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Contract murders in the country became, according to Viktor Yushchenko, "gray everyday life" of our reality.

The peak of contract murders has fallen on the middle 90-x years. At that time there was a bitter struggle for spheres of influence - porridges - Murders become gray again the budnyamidy businessman sought to occupy a niche which was more or less free. Many newly appeared businessmen have been killed when sharing a criminal sphere of influence.
But in increasing frequency the politicians and persons having influence on public opinion fall a victim of the killer. Nevertheless, considers "Ur - the Inform" whoever was "target", a fundamental factor are the power and money.
The first resonant contract murder has happened on November 3, 1996 in the airport of Donetsk where the plane from Moscow has carried out landing. Then the People's Deputy Evgeny Shcherban who together with a family came back from Iosif Kobzon's anniversary has fallen a victim. The Donetsk businessman hasn't managed to come round as has got a bullet in the head. Have shot down his wife with the Kalashnikov and satellites.
Then both killers from a crime scene have disappeared, having left on take-off several corpses, together with fatally wounded flight mechanic. Seven years later after this massacre of one of killers have sentenced to life imprisonment, and the name of the customer isn't known still. Though then the prosecutor's office accused of it Pavel Lazarenko who, hiding in the United States, in every possible way tried to prove the non-participation in a crime.
Then Evgeny Shcherban headed Aton corporation, was the People's Deputy and the adviser to the prime minister. Evgeny Shcherban was called the most influential person and the most successful businessman of the Donetsk region.
The vast majority of premeditated "custom" murders is made for material remuneration. According to researches, they make about 80%, murders by order of - 18%, murders of solidarity - 2%.
Every year the number of contract murders considerably grows. And in most part similar crimes at best come to an end with capture of the performer, but not the customer in any way. Naturally, it is impossible to list all crimes possessing signs of custom... We will remind only the most resonant.

On April 22 in own house in Kiev the head of the National Bank Vadim Getman is shot.

March 25, 1999.- a road accident in which the leader of National Rukh Vyacheslav Chornovil has died. The victims car has collided KamAZ. The official consequence has established that accident became a cause of death. Many consider that this road accident was not casual.

On September 16, 2000 - day of "disappearance" of Georgy Gongadze. Kiev. In November of the same year in the wood in Kiev region the beheaded corpse of the gone journalist has been found. In November 2005-го around a zatoka of Dnieper has been found Georgy Gongadze's head is found. Three performers have been detained and condemned. Also charge of murder of the journalist has been taken out to the former chief of the department of external supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine general Alexey Pukachu who still is in the international wanted list. The paymaster of the crime isn't finalized.

On October 19, 2000
The director of the Lviv market "Youzhny" Vladimir Semenyuk is shot by the killer. In the victim eight bullets, three of which have got into heart, are let out.

On July 7, 2001 in Sloviansk Donetsk region owing to the put heavy injuries (the murder tool - baseball bats) the director of TV company of "TORAHS" Igor Alexandrov has died. The appellate court of the Luhansk region has sentenced on July 7, 2006 5-x defendants to imprisonment imprisonment from 2,6 to 15 years.
According to a sentence, Alexander Rybak is sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property; Dmitry Rybak - by 11 years, Aleksandra Onyshko - by 12 years with confiscation of property, Ruslan Tursunov - by 6 years, Sergey Koritsky - to 2,6 years of imprisonment. January 23, 2007. The Supreme Court has upheld a sentence.

On October 22, 2001
In Lviv the chairman of the supervisory board of Rassvet firm, the CEO of Tekhnobud firm Bogdan Opirsky is killed.

December 20, 2005.
Attempt at life of the head of department of transport of the Lviv city council Yaroslav Vovchak. The unknown has thrown flammable substance into inside of his official car. On December 27 Yaroslav Vovchak, after several operations, has died in hospital.

2006-й year. Truly boom of criminal democracy: whom we want where we want and as we want.

