How to get to sexual slavery? Very simply... Ukrainian realities

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Now it is more profitable and safer to trade in sex, than the weapon and drugs. In Management on fight against human trafficking of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine told how fight against a sexual slave trade began. There was it in 1999. That business thundered to all Ukraine. The citizen of Greece Konstantin Muratidi and his podelnitsa Svetlana Kirilenko, the Ukrainian according to the passport, hired girls for "highly paid" work.

SEX - BUSINESSMEN offered our young compatriots profitable work of waitresses, dancers. The olives which have arrived home and wine of girls "softly" brought to that places of waitresses and dancers are alas occupied, and here in sex - of the industry of vacancies full - it is full. Some agreed at once, someone had to explain that they paid for flight not, so, money needs to be returned. This history ended with that our law enforcement agencies of "businessman" detained and he received seven years of prison. His "partner" - five.

It were only the first signs - since then sex - businessmen were caught, put, but ranks them grow and grow. Recently the militia carried out All-Ukrainian raid under the conditional name "Advertising" during which in mass media it was revealed as it was noted on the official site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, more than 600 announcements of providing the paid sexual services which have been openly placed by criminal groups and individuals. Three organized groups involved in crimes in the sphere of public morals are exposed. Openly 119 criminal cases on the facts of the maintenance of places of debauchery, procurement, a pimping, 166 cases on import, production and pornography distribution. In total 230 people are made responsible.


How to get to sexual slavery? Very simply: to me advised to start in the Internet search engine two words - "work" and "dancer". The searcher gave out 250 thousand answers. Here only one, for example, announcement.
"Specialty: dancers
Age: 18-35
Education: average
Work schedule:full day
Salary: $800
Floor: wives.
Ready contracts for work in Lebanon/Italy/Cyprus. The following vacancies are open: dancers (professionals and beginners), choreographers, actors, waitresses, the hostess in the best night clubs.

Everything that is necessary for you for registration: copy of your international passport, 2 different photos, your E-mail address and phone number. We will send you the contract that you signed it and returned back. Your working visa will be open within 7-10 working days. We pay a working visa, the work permit, accommodation in four-stars hotel and we credit the air ticket (the cost of the air ticket will be subtracted from your salary by the small sums). The contract can be prolonged in 6 months and can be stopped at the beginning of every month according to your desire according to the Lebanese legislation. Receive your contract right now. Any advance payment it isn't required. Send your documents to our address... "

Generous employers generally promise high earnings, unforgettable rest, flexible hours of the work, even some excursions over the Arab countries - and surely write with capital letters "STRICTLY WITHOUT INTIM! " But that the most remarkable - experience on such vacancies isn't so obligatory. Here that is required from little girls, so it is initial knowledge of English. But if it isn't present, then it is simple - "ability to read is welcomed".

So, you noticed, what in announcements is told nothing about sex - services? But also it isn't necessary to knowing people of it. "The dancer of night club", "хостесса", and often and "waitress" is and there are words - the codes which are quite often designating elementary prostitution.


One announcement interested in the Internet especially. In it too it was a question of employment abroad as dancers and waitresses in night clubs. Salary - $3000 - considerable. But that the most interesting: in the announcement it is mentioned that the agency which has placed it, has the license of the Ministry of Labour and social policy of Ukraine. And, that there were no doubts, license number is provided. Wow! It appears, similar business at us is absolutely legal moreover and is consecrated with permission of Ministry of Labor!
But suddenly announcement "lime"? I call in the Ministry of Labour.

- Yes, - told on that end of a wire, - such license is, and it is written out on a certain Alexander Ivanovich from the city of Voznesensk of the Nikolaev area. It has the right for cooperation with Poland in employment questions.

Poland so Poland! I contact owners of the license, I state a legend: pier, I want to go to work abroad. The girl presented by Oksana, explained:
- We employ in Lebanon, Turkey, England. I advise you to go to Lebanon, there the best working conditions. You pay nothing for flight, accommodation and food. All expenses are defrayed by the employer. Unless the small sum from a salary for flight will be calculated only. You will live in four-stars hotel. In each such hotel there are pools and Spa - salons. You will work in night clubs of Lebanon, in the Christian area. Salary from 2000 dollars!

