Today names of the Nikolaev mafiosi

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Best "mafiosi" of Nikolaev who will present our city in the All-Ukrainian game "Mafia" championship on August 24 became known. Chose them in the night of June 29, however results became known only today.

"For me "Mafia", first of all, intellectual game in which, by and large, isn't present lost and winners as all get experience of communication", - Vitaly Popudin, aka Engell ("experience" - 4 months) speaks.

To Vitaly who has taken the second place on Nikolaevsk the Championship on the Mafias-2008, among four more winners to represent our city on All-Ukrainian tournament which will take place within the Student's Republic project in the Crimea on August 24, on the Independence Day of Ukraine. Five of 33 "mafiosi" were selected during the Championship which took place for seven hours, from 20:00 till 3:00 mornings, in the Youth center on June 28-29.

By definition, a mafia - a team psychological role-playing game with the detective plot, modeling fight of the members of the organized minority informed about each other against the unorganized majority.

"The organized minority" represents that mafia ("black"), and "the unorganized majority" are civilians ("red"). Each player receives a role at the beginning of game, extending one of 10 cards offered by the leader. Problem of "red" - various ways (by logical thinking, observation, intuition) to calculate and kill all "mafiosi" while the last, carefully hiding the essence and bluffing, have to get rid of civilians. Get rid of players in two ways: at night when the mafia comes "for hunting" and "shoots" on houses red, and in the afternoon when the general vote based on suspicions of each participant, get rid of one player. Duration of one game - from 30 to 40 minutes. For this time participants completely reincarnate: nicknames» and "live" under certain "Laws" address to each other only on ".

Alexander Nigmatullin, aka B@gRoVъ - the winner of the last year's Nikolaev Championship on a mafia and the finalist of All-Ukrainian tournament, this year - one of organizers of the Championship, notes positive and negative sides:"Despite defects in the organizations and lightness of many participants (having played some games, children left though everyone should win back on 5 games), I pleased real нон - stop and that many players "opened" including the winner".

Alyona Kuznetsova, aka Alya became the absolute leader by number of the gained points. Alyona - the young teacher of NSU of V. A. Sukhomlinsky, in the past - the head of Youth Municipality of Nikolaev. Besides a rank of the winner and opportunity to take part in All-Ukrainian tournament on a mafia in the Crimea, Alyona received as a gift the special prize founded by one of participants, aka Engell, is an exact copy of the duelny gun of the end 18 - the beginnings of the 19th century.

Engell by profession - the fashion designer - the restorer. "My hobby is the collecting of old things. In April of this year I got this gun on "сходняке" - that event which occurs every Sunday since morning near the dry fountain so is called - and the gun became part of my collection... On the occasion of the Championship I decided to present it to the winner because I consider that such event of adequately good prize. And, eventually, game is called as "Mafia" - the gun as the first prize more than ever by the way".

They say that the game "Mafia" is thought up in the spring of 1986 by the student of faculty of the Moscow State University Dmitry Davydov. As the forerunner of the game "Mafia" the European game under the name "Murderer", the XX century known from the middle allegedly serves. But if in "Murderer" players by means of discussion look for one maniac, in "Mafia" already calculate the whole clan of "murderers". From walls of hostels and Moscow State University audiences the international students brought "Mafia" to Europe and the USA.

"To the Nikolaev club of a mafia about two years. It unites more than 120 people. But to games, as a rule, comes on the average to 30 people. Games take place every week on Sundays in the Youth center, from 18:00 till 22:00, - Victor Kolomiyets, aka Getman, one of founders Nikolaev маф - club tells. - For me the mafia is a way to communicate to interesting people, in the good company, to check the observation and closer to study characters of people. This good mood, music, opportunity to prove, know already well acquaintances to me people about a few other party".

Recently "Mafia" became an integral part of trainings for employees of the consulting companies.According to PR-of managers, game is used in this case as behavior model in business and is good way of the solution of a number of organizational problems, such as creation of communications, harmonious interaction, elaboration of strategy, collective hardening, etc.


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