

If the scenario of action of similar level is under construction by the principle "from the particular to the general", it is simple to guess that the occasion is available the serious. Actually, it for anybody wasn't a secret, judging by brisk discussion of results of the special operation which has been carried out on six days earlier than Ministry of Internal Affairs GUBOP group on the range of industrial wastes in a beam of Average.

This place on the city suburb, more well-known as a dump, is remarkable that about 240 hectares are concentrated on the territory waste of metallurgical production of the leading Zaporozhye enterprises. And not simply waste, and very valuable raw materials, which production makes impressive profit. And though the reliable sizes of profits of hardly anyone taken on the range - that are known, expert people claim that their sum monthly reaches 5 million dollars. Therefore no wonder that this field of activity has long ago criminal essence. And who at us is closest to underworld? Matter of course, law enforcement bodies. That is fight, certainly. At least, the theory so says. But who told, what in practice options of cooperation of these by definition of antagonistic structures are excluded?

For Zaporozhetses it for a long time at all news. And now of it could be convinced visually and participants of board, having seen expeditious video filming. Its shots imprinted on the range of the militiamen who have been carried away not so much "hidden fight", how many ensuring underground development of dumps. Gubopovsky special operation during which more than 60 gold prospectors - illegal immigrants are detained, testifies to it 18 trucks, 8 excavators and 30 tons got скрапа also.

The round-up on a dump was carried out in the conditions of the most strict privacy. Of its carrying out the local militia management didn't inform. Moreover, on the date of operation of the chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs caused on meeting to Kiev. Proceeding from it, it was obvious that the general - the militia major Alexander Shmitko got to a circle of suspects. By the way, in the similar status it should be not for the first time. In 2002 then still the colonel Shmitko transferred from a position of the first deputy chief of the Zaporozhye Department of Internal Affairs and the head regional the Organized Crime Control Department in other area. On hearings, Average put on slag dumps in a beam played in this translation far not the last role.

The chair of the chief militiaman of the Zaporozhye area Shmitko got in January, 2007 after the translation of his predecessor the general - the militia major Victor Olkhovsky to a similar position to Cherkassy. This personnel castling was caused by the tightened conflict of the head of the Department of Internal Affairs to the chairman of the regional state administration of that time Evgeny Chervonenko who is extremely negatively estimating work of militia. By words
V. Olkhovsky, his refusal to execute the illegal order of the chairman YEAH, concerning the range in a beam of Average was the original reason of the flashed contradictions.

- The Zaporozhye militia if it is honest, lost the fighting rush which was 4-5 years ago, - drew Shmitko's conclusion on a state of affairs on the site entrusted to it. - We will correct now this work, and within a month - two we will be leveled. We will be tightened - I promise it to you.

However with implementation of the promise as - that wasn't taken. Data of regional prosecutor's office testified that on dynamics of rise in crime the region is high on the list in the country. The increase testified to it not only total of crimes, but also especially heavy. Nevertheless the tonality of statements of head of area to militia cardinally changed.

- Don't think that Olkhovsky was bad, and now
To Shmitko - good, - I declared
E.Chervonenko. - Approaches changed. Here for it I also was at war.

However, at become for the period of the ex-other point of view was available the minister Yu.Lutsenko on this subject.

- I spoke to Evgeny Alfredovich when he considerably was at war, in my opinion, with the professional chief of regional management of militia: "When you take off on bombing, don't fly on the territory, don't throw a bomb in the camp because it will be come for the general result to a bad end".

It turns out as in water I looked.

Having again headed the militia ministry, Lutsenko allegedly tried to replace the head of the Zaporozhye Department of Internal Affairs. But to carry out the conceived didn't allow top-level on a desperate request of "the participant of operations". However, the minister denies this version. According to him, he got acquainted with Shmitko, shook hands and demanded not to allow renewal of criminal industrial development on a beam of Average.

- On it estimate, there is here a militia or not. It serves the law or earns a shoulder strap under cover, - considers Yu.Lutsenko. - If industrial units there work, there are two options: or the chief the fool, or it in a share.

Well, if the third it isn't given, it turns out, journalists were mistaken, having referred on allegedly sounded in December of last year Yu.Lutsenko's statement that all chiefs of the Department of Internal Affairs appointed by Vasily Tsushko will be ousted. The situation to Zaporozhye, according to the minister developed according to other scenario.

Yu.Lutsenko told that he several times asked Shmitko as affairs on a beam of Average are. And every time heard assurances that illegal production is finished.

- On one of meetings in the presence of all deputy ministers, I was at this time in business trip, in rather rough form mister Shmitko declared to the first deputy minister, the chief of the Organized Crime Control Department of Ukraine that nothing to stick a nose: for us there works nothing, everything is all right, no criminal cases in a beam are present. I so understand that mister Bedrikovsky, the first deputy minister, decided to check. As you know, check showed sad results - industrial development of criminal character on a beam of Average proceeds. In this regard the acting as the minister (because I on family circumstances was at this time in holiday) made the decision on discharge of the head of department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs mister Shmitko from fulfillment of duties for the period of carrying out office investigation. The chief of Factory regional department and its deputy are also discharged of work the chief of division on fight against economic crime. Here, actually, a circle of people which are suspected either of a divergence, or of participation in support of criminal activity on a beam of Average. In a month we have to disprove or confirm these suspicions.

To tell the truth, the situation is represented a little strange.Then don't insult the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs to the first deputy minister, the situation on the range and further would be considered as the safe. It is remarkable also that in sight of the capital administration it appeared just during absence at work of the minister who, appears, "wasn't ready to so resolute actions". Moreover, the Interior Minister is inclined to very positive evaluation of the work of Shmitko: "He is the normal person who has enormous professional experience". And at all from paradox area: "Even if the commission will confirm what exactly thanks to Shmitko such atmosphere was created, it should be kept in bodies of militia. I don't think that are necessary any is indicative - repressive methods".

It that turns out, the sergeant - the GAI officer for a 20-hryvnia bribe needs to be driven by the scruff of the neck from bodies, and concerning generals other criteria? And if following the results of check the commission doesn't convict high militia ranks of corruption (you understand, everyone in life happens), that, agrees the offered minister to two options, it is necessary to recognize that our militia not to do without fools in any way.

- I very much would like that on the account of your really gold beam there were no more asterisks of the brought-down generals. For this purpose generals have to take courage and live for one salary, - summed up the performance on a press - Yu.Lutsenko's conferences.

Of course, severely. It is interesting only, whether there will come time when life for one salary will require only existence of elementary conscience, not to mention the officer honor which has become an anachronism?


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