Tramadol beyond the law! The Nikolaev militiamen do everything that "drug dealers" acquired it

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Now a subject number one in questions of fight against drugs is withdrawal from illicit trafficking in tramadol medicine. For drug-addicted people nowadays closely law enforcement officers deal with issues of its illegal realization. After all beginning since far 1995, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine repeatedly addressed to the government about introduction трамадола in the List of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. However only on June 4, 2008 the Cabinet of Ukraine recognized трамадол as drug. In a course quickly - search actions carried out by the staff of Head Department of fight against a drug trafficking of Ukraine it was established that the preparation made at two domestic pharmaceutical enterprises gets to illicit trafficking - the "Astrafarm", located in the city Cherry, Kiev region and "People health" (! ! ! ) - being in the city of Kharkov. Exactly round these enterprises criminal schemes of leak трамадола were created. Further - it is more. During check it appeared that members of the administrative board of these pharmaceutical enterprises at the same time are cofounders of the wholesale companies on realization of medicines. They also were interested in fast accumulation of quantity let out трамадола. We will address to figures. In 2005 in its Ukraine 74 million doses, in 2006 - 94 million, and in 2007году nearly 176 million doses were let out. Only this year more than 79 million doses трамадола are let already out. At the same time the real requirement for the medical medical purposes across all Ukraine makes it 8 - at most 10 million doses a year.

It isn't necessary to have seven spans in a forehead to understand - other tens of millions doses трамадола through unfair workers of drugstores fell into hands of drug-addicted public. Untwisting a drug addiction flywheel over all country.

Further the such couldn't proceed. And militia, having received on hands the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine of June 4, I sped up the work on withdrawal of this strong preparation from illicit trafficking."We have to define the main directions of this work to increase that offensive character which was gained by our work after the known, historical decision of Cabinet of Ministers on restriction of release of "Tramadol"", - the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko noted in the performance. Only in 4 months across its all Ukraine 2 million 124 thousand doses are withdrawn. About 24 thousand crimes connected with illegal sale трамадола are solved. Participants of 11 organized criminal groups (organized criminal groups) trading in this criminal type of business are detained.

Also 44 firms - wholesalers who bought трамодол in a huge number were established, and then realized it to other suppliers and drugstores.

The feasible contribution to this work is made also by UBNON'S workers of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area. Recently the large-scale operation "Tramadol" was field investigators ОБНОНа on places проведёна. During which the numerous facts of illegal realization трамадола are elicited by large distibryyuter of a network of drugstores. On the basis of collected materials UBNON'S employees of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area made the reasoned report for Public service of medicines. And officials of this department will already define a punishment measure for the guilty druggists, up to deprivation of their corresponding license for maintaining this type of business.

During check it was established that stored in pharmaceutical institutions of area there were 15 258 doses трамадола. For establishment of compliance of their storage and holiday by the patient according to new requirements, UBNON'S employees of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area checked 142 subjects having the right for realization of medicines. 44 facts of such violations, from them 33 - connected with storage and holiday трамадола are elicited. On the revealed violations 15 criminal cases are brought. 3752 doses трамадола, being stored with violations are withdrawn.

For successful fight against illegal realization трамадола, field investigators УБНОНа carried out it expeditious purchase. Here only one characteristic example of this work. At two underground offtakers of this preparation expeditious purchase of 1000 doses трамадола was made. They sold them on 35 hryvnias for packing (10 capsules). During a search in a residence of distributors 235 more doses трамадола and 1000 hryvnias obtained by them for realization of the previous party were revealed.

By the way, during carrying out the operation "Tramadol" the price of it for one packing rose to 50, and places and to 70 hryvnias.

On detection and withdrawal from illicit trafficking трамадола, the staff of other services Regional Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area was focused also. Already there are also concrete results. At summer night on the 133rd kilometer of the highway Nikolaev - the Resident of Ulyanovsk, serving employees of traffic police of UGAI noticed the car rushing at a high speed "VAZ-2107" and stopped it.

Being in its salon two young children: the driver and the passenger during a stop moved himself very suspiciously. Also was from what. At a search from them withdrew 90 capsules трамадола. During conversation guys confessed that carried this medicine from Yuzhnoukrainsk to Voznesensk. Now on this fact to be made investigation.

A little earlier in пгт. Elanets the staff of GAI stopped the Dio's Honda scooter rushing at great speed. Driving the scooter 34 - the summer man obviously was nervous. Also was from what: at a careful search in pockets of its trousers there were three packings (30 capsules) трамадола which this messenger carried to customers - suffering local addicts. But I didn't take …

In Yuzhnoukrainsk the citizen O is recently condemned by 3 years of imprisonment. During the investigation it appeared that that the regular bus brought from Odessa 27 blisters трамадола (on 10 capsules in everyone). Also I tried to realize them to local addicts on 40 hryvnias for 1 blister. But it was detected in the act. Besides during a search field investigators of OBNONA withdrew from it also bags with marihuana, and also money gained from their sale.

And work on detection and withdrawal from illicit trafficking трамадола proceeds. And it is on special control at the management of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area.


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