Accomplices of a devil: Satanists of the Crimea drive a demon!

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Cemeterial video of Satanists not for the faint-hearted. It even shocked worldly-wise prosecutors. Students removed on a cell phone camera cemetery defeat in the village Peace. Satanists removed each other when broke off (!) and plundered graves, broke and loosened crosses, danced and had fun on tombstones. All this violence was accompanied by terrible cries...

In the last some years in the Crimea vandalism cases on cemeteries became frequent. If on the krymskotatarskikh cemeteries skinheads, on the Slavic - obviously Satanists boss. By the way, militiamen contacted the last, investigating case on disorder on a Muslim cemetery in the village Clean. The prosecutor of the Simferopol area Vladimir Smy told about it.

Vandalism or provocation?

The beginning of this year was marked by the whole series of acts of vandalism on the Crimean cemeteries. We will remind that on January 21 in Marfovk's village of Leninsky district on local cemeteries more than 100 graves were destroyed and profaned by inscriptions. On January 24 in the same area in the village to Voykova on an orthodox cemetery gravestone crosses and steles were damaged. In some weeks, in the night of February 10, in Uvarovk Nizhnegorsky's village р - on on a Muslim cemetery were destroyed from 200 to 300 gravestones. And in April it happened similar and on a krymskotatarsky cemetery in the village. Clean Simferopol area. Here unknown damaged about 40 gravestone monuments. Thus on a cemeterial wall vandals left the inscription offending national dignity of the Crimean Tatars. And at an entrance on a cemetery four orthodox mourning wreaths lay. Next day similar inscriptions were found on a mosque wall in Belogorsk.

After all this big scandal burst. Already next day the Majlis declared the beginning of termless protest action. Requirements "to pay attention to problems of the krymskotatarsky people and amplifying xenophobic moods" were turned to the authorities.Urged to make full investigation of an act of vandalism on a Muslim cemetery in the village Clean the authorities of Ukraine and... United States of America. About it it was spoken in the statement of Embassy of the USA in Ukraine which was signed a press - the embassy secretary John Sullivan: "The Embassy of the United States is very concerned by recent defilement of graves and gravestones on a Muslim cemetery about Simferopol... Such acts of the vandalism inspired by hatred are disgusting and shouldn't take place in such tolerant society, as in Ukraine. The U.S. Government insistently urges the authorities of Ukraine to make full and fast investigation to give the malefactors who have committed this crime because of hatred, for court". After that cases of vandalism on cemeteries were taken under personal control of the minister of VD and the acting head of SBU.

Upon cemetery defeat in Clean criminal case under article 297 UK of Ukraine (violation of graves) was brought, and the prosecutor's office of the Simferopol area seriously undertook investigation during which very interesting facts suddenly emerged...

There was a wish for impressions

As the prosecutor of the Simferopol area Vladimir Smy told, when carrying out quickly - search actions on the case of cemetery defeat in Clean was established that to an act of vandalism on a Muslim cemetery, possibly, is involved certain 20 - summer Sergey With - a ditch - the native of the Kherson area living in Simferopol, in the state district power station settlement. According to militiamen, the student With - the ditch created the informal youth group imitating supporters of radical sect "Satanists". The sect includes mainly students of local higher education institutions, and that is interesting, not the worst. About "the gresovskikh Satanists" many hearings went, the people said that they quite often make sorties on local cemeteries, however, as they say, by a hand nobody caught them. But material evidences were found when in the house C - рова carried out a search. Employees of militia found shocking video. It appeared that the student - the Satanist shot "cemeterial entertainments" with the mobile phone, and then pumped over in the computer. That with this video it did farther, it isn't known. With - the ditch says that simply stored in the computer though it isn't excluded that started in the Internet.

Cemeterial video not for the faint-hearted. It even shocked worldly-wise prosecutors.Students removed on a cell phone camera cemetery defeat in the village. Mirnyi. Satanists removed each other when broke off (!) and plundered graves, broke and loosened crosses, danced and had fun on tombstones. All this violence was accompanied by terrible cries... In a word, invasion of demons.