On September 18, 2006.
In Donetsk Samvel Adamyan, the citizen of Ukraine of the Armenian origin concerning organized crime is shot. I have got several gunshot wounds.Murder has happened about the office of the Donbassnefteprodukt company located at the address Shevchenko Boulevard, 29. On September 21 Adamyan has died in hospital. Crime tool: two guns, brand aren't specified.
In October the prosecutor of Donetsk region has declared that surnames of customers are already known to a consequence, search events for the purpose of their detention are held.
Motive:the consequence works the version of redistribution of criminal influence in this or that sphere, the commercial bases (in particular, connected with oil business), including revenge of leaders of criminal groups who could order this murder too.
The killer has been detained on a crime scene by security guards of nearby office. Giving evidences, I admitted that has arrived to Ukraine from Kazakhstan especially for implementation of the order for murder of mister Adamyan. The killer was the resident of the Saratov region Russia.

June 12, 2006.
Yury Sakvarelidze, the criminal leader known as Yura Gruzin is killed in an emphasis with several shots in the head. The scene - around one from inhabited multi-storey buildings on Stroiteley Avenue.
The killer who managed to disappear from a crime scene shot from the gas gun IZh-79 with the replaced trunk intended for firing by service cartridges of caliber of 9 mm.
The suspect of murder, speaking about the customer, I have pointed to one of leaders of the Armenian diaspora in Zaporizhia, the businessman by the name of Zakharyan.
There were many versions of motives at the first stage, but all of them are brought together to one reason - the "war" between the Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia criminal clans caused by repartition of a sphere of influence in the market of metal in the Zaporizhia region. According to the investigation, financial interests of Yura Gruzin concerned real estate of Zaporizhia and Moscow, the market of black and color metals, in particular production of joint stock company "Zaporozhstal combine. One more version of motive of murder - Sakvarelidze has been liquidated from - for interventions in shootouts between representatives of the Armenian diaspora of Zaporizhia. The third version of motive - Sakvarelidze has released the son of one of Armenians - the local businessman kidnapped for the sake of repayment.
The performer has been detained in Donetsk during an assassination attempt at the local businessman, the member of the Armenian diaspora Samvel Adamyan who as a result of the got wounds has died in hospital. The native of Kazakhstan, the resident of the Saratov region of Russia by the name of Vovk was the killer.Also the suspect on the case of murder - the accomplice of the performer who as assumes a consequence, delivered the weapon has been arrested 2-й. The name and a surname weren't disclosed.

October 27, 2006.
In Donetsk on Saturday in the apartment Gennady Bystryakov, the founder of JSC Debaltseve Plant of Metallurgical Mechanical Engineering, the CEO of Ltd company "Hermes Trading, the assistant to the People's Deputy is shot. I was hit four gunshot wounds in the head.
It is established that the crime has been committed by means of the self-made weapon by caliber of 5,6 mm. The tool a crime isn't found. The customer remained is unknown. "The most "working" version is, certainly, relationship with partners in business. Also "working" version - aversions with some business - structures. But we have included in one of versions also probability of political reasons as Bystryakov was the public assistant - the consultant of the People's Deputy Vladimir Skubenko", - the prosecutor of Donetsk Alexander Olmezov has declared.
As the suspect the CEO of JSC Debaltseve Plant of Metallurgical Mechanical Engineering has been detained. However soon he has been released from - under guards behind an absence of proof of his participation in commission of crime.

On October 25, 2006
In Zaporizhia, at the elevator at an entrance of the house two blows of a knife unknown have killed Alexey Shiyan, the director of JSC Zaporizhia Mechanical Plant. I have got two getting knife wounds. The mortal blow is struck in the left mezhreberye - in heart. The crime tool - a knife with a 20-centimetric edge.
Customer: according to sources in law enforcement agencies, one of criminal leaders who possesses the majority of pleasure institutions of Zaporizhia and a number of profitable private enterprises is involved in murder.
Motive: business - interests, in particular around JSC ZMZ.
Investigating authorities have put on the wanted list two men. Their personalities haven't been identified therefore only identikits and some descriptions of criminals were given. The consequence hasn't brought results - performers and the customer on freedom.

On November 14, 2006
In Lviv, on a checkpoint factory, on Balaban Street, 14 Bogdan Datsko, the CEO of the LLC Galimpeks enterprise - the Lviv steklozerkalny plant is shot. I have got several gunshot wounds. The crime tool - the gun, brand isn't mentioned.
Customer:his closest relative was involved in Datsko's case (the name wasn't disclosed in the interests of the investigation). According to law enforcement agencies, the mentioned relative was a key figure in several investigative versions of motives of murder. One more version - murder, most likely, have ordered business - competitors.
Motive: business - interests. The performer didn't manage to be found. The fault of the murder of the relative suspected of the order isn't proved, business remains not opened.

