"Attempt of Party of Regions to achieve resignation of the Government of Yu. Tymoshenko is to a swindle! ", - R. Zabzalyuk

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The comment of the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the chairman of the board of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc in the Nikolaev area R. E. Zabzalyuk concerning votes on July 11 in the Verkhovna Rada.

- Swindle, on another I can't call attempt of Party of Regions to achieve resignation of the democratic Government of Yulia Timoshenko, a complete fiasco turned out. - Such words there began Roman Emelyanovich the press - conference.

- voted pro only 174 deputies. Thus even from Party of Regions against resignation of the Government of Tymoshenko voted 2, and 1 I refrained. It is necessary to pay attention that from WELL fraction - NANOSECONDS pro resignation voted two deputies - the traitor - Topolov and Booth. But the group "Uniform Center" yet didn't risk in full strength openly to oppose the Government and all democratic coalition. Political impotence of opposition is available, after all the day before mister Yanukovych grandiosely declared that for this purpose it is enough voices, and even it is more, having added:" more than 226 voices". Strategy cheap пиаров obviously doesn't bring to good. We will remember how recently the Party of Regions "solemnly" showed to electorate the readiness to remove privileges from People's Deputies. How many was ardent speeches and assurances on this subject from lips Herman, Yanukovych, Chechetov. And as business reached real vote - not only the byutovsky bill blocked, but also for the, so to speak, "domoroshcheniye", gave already three votes. Similar the history repeated and on July 11. So assured, were so torn and demanded that already a tribune in the Verkhovna Rada blocked. And here on you-174 voices! Scandal all over the country. At the same time, pay attention that unlike the previous fights when the Government was headed by V. Yanukovych, this time Yulia Timoshenko met requirements of "oppositionists", and the result turned out impressing - the Parliament of the country confirmed trust to the Government.

But in this situation it is necessary to state neglect interests of the people of Ukraine from revanchists who "unexpectedly" lost interest to the offer to continue sessional work of Rada. And that the most unpleasant - to the offer to send to local budgets and on the social sphere over 32 billion UAH., which managed to be attracted in addition in the budget to Yulia Vladimirovna's team. After all the changes offered by the Government in the budget of 2008 really have revolutionary character in the sphere of social protection of the population and development of our economy.

It is necessary to emphasize that Tymoshenko's Government for half a year of work could increase the budget income by 32,2 billion hryvnias in annual calculation. It means that the country received an additional resource which needs urgently to be distributed under priority articles of the budget. At the expense of what it was accumulated? The first is an economic growth, 13,4 billion which are directly connected with GDP growth, with growth rates in all branches of economy, and besides, detenization of tax system. The second are the 6,8 billions collected by local budgets which they have to retain without any redistribution "upward". And the third is the operation "smuggling-stop" which compared with last year gave 12 billion additional gain. Dynamics of the income of the consolidated budget is not simply ordinary figure, and this real proof of financial break, and consequently - success of democratic team.

Thus, I can claim that 2008 gives the greatest level of a gain of the income in relation to 2007 - му - 39,4 percent, and it just and there is that additional money about which we speak.

Also diligence of the Government, as soon as possible to use the saved-up additional resources on advantage are absolutely clear to people. In particular, changes in the Budget offer to leave 10 billions in local budgets that they had practical opportunity to use them for the needs, at the same time to direct 9,7 billion on development expenses, for the purpose of support of all investment programs listed in the budget. Also about 12,2 billion are planned for increase of social payments. Distinctive feature of this Budget is that the balance between development expenses, social expenses and expenses on regional needs is much better, than structures of Budgets of all previous years. If to compare the actual Budget for 2007 and the Budget of 2008 to changes, the country will have 42 percent more transfers to local budgets, than it was in 2007.

The told proves essential strengthening of regional policy that has to lead to stabler life of regions of Ukraine as, as a matter of fact, and it is provided by the Government Program "The Ukrainian break - for people, instead of for politicians".

The essential attention is paid to problems of roads. Changes on it provided 24,3 billion. These are that money which are necessary to carry out notable breakthrough in construction of highways.

In changes in the budget what Yulia Timoshenko's Government approved the Budget-2008 in which it is provided expenses on an agrarian complex 37% more is important also, than was in 2007. The government considerably changes policy of purchase of grain for public funds as at an impressive crop of this year of the resources planned earlier, will be obviously insufficiently. Therefore the Government increases expenses of the general fund of the budget by billion 118 million. Yulia Vladimirovna accurately declared that the Government now will actively be connected to questions of purchase of grain at peasants, at landowners and won't allow traders to destroy policy of the prices. And half a billion more hryvnias is allocated for this task to lower interest rates, and to give the chance to landowners to attract effectively proceeds of credit.

I consider that for our area questions of ship-building branch are especially actual. And the government shows understanding of problems of shipbuilders, after all 25,2 times more expenses are planned for this branch, including attraction of the credits under the state guarantees for the plants which are in property of the state. Undoubtedly, the democratic team will be able to give the chance to shipbuilding plants which remain in state ownership, to execute orders available for them.

