To Shpionomany in masses! From all insects it is loveliest to the person "bugs"

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Despite an official ban and possible judicial penalties, more and more citizens test as spies. No, we don't expose on window sills of secret addresses pots with ficuses and we don't tick in smelly sheds a morzyanka in the far Center (well at least in a mass order). And encryptions in case of a failure the majority of us hadn't to swallow. But here to overhear - to peep in any cunning way, than there lives the neighbor, - it from us will be not taken away. And the further, the any more you won't take away.

Actually, to satisfy the personal itch of the agent 007, anywhere especially and to go - that isn't necessary. It is enough to get only into the Internet, to make request and to press desired "Enter". It is necessary to choose only further.

"The subminiature color video cameras are intended for conducting the hidden video surveillance. The visible part of the case is executed in the form of a screw hat with a diameter of 12,5 mm or buttons with the same diameter". "The man purse with video function - in a lateral wall is built in a video camera by thickness some millimeters". "Our shop offers electronic bugs for the apartment wiretap (to check the wife) or for record of negotiations at office (check of partners in business), industrial and economic espionage... " Offers on the Internet - the market - the sea.

You want to learn with what it is basovity Anechkaya your wife talks for hours? Buy a bug in phone (74,7 hours of record, 7х20х34 mm, 19000 wooden). You are eager to ensure an alibi for the evening? Don't stint on a telephone izmenitel of a voice (8 variations, the button "Call to a Door", "Bark of a Dog", "Children's Crying" etc., 6000 one rubles). You want to learn, than it is such interesting are engaged behind closed doors the chief with the secretary? Pretend to be the adjuster and twist under a specious excuse in a wall a screw (video footage of high resolution, a 69-degree corner of the review, adaptation to various levels of illumination, 5 grams of weight, 90 c.u.).There is no money for device purchase? Take in hand a soldering iron, download from a network of the scheme and create "hand made", without getting down from a kitchen stool.

The feeling is indeed created such that spy all for all and everything than only it is possible. The special reader of information with this - cards will acquaint you with contents of someone else's mobile phone. The Key Shark specialdevice will write down in memory of pressing of keys from the interesting keyboard and in couple of days will give out all appearances - passwords - addresses together with electronic correspondence and ICQ - chatter. The radio transmitter will write down any conversation in a radius of 15 meters and with pleasure will transfer them to you to the mobile phone. And the radio-controlled telescope of fast targeting also will illustrate heard by the picture...

Private traders - enthusiasts aren't lagged behind also by corporations. Under the auspices of protection of commercial interests big - bosses make orders on total perlustration of correspondence of employees and tracking of all movements by means of their mobile phones, утыкивают video cameras offices and keep account all the Internet - to cliques... Generally, "the big brothers looking at us", breed now on the Russian open spaces with a speed of amoebas - nymphomaniacs.

- Chiefs of all colors really address to us most often, - told "MT" Vitaly, the manager of one of "espionage" the Internet - shops. - Whether mania of prosecution at them in blood, whether really the majority took slackers - subordinates, but we deliver "bugs" to them steadily and in decent volume. On the second place - certainly, jealous husbands and wives. Husbands, by the way, are more often (probably, that women not strongly are on friendly terms with equipment). After them there are anxious parents who should control the child - the school student or the nurse (but it, I consider, sacred, itself such piece in the apartment put). And only on the fourth place - representatives of any private detective agencies, PSF and to that similar offices. Very many then come back and buy the equipment already for shadowing neutralization - any detectors of radio signals, "glushilka", enciphering systems etc. Probably, because of peeping paranoia develops at people.

If to consider that, according to some information, every year in Russia is on sale to 1,5 million devices of secret supervision and the wiretap, and the RuNet swarms "video listings" laid out in a network from tracking cameras, paranoia and a chronic scopophilia accept at us really any total character.

As easy consolation the consciousness of can serve in this sense only that in the West everything is at all started very much.

