Life - game and generally not in our advantage

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About attempts of the city power to clear Nikolaev of slot machines we have heard a lot much and only things are right where they started! Officially in the city only two firms which have 30 slot machines are engaged in this business. But in reality their quantity much bigger. And, despite the decision made by City Council session - to forbid installation of machine guns at stops, in the markets and the central city streets, owners of game "eviscerators" on - former shift to establish them in the most crowded places.

Numerous raids on identification of illegally installed machine guns, carried out by efforts of representatives of regional administrations, tax police, officials of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and deputies, unfortunately, don't please with special results. Moved away "one-armed bandits" one place, and later time they easily can be seen in other. And they wander together with the owners in which documents legal addresses from another town often dazzle, on streets of our city, devastating purses of the nikolayevets who are fondly seeking under a ring of coins to grasp by a tail an illusive bird of happiness.


Enlightenment visits players often too late. Yes, some nevertheless are able to stop themselves after the made mistake, but such units. And more often, alas, players the desire "to beat off" the seizes. And obsessed with passion, they are involved in this "durilovka" everything stronger and stronger. Who calls a similar state an illness, who dependence, but anyway a conclusion one: the hobby for slot machines to good doesn't conduct. Unless their owners, in whose interests to attract to the bright pieces of iron it is as much as possible players. And that among them it is possible to see as enough mature people, and teenagers, excites them least of all.
We took an interest at the deputy of the City Council Dmitry Nikonov, whether the city power can affect current situation and, eventually, bring an order to this sphere or not. Alas, optimism the answer didn't cause a stir.

- We repeatedly brought up this question at City Council sessions, gave legal instructions to understand on these or those facts of violations this sphere.But has to recognize that our fight against slot machines reminds fight against windmills more and more. For example, we elicited the fact of illegal installation of the slot machine. In our competence - to draw up the statement and to direct it on an adminkomissiya. But to forbid operation of the machine gun not in our forces is a prerogative of other authorities.
Not a secret that many owners of slot machines violate the tax law, - means, tax specialists have to speed up the work in this direction. And together with them - and militia. And if it doesn't occur, one conclusion arises: it is favorable to someone, - Dmitry Nikonov emphasized.

He told more it it is favorable to some of his colleagues on a depuy corps. Yes, by a majority vote deputies made the decision - to clear the city street of slot machines, "having tired out" them in capital structures (the basements, the first floors of houses), and also to oblige owners of "columns", "good luck zigzags" and other "devourers" of savings of citizens at installation of these pieces of iron to make out branch of the earth. That is, to complicate procedure of obtaining permissions to the maximum.
Whether oh! Owners of machine guns and "were frightened"!

In - the first, the statistics about number of slot machines in the city is absent and if what figures in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and are available, and it is so clear that in reality they where above.

In - the second, placement of these machine guns in stationary rooms in any way won't solve a problem. The person who has got to dependence on the slot machine, only will be delighted that on the open street it will be an eyesore to nobody!

In - the third, it is known that on mediation with obtaining any allowing documents some bright individuals successfully knock together the serious capital. So owners of machine guns with ease will leave the unlimited sum for the intermediary, precisely knowing: the money invested in business they can't beat off all in a day - another.

And in - the fourth taking into account that many deputies with special and trembling love treat city municipal property, at each opportunity buying up it, and then, leasing, tell: in whose pocket by and large money from a gaming will begin to flow? That - the same …


Mills - mills, but the latest data provided by regional management of militia, nevertheless testify about which - what results of this fight.

Today law enforcement agencies recorded 242 facts of illegal actions in the gaming sphere. From them - in 173 cases owners of slot machines carried out the activity without special license as that is demanded by the law, and in 69 cases - without patents (on each slot machine).

The guilty were punished? And as! Of 208 administrative reports 173, for example, were made for the revealed violations in the sphere of business or economic activity (article 164 of Adminkodeks of Ukraine which assumes a penalty at a rate of 20-40 tax-free minima of the income of citizens with confiscation of an instrument of production in case of conducting economic activity without the state registration, the license or permission. ).

But there is more to come. 192 админпротокола were directed on consideration in court, it is considered by court - 149.

According to the solution of our most humane, responsible obliged to payment of the penalties which total amount made 31 thousand 913 hryvnias. (For comparison: one average slot machine about 300-400 hryvnias bring in it the owner the daily income, and in days off and holidays this sum can be several times more).

Besides, during raids by law enforcement officers 1 thousand 6 slot machines (for total amount more than 9,5 million hryvnias) were withdrawn.

It should be noted that from all withdrawn machine guns 109 confiscated completely, the others, according to militiamen, returned (probably, deeply repented) to owners, but without right of use.

And at last most important: not all violators got off with penalties - concerning two criminal cases which now are in a stage of a pretrial investigation are brought.

But while things are being decided, the gambling boom proceeds. Who profits on it and who, getting to dependence on such entertainments, loses not only money - at dependent all flies to depths of hell: health, work, family. Whether it is favorable to society as a whole? By no means. But it isn't necessary to speak about cardinal shifts in this fight, unfortunately, yet. And, most likely, it isn't necessary while in the highest echelons of power to this type of business there will be a loyal relation.

In far Abkhazia the ban on slot machines was initiated by the president. From whom to wait for such initiative in Ukraine?


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