March 15, 2006.
In the center of Zaporizhia the businessman Vladimir Malyar is shot down with the Kalashnikov.
The first automatic stage was made from the Toyota car. Right after shots the car has fled the scene. Witnesses couldn't call brand of the second car from which have shot Vladimir Malyar trying to escape.
Customer: I remained it is unknown, it is supposed that it was the revenge.
Motive: according to the investigation, the Painter was involved in two resonant murders in Dnipropetrovsk - the owner of Charlie restaurant, the coal trader Evgeny Nikolaev and the former first deputy chief of local regional militia Eduard Shevchenko. The Zaporizhia militia believed that the revenge for it could be a cause of the murder.
The consequence has identified the personality of the businessman Vladimir Malyar suspected of murder. Gagik Arustamyan Selizhanovich living some time in Zaporizhia was him. He has been put on the wanted list and arrested.

On November 11, 2005
Near gas station in the suburb of Lviv - Bryukhovichi has shot in "Lexus" Stepan Senchuk - the businessman, the chairman of the supervisory board of the Ekolan company, ex-the governor of the Lviv region. Attackers have let out nine bullets, one has got to a windshield. Five bullets have got to Senchuk.
The crime tool - the Kalashnikov the killer "has dumped" on a crime scene. The customer remained is unknown. On one of versions, the initiator of a crime it is necessary to look for in Kiev.
Three versions were considered: revenge of personal character, political reasons or distribution of business, in particular, situation around "Lvovsilmash". Most likely - the last. It proves one more fact noticed by a consequence. At the time of murder on a face of mister Senchuk there were points. Relatives of the dead claim that the dead used points only when reading. Therefore, it is possible to assume that in the last minutes he read to life some papers.However field investigators haven't found any documents in the car of the killed. Sources assume that these disappeared papers could become a cause of the murder of Stepan Senchuk.
The personalities of murderers aren't identified, investigators assume that criminals are already dead.

On March 4, 2005
It is found dead at the dacha in Concha - Zaspa Yury Kravchenko, ex-the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Two gunshot wounds (forward surface of a neck and right temple).
The murder tool - the gun. The customer is unknown.
Motive: for political reasons, the main version - Yury Kravchenko was one of the main witnesses in the case of Gongadze. The State Office of Public Prosecutor has closed case, having counted a case with Kravchenko suicide. Though experts publicly said that after the first wound, Kravchenko couldn't make the second shot independently.

On December 27, 2006
In a summer lodge at the dacha in Bortnichakh near Kiev Georgy Kirpy's corpse, ex-the Minister of Transport and communication of Ukraine is found. I have died of a gunshot wound in the head. Crime tool: two guns, brand aren't specified.
The customer is unknown. Motive: most of the Ukrainian politicians connected happened to campaign for an election of the president of Ukraine, and also to death of the famous banker Yury Lyakh. The Prosecutor General's Office investigated criminal case under article about bringing to suicide.

On May 3, 2006
At an entrance of the house unknown have put knife woundsTo Vladimir Rozgulyaev, deputy of the Zaporizhia city council from Party of Regions, commercial director of LLC Alexander LTD. I have died in hospital from the got knife wounds. The crime tool - knives. Attackers have disappeared.
Representatives of a gororganization of PR to which Rozgulyaev belonged, have declared that attempt - the political order connected with the fact that Rozgulyaev's candidacy was proposed for a position of the deputy city head of Zaporizhia Evgeny Kartashov - the political opponent of "regionals". Later regionals have apologized to Kartashov for the suspicions. There were also other versions - business - interests. The Zaporizhia governor Evgeny Chervonenko didn't exclude also the economic reasons of attempt.
According to prosecutor's office, the customer and performers are detained, criminal case is investigated and brought to trial.The day before the group of deputies of the Zaporizhia City Council from JSC Motor Sich has directed to the regional prosecutor the application in which it demanded to give Zaporozhetses information on a course of investigation as murder has evoked a wide response in the regional center.