According to photos and video militiamen very quickly calculated "demons" and caused them in prosecutor's office. Students kept unperturbably and all questions answered approximately equally: say that here such, it was the dramatized representation. And on a cemetery, it appears, went simply for impressions. It became clear that at one of Satanists on the same cemetery the father is buried, but it at all didn't confuse the guy - he insisted that didn't make anything bad.

For "anything bad" prosecutors promised to students "anything good". At present the legal investigation of vandalism on a cemetery in Mirnyi proceeds. Probably, in any way it is connected and with riots on a cemetery in the village Clean. However, if in the first case Satanists acted, of participation in the second suspect also skinheads (or adult provokers). By the way, skinheads in the country about 500 people. As a rule, it persons aged from 14 till 27 years, united in groups on 20 - 50 people. And here with Satanists a situation a bit different. It is much more of them, and the age here doesn't matter.
Accomplices of a devil

Across all Ukraine Satanists are estimated in thousands. Except the traditional teenage organizations, there are groups rather structured and run by mature persons. It confirms at least that fact that within several years in Ukraine Satanists not only profaned graves and monuments, but also committed more serious crimes, in particular, ritual murders, the number of their victims is already estimated in tens. We in the country have tens groups of Satanists. The most numerous of them "Award of a black circle", Black Metal Mafia, "Death star", "Party of Satanists", "Church of a Satan", "A black brotherhood", "A black award", "Darkness legion".. Except Satanists, in Ukraine work a set of other secret groups which can be classified as destructive sects, such, for example, as "A white lotus", "Aum синрике" and many others.

Satanists and in the Crimea are found. A year ago unknown profaned ruins of the medieval Christian temple in the archaeological reserve "Chersonese Taurian".The monument was ornamented by paint and... it is befouled by excrements. And two years earlier in one of "Fridays, 13-го" in Kerch crushed some tens graves.

Some Crimean Satanists come absolutely far. To remember at least a case when at 19 - a summer simferopolets militiamen found a human skull. There began the guy with murder of animals, and reached before that killed the girl, boiled down her cut-off head in own kitchen, varnished a skull and held it as a souvenir.

Say that this summer, however, as well as every year, on the peninsula incognito there come Satanists from other cities of Ukraine to arrange for Crimean seminars and trainings. And here in Estonia secret of such sabbaths don't do, and try to legalize all this business. There Satanists declared to local authorities desire to be registered under the guise of arrival of "the Award of Black Venus". The main Satanist complains thus that supposedly the freedom of worship in Estonia exists only for Christianity and Estonian evangelic Lutheran church.

A few years ago Satanists here slightly was registration of the church in department of affairs of religions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Estonia didn't achieve. It was necessary to observe some formalities only: in the draft of the charter of the organization of the Satanists, containing 11 rules and 9 precepts of the world Satanism, experts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs recommended to replace the word "church" with "arrival" (!). However the mass to followers of a Satan was spoiled by two Russian parties in Estonia. They distributed the statement in which it was emphasized that the Satanism as the occult phenomenon contradicts norms of public morals and can become threat for safety of inhabitants of the country. But Satanists didn't give up, and already today the draft of the charter of satanistsky arrival "Award of Black Venus" is in department of registers of the Tallinn city court. In this document it is spoken: "The Satan is the best friend of Christian church as the actions it preserved this church for all years of its existence".

Estonia Estonia, and meanwhile the Ukrainian deputies intend to toughen punishment for defilement of burials. They suggest to be reworded as follows article 297 UK of Ukraine, having prescribed different punishment for the crime committed for the first time, and for repeated defilement of burials. We will remind that now the court can punish the vandal a penalty to 1,7 thousand UAH or deprive of freedom for a period of up to 3 years.The bill suggests to leave similar punishment only for those who for the first time committed such crime, and for those who is repeatedly convicted of violation of graves, the term of deprivation or restriction of freedom to provide till 5 years. And if actions of vandals caused heavy consequences (for example, a heart attack at the relative buried), the criminal can sit down and for 12 years.


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