The European Union confirmed information on capture by pirates of a vessel with Ukrainians onboard

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Command headed by the European Union voyenno - sea operation Atalanta confirmed that onboard the tanker seized by the Somali pirates - химовоза St. James Park following under the British flag, there are citizens of Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported that checks information on vessel capture.

In the message on a command site voyenno - sea operation Atalanta is confirmed appeared earlier in mass media information about that onboard the taken vessel St. James Park at capture were 26 crew members, among which - citizens of Russia, Philippines, Georgia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, India and Turkey. Citizens of Great Britain among seamen aren't present.

Mission command also confirmed that the tanker - химовоз was seized on Monday, December 28. Seamen of St. James Park sent a signal of disaster, the crew of the military ship which is carrying out patrol in this area could contact a vessel. Also Naval Forces of EU confirmed data that the vessel taken by pirates goes now to coast of Somalia.

Pirates seized the tanker going under the British flag

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported that checks information on capture by the Somali pirates of the vessel St James Park. As the head reported a press - services the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Valery Dzhigun, to a number of Embassies of Ukraine instructions are given to find out this information, in particular, to Embassy of Ukraine in Great Britain as the vessel went under the flag of this country.

We will remind, yesterday, on December 28, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported that agreed about attraction of the American frigate of De Wert to safety of the vessel Ariana, which it was released from piracy captivity in Somalia on December 10. On December 27 Ariana I went to the north to the port of destination after gas station.


According to the last report of the secretary general UN on a piracy problem at coast of Somalia, during 2008 messages on 306 piracy incidents from all over the world arrived, 136 from which occurred near East Africa.During the period from January 1 to September 30, 2009 it was reported about 300 incidents around the world from which 160 came at east coast of the African continent. In the report it is noted that the international efforts on counteraction to sea robbery at coast of Somalia led to reduction of number of captures of trade vessels in this area though the number of attempts of attacks of pirates continues to grow.

Somalia can't cope with a piracy problem as ceased to exist as the uniform state in 1991, with falling of a dictatorship of Siad Barret governing since the end of 1960-x years. Now as the only legitimate authority in the country the international community recognizes the Federal government of Somalia, however the last controls only part of the capital - the city of Mogadishu. Other parts of Somalia are under control of unrecognized state educations or are the self-coping territories which management has different - sometimes opposite - views concerning association under the power of Mogadishu. So, in areas in the South and North - the East of Somalia rule local clans and radical Islamic movements, on North - the West since 1991 there is an unrecognized republic Somaliland.


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