On June 10, 2006
In Yalta, around children's hospital down the street of Halturin four shots in an emphasis from Makarov's gun have killed Victor Savkin, the deputy of the Zaporizhia City Council, the director of LLC Hlebodar Trading house - the largest operator in the market of grain and bakeries of the Zaporizhia region.
Customer: the businessman, the resident of the Dnipropetrovsk region (the name and a surname aren't disclosed).
Motive: there were versions connected with the political order. However it has become clear later that Victor Savkin was killed by mistake. Attackers wanted to shoot the host near whom there was Savkin. Three persons are detained: customer and two performers.

On June 8, 2006
In the city of Nezhin near the house from the fowling piece Grigory Potelchak, the deputy of Nezhinsky city council of the Chernihiv region is wounded. He also fulfilled duties of the director of the Nezhinsky central market "Progress", was a mayoral candidate of Nezhin on elections on March 26. The wounded deputy tried to reach hospital, but has died. The customer isn't known.
Motive: according to the investigation, - fight for control over "The municipal market" of Nezhin, for distribution of spheres of influence in the market. The personality of the criminal isn't identified.

On July 26, 2006
In the Obolonsky district of Kiev the employee of the Organized Crime Control Department Roman Yerokhin is kidnapped. Yerokhin's corpse with eight gunshot wounds is found in the wood near the city of Vorzel Kiyevskoy of an oblastin. Tools of murder aren't found.
The employee of financial institution at which the konvertatsionny center revealed by Yerokhin functioned was the paymaster of the crime.
Motive: stealing is connected with exposure of the konvertatsionny center by Roman Yerokhin which was at one of financial institutions of Donetsk region.
Three performers are detained. The organizer - the former employee of the public tax administration Sergey Bida known as the Boar was in hiding in Russia, itself has given up in hands of the Russian law enforcement authorities.

On June 20, 2006
In Enerhodar, on Komsomolskaya Street Pavel Kulyatov, the criminal leader of the city is shot.
The crime tool - the gun, brand isn't mentioned. The customer is established.According to the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zaporizhia region A. Shmitko, a cause of the murder - dismantling between criminal groups. The personality of shooting is identified, he is arrested.

On December 16, 2006
Vladimir Vorobyov, Russian businessman, chairman of the board of JSC Dnipropetrovsk Central Market.
In Dnipropetrovsk, near Salyut movie theater about parking two unknown from firearms have shot Vladimir Vorobyov, the Russian businessman, the chairman of the board of JSC Dnipropetrovsk Central Market.
From numerous wounds the businessman has died on the spot. On his body 14 wounds are revealed. The crime tool - on the place of murder is revealed 20 sleeves of caliber 9 mm and 4 bullets, the tool of a crime on the place hasn't appeared.
The customer isn't known, on one of versions, one of the Dnipropetrovsk oligarchs who controlled the Ozerka market is involved in a crime.
Motive: business - interests around the central market "Ozerka. The personality of the killer isn't identified.

On January 13, 2007
In the center of Lviv about 16 hours in inside of the car the jeep Mercedes is shot Nikolay Lozinsky famous in criminal circles as Nikolay Rokero.

On March 17, 2007
Near Kiev three citizens of Russia are shot on Friday night. Two of the dead are natives of Dnipropetrovsk, but long time lived in Moscow. One of the dead - the person involved in investigation upon attempt of occupation of the Dnipropetrovsk central market "Ozerka".

On March 27, 2007
In Kiev, around 16:40 after end of a meeting of Svyatoshinsky district court on which case on charge of the citizen of Russia Maxim Kurochkin of extortion of 10 thousand dollars was considered in a courtyard of court by the unknown has fatally wounded the defendant Kurochkin. In a few minutes he has died.
The picture is quite sad... "Zakazukh", and the increasing refinement of "screenwriters" is available the "professional" growth both performers. However, because it isn't easier for performers. Now they often should disappear not only from law enforcement agencies, but also from former "employers".
The slogan of the Maidan "Bandit_v at a tyurma" against infinite "cleaning" looks some jeer today. "Bandit_v in a grave" is already more actual. This new slogan of new democracy much realistichny and is more actual the pomaranchevykh of dreams.



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