Not less significant are and provided by changes in the budget the general expenses on culture it is 72,4% more in comparison with last year. To everyone it is clear that it is necessary to pay huge attention to development of spirituality, culture of our people. And for this reason the increase in expenses at culture at 5 billions is planned. Compare it that allocated for culture Yanukovych's government in 2007 - only 2,9 billion. And it means that the domestic culture receives from Yu. Tymoshenko's Government 72,4% more than support, than it was last year.

For many years the state assumed obligations for providing people with housing.And only Tymoshenko's Government in detail provided the solution of this urgent problem in the offered changes. How exactly? In - the first - by reduction in cost of all inefficient components of prime cost, and in - the second - introduction of mortgage lending when people could take for 25-30 years the credit under 2-4 percent a year - at the level of the international standards. Besides other components, the Government directs for the solution of this problem of 13,5 billion UAH

The extremely difficult situation today at the military personnel. And, understanding it, the Government seeks to add to a salary of the military personnel of contract employees on the average 925 UAH. Thus, the average monthly amount of payments will make 2010-2590 UAH. The offered changes in the budget give a gain on the average on the person for 492 UAH, and it means increase from 1853 UAH to 2345 UAH of the average amount of payments.

But, undoubtedly, questions of a living wage, salaries and pensions are the most actual. And Yulia Timoshenko's Government safely offers notable increases in this direction. For example, the living wage this year is increased by 24,5%, minimum wage, within the budget - for 17,5 percent. That adoption of this budget with changes, gives real opportunity to fulfill obligations of all is important, I emphasize, all political forces before state employees, medical, scientists, educators and cultures. After all adoption of this budget gives the chance to pass since September first to a uniform scale of charges for all state employees and consequently - to carry out an essential raising of a salary for 40,6%. By the way, at Yanukovych's Government the minimum wage made 460 hryvnias, Tymoshenko's Government plans to finish the current year, with an indicator of 605 UAH, and it is 31,5% higher. The same concerns also a living wage. Naturally there is a question: and what disturbed Yanukovych, having full support in parliament, to reach such indicators? Tymoshenko's government directed today efforts to full differentiation of pensions depending on an experience, from an average salary, and this program is realized. However, all understand that the size of the minimum pension on age is extremely important for people of old age and society as a whole. And the changes offered by Yulia Timoshenko in the budget provide to increase by 1,5 times average pension payment for the end of the current year compared with the end of last year.Then, since July first if the budget was adopted on July 11, all pensioners would receive big pension for 13 percent. I.e., if political forces, in particular: The Party of Regions, Litvin's block, ETs, communists really would aspire that our pensioners felt changes, this budget needed to be adopted immediately. However fractions which in a sessional hall of the Verkhovna Rada during vote for the above-stated changes in the budget boycotted their acceptance (Party of Regions - left a hall, communists - against, Litvin's block - didn't vote, ETs - didn't vote), practically prevented that pensions, salaries, and many other social programs were filled and carried out in favor of people. Conclusion one - in the victim they brought to the political ambitions welfare of the Ukrainian people.

But even such cynical acts to them not to stop any more the Ukrainian Break! Our team, despite a ten-year thorny road of fight, always reached a victory for the sake of economic prosperity of Ukraine. Remember how our opponents raged, raged and hissed from all cracks. And we, without looking on anything, went in before. So will be and now. Certainly, it is hard as part of the people which consciousness thoroughly I broke criminally - Kuchma's oligarchical mode, lost belief and lost hope for the best and fair life. The considerable part didn't believe that we will start destroying shadow schemes in economy, didn't believe that we will force the budget to work for the people, didn't believe that we will start compensating to people debts of Sberbank and many other things. And even at us, in area, didn't believe that we will get hundred-thousandth support of voters and we will create in all local councils of BYuT fraction, didn't believe that Yulia Vladimirovna at the initiative of the BYuT regional team will arrive to Nikolayevshchina on problem questions of shipbuilding and restoration of pro-scale of construction of the bridge, didn't believe that we form temporary commission of inquiry of BP on an outrage in the city of Nikolaev. And we did it, and we will do as we know that the truth on our third-party and more and more people starts understanding who that is worthy. And, the hope and belief in the powerful and fair state revives in communities. After all already over seven million citizens of Ukraine, know that Yulia Timoshenko will be able to bring an order to the country. I assure, we came, and we will make it.

In summary I want to give some figures to give to nikolayevets an idea of what was lost by our area in connection with rejection of amendments to the Law of Ukraine "About the state Budget of Ukraine for 2008 and about modification to some acts of Ukraine". So, the additional grant (including - on acquisition of food) - 31 million, a subvention on socially - economic development - 11 million, a subvention on construction, reconstruction repair of highways - 9,5 million, a subvention on socially - economic development of the cities of regional value and пгт - the regional centers - 23,9 million, other subventions - 2,3 million, actions for environmental protection (change of standards of assignments) - 5,1 million, collecting from owners of vehicles (change of standards of assignments) - 1,9 million. Total: 84,8 million UAH! I am sure: figures speak for themselves.


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