The Ukrainian - the nazi by nickname Ivan the Terrible waits from the homeland of tortures

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Ukrainian Ivan Demjanjuk appeared on the second place in the list from ten most searched nazi criminals, made by the American human rights organization Simon Wisental (SWC's) Center, reports UNIAN

. Search of nazis is carried out within the operation "Last Chance" begun by activists of SWC in 2002. The list was published by Associated Press agency.

John (Ivan) Demjanjuk - the native of Kiev region, nowadays lives in the territory of the USA. Him accuse of complicity to nazis - Demjanjuk worked as the security guard in Treblink's concentration camp. In relation to prisoners he received the nickname "Ivan the Terrible" for the cruelty. In the middle of 1980-x it was deprived of the American nationality and extradited to Israel where him sentenced to execution through hanging. Subsequently the Supreme Court of the country cancelled this sentence, having considered that proofs of what Demjanjuk was that "Ivan the Terrible", was collected insufficiently.

After that Demjanjuk returned to the USA and restored nationality. In 2004 the American authorities resumed prosecution of the native of Ukraine. A year later court I made the decision on Demjanjuk's deportation home. The next appeal of the Ukrainian was rejected in January, 2008. Demjanjuk claims that in Ukraine he is waited for by torture and mockery.

Heads the list Aribert Haym suspected of murder of hundred prisoners of a concentration camp Mauthausen in whom it worked as the doctor. Haym was arrested by the American military in 1945, then for the obscure reasons he was released on freedom and till 1962 worked the gynecologist in one of hospitals Baden - Baden. After the warrant on his arrest was written out, Haym ran away from the country. In 2005 of SWC it was succeeded to find it in Spain, however Hayma wasn't succeeded to catch local police, and it again left from justice. Now the location of the doctor isn't known.

According to some information, Haym is already dead. Relatives of the criminal claimed that Haym died in Argentina in 1993. Also it was reported that the doctor was killed in 1982, however confirmation of these data isn't present.

On the third place there was the former officer of the Hungarian gendarmerie Sandor Kepiro.It is considered involved in murder by more than one thousand inhabitants of Serbia. Kepiro's sentence in the homeland was pronounced twice, in 1944 and 1946, however it wasn't punished. For several decades it hid in Argentina. Now it is in Austria, and in the homeland of Kepiro investigation of its business is resumed. The Austrians while refuse to the Hungarian party Kepiro's extradition.

The fourth place was taken by the former chief of the Croatian police hiding in Austria Milva Asner, involved in death of hundreds Serbians, Jews and Roma. On the fifth place the former member of SS hiding in Germany Xieren Kam searched by Denmark for murder of the journalist in 1943 appears in the SWC list. On the sixth place - Heinrich Bør, also former SS-man accused of murder of three Dutches. The seventh place was taken by the former soldier of army of Hungary hiding in Australia Charles Tsentay, the eighth - the former Gestapo man Mikhail Gorshkov living in Estonia, the ninth - the native of Lithuania Algimantas Dailid, the tenth - the former Estonian police officer Harry Mannil.


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