In conversation with it also it became clear that the contract with the employer consists for three months. At once after an arrival to the country it is necessary to pass medical examination on absence of such diseases, as AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis B. Registration of the contract will require two photos (a portrait and to the utmost), contact phone, the certificate of non-conviction. And for a dessert Oksana assured: "The higher education is optional".

That for a charm, it appears, this work in Lebanon! Here only in Ministry of Labor told that the owner of the license has the right for cooperation only with Poland... Something doesn't meet. I call again in the ministry.

- This license is registered on Oksana A. - having looked according to the Talmuds, tell already other name on that end of the line (to the word: number of the license and surname of the owner at the disposal of edition is). - But this business owner I wrote the application in the Ministry of Labour and social policy of Ukraine that it stops the activity till August 1, 2008. Also cooperates only with one country - with Lebanon.

- Whether it is worth trusting this agency?

- Think the head! Well as it is possible to trust the person who sends girls to Lebanon! Moreover also says lies, what it has a license?
What turns out? It turns out that any sex - the dealer can freely be registered as the business owner and already officially to send the Ukrainian girls to so-called night clubs. And about two hundred hryvnias of a uniform tax a month pay to the state for all this only. And what charges of human trafficking can be? Everything is lawful and consecrated not by somebody, and the Ministry of Labour and social policy of Ukraine. Here such at us social policy.


Perhaps, to settle to work "sex - the slave" on native open spaces? In one known glossy magazine advertizing as the defender of the rights of women, I found many "suitable" announcements.

"In massage salon girls of pleasant appearance are required. Z/p - 1000 c.u. a month! " I call.

- Hello. I arrived from Donetsk region, I want to find good work. Experience in massage salons already is.

- Here and remarkably, - the female voice answered. - In a month you can earn to 1000 dollars is with tip. From you references from the gynecologist and the dermatologist are necessary only. If you not local, can buy such references for 20 hryvnias. We provide housing. We will discuss the schedule of work at a meeting, - the interlocutor noted. - Yes, that else is important, it is necessary to work in Eve's suit...

If in 1000 dollars it isn't enough salary, here still the announcement: "The elite cabaret carries out a set of dancers from 21 to 33 years with experience and without experience. Salary - from 2000 c.u. a month. The housing" is provided to non-residents.

The most ridiculous that on the same page of the magazine, among announcements of masseurs and dancers, social advertizing squeezed: "Human trafficking - not an invention, and cruel reality".

However, the reader, maybe, thought that the speech here goes about a striptease, instead of about sex - services. Alas, as the skilled stripper Maxim told "SHEETS", "each newly made dancer is offered - to provide career growth intim - services, certainly, for a reward from 50 American dollars for an hour and above, depending on a condition of "goods".


Not so difficult, it appears to become and the model (or a pornostar if you want). As showed the Internet, in Kiev of similar "salons" there is a lot of. In a month "the girl for shootings" as write in announcements, will receive $2000. Requirements to the candidate? "Beautiful, effective girls of 18-23 years (it is desirable without experience or with a brief experience)".

Two thousand dollars - and without any trip to Lebanon! I call by specified telephone. From the unknown photographer I received such quotations for work: in 4 hours of shooting "topless" - 50 dollars, completely naked - 100 dollars, and here "with toys" - 150. (For the uninitiated: "toys" is not teddy bears and naked dolls, and dildos and other sex - features).

Total: as established "SHEETS", to settle in sex - the industry easy as a pie:requirements almost any aren't present, a high salary and promise continuous "rest". And speak, it is difficult to find work in Ukraine! Yes dime a dozen of highly paid vacancies! And, the main thing, anywhere they don't disappear, how many our valorous law enforcement agencies fight with them.


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