Not so long ago the Symantec company specializing on production of protective ON for computers, decided to find out who is subject to mania of peeping more - men or women. As it became clear, all. Simply men prefer to do it why - that at work, and women with bread don't feed, let's rummage only in the husband's computer or the mobile phone.

- I don't think that the similar passion can be explained with any one factor, - I tried to analyse a syndrome of the person spying the member of the International psychotherapeutic league Oleg Belousov. - It is necessary to deal with each case, certainly, individually. Here the role and the increased uneasiness which in general is very peculiar the last decades to our society can play. And a strict ban of parents on peeping in the childhood. And feeling of a presnost of life which is compensated here such here by game in the scout. And the infinite spy thrillers singing of cunning, dexterous and impregnable winners. And removal of all and all taboos numerous realities - " show behind glass", "the House - 2" and others... The reasons there can be a weight. As well as ways of compensation. Whether it is worth indulging itself in these aspirations? I don't think so. As the vuayer sitting in the person can be satiated sooner or later with all ways of peeping available to it and will demand stronger effects. And here, excuse, and to a crime nearby.

To a crime, really no distance. Because law against.

- Well, we will begin with that under the Constitution each of us has the right for personal privacy, personal and family secret, protection of honor and a reputation, - "MT" listed our legitimate rights the lawyer Igor Ledovskikh. - Plus to it each of us has the right for secret of correspondence, telephone negotiations, post and other messages. And the one who attempts upon these rights, violates at least 23-ю article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. And at the same time it is frequent and 24-ю on which collecting, storage, use and distribution of information on private human life without its consent aren't allowed. Besides, in the Civil code there is article 150 speaking about personal privacy, article 151-I - about compensation of moral harm in similar cases and article 152-I - about protection of images of the citizen which publication is allowed only from its consent.

Suspicious chiefs for certain won't like also that the Labour code of the Russian Federation doesn't report directly, whether the worker has to devote all working hours only to work or can spend part it for rest and entertainments (these things need to be stated accurately in contracts).

- And, at last, at us is also the Criminal code, - finishes an educational program the lawyer, - and in it - article 137 ("Personal privacy violation"), providing the mass of punishments, up to arrest for a period of up to six months, and article 138 ("Violation of secret of correspondence, telephone negotiations, post messages... " etc.) on which the violator can go for corrective works for up to one year. Under the same article illegal production, sale or acquisition for sale of specifics for secret obtaining information can already "pull" for a period of up to three years.

And it, according to Ledovsky, only a minimum of possible carats. The caustic prosecutor at desire can and to a heap find and solder something. However, on each caustic prosecutor there can be the same caustic lawyer. He inspired with the fee from your boss, will explain to court, as clear as a day, that correspondence with use of office e-mail on the office computer in working hours (as well as negotiations on an office number) hardly falls under definition of private life. And moral and furthermore - material harm from private podsmatrivaniye should be proved still (say, so to me it became bad that the neighbor Vasya spies upon me that the mania of prosecution by magnificent color blossomed in me now, I began to live now only at the drawn curtains, I go to bed only in a wardrobe from what the last absolutely collapsed in this connection I ask to collect the case sum from the villain, and at the same time and treatments on waters to Baden - Baden with an aviatransfer there and back)...

Generally, on everything leaves, as to potential spies, and their potential victims is over what to think at o'clock of labor leisure. That a bug for reading of thoughts anybody still, it seems, didn't solder the benefit.


Electric sockets (they are already connected to a network in this connection operating time of espionage equipment becomes almost unlimited).

Remote knots and radio details - and the computer equipment (hardly you are in the habit in every single day to clean a receiver or a computer mouse).

Backs of unreadable books, flowerpots, nails for pictures, foolish souvenirs and gifts with "stuffing" etc., etc. (generally, that hardly will allure to itself close attention of "object").

Wall from the neighboring room (on it usually fix a microphone with the amplifier and a plastic tube - a sound wire which complicates "bug" detection by means of the metal detector).


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