Ukraine the punks rule!

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"Vtorchermet" and small pack of swindlers will carry the state "on nuts". This secret war has also victims - mainly old men. Prerequisites in the country for mass thefts - weight. And the power idles - not at Yushchenko wires cut off!.
Landline phones are silent. The lonely old men who don't have mobile phones, till some months have no communication with relatives. And in case of heart attack opportunities to call the ambulance or to call on help of neighbors are simply deprived. And in general, silent phone causes many problems from which you wean with its acquisition.

There are on foot on 16-ый a floor dnepropetrovets, puffing from heavy bags and scolding elevator operators violently. Though they and? Theft of metal parts of the lift equipment is the reason of breakage of thousands of elevators.

However, knowing people speak, what not the expert won't be able to cut out a telephone cable, to dismount the lift equipment. As prove rare disclosures of similar crimes - it was succeeded to catch "on hot" several former employees of the telephone companies.

"Elevator operators" while are imperceptible. Probably, because work highly where very few people see them.

Copper wires, spare parts from a petrolsaw, radiators, pipes, metal fences, lattices, covers from manholes and many other gradually leave our life. Without our desire. And without hope for return. Though sometimes it and is good: on one of the enterprises of Jankoi (the northern Crimea), engaged in scrap metal reception, found nearly 2,5 thousand units of "live" ammunition of times of the Great Patriotic War. And in the city of Korosten of Zhitomir area on place of acceptance of scrap metal of JSC Ukrvtorchermet 80 artillery shells of the same time were revealed.

Legally 2-3 businessmen buy up metal, but thus in the city about 2 thousand (!) of points of illegal buying up of metal
workCertainly, it is often impossible to catch thieves in the act as they boss at night. Owners of haunts of vice in response to taken measures become more cunning - to avoid responsibility, set up the teenagers, looking for easy money. Certainly, it is a reverse side of the financial instability reigning in the state.And it is a pity for teenagers. But unless it isn't a pity for the old men dying without "ambulance"? Unless it isn't a pity the people who don't have opportunities once again to go outside then not to rise by the thirteenth floor on foot? Unless it isn't a pity for the material resources spent for nothing, human nerves and sufferings? And who will explain to teenagers the price of this money earned on foreign misfortune - if they aren't known by adult uncles and the aunts spitting on people around?

Angrily we grow up

Theft and sale of non-ferrous metal today one of the most widespread offenses in our area. Why? Yes because all prerequisites in our state are for this purpose created. You judge. In spite of the fact that the problem exists not one year, it not only didn't decrease, but also already, apparently, accepts scales of national accident. Next to nothing remained manholes on roads, batteries of a central heating at entrances. I any more don't speak about losses of the telephone companies which don't cope any more with scales of plunders of a telephone cable. For protection of the equipment the telephone companies install the alarm system and fill in hatches with concrete.

But, despite acceptance of such security measures, and also several resolutions of the City Council, number of illegal places of acceptance of scrap metal continues to grow. And after all it is known that demand gives rise to the offer: the kilogram of crude copper from isolation costs today 20-25 hryvnias. And, despite preventions, raids and possible criminal liability, in points of reception of scrap metal everything is accepted that represents value - the modern equipment allows to crush and melt practically any metal subject.

Only according to militia, in 2007 in Dnepropetrovsk it was revealed and documented (you were frightened? be not afraid, it isn't sick) 234 (!) points of illegal buying up of scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, 576 thefts of telephone cables are recorded - but 289 criminal cases are brought and 130 charges are brought. Fortunately (to whose? Societies of fans of animals? ) in this war anybody also didn't suffer in any way! Except subscribers of silent phones and poor creatures - the drivers who were injured from - for open hatches on roads. Yes, such among us too is. Put nobody, didn't lynch, chopped off to nobody a hand. I doubt, as with a finger threatened. Them simply counted - з and д about to at m е N of t and р about in and l and.

It led to what only in three months 2008 activity of 73 illegal points of reception of scrap metal was documented - 12 (!) criminal cases, 61 are thus excited (why there is so much? ) the person is brought to administrative responsibility. For the same period 167 cases of thefts of telephone cables are registered - and only on 80 facts criminal cases are brought.

Who is protected by the state

Unfortunately, even these big words - criminal cases - practically come to an end nothing. To the thieves who are cutting out cable communication lines, Part one of Article 188 UK which provided a penalty from hundred to five hundred free minima of the income of citizens was still applied, as generated impunity.

For initiation of legal proceedings the damage has to make about 700 hryvnias. Thus in prosecutor's office it is necessary to provide a lot of the references proving an amount of damage. Besides, militiamen in general can't often get on the territory of point of reception of scrap metal to check its activity - special permission of court for this purpose is necessary. And to our loaded vessels as you understand, not before. Business reaches in general to the point of absurdity: courts demand for such permission of initiation of legal proceedings. But also for this purpose the judgment is necessary! - employees of militia complain.

Here also law enforcement agencies need to make ambushes near places of acceptance to check the cars which are taking out at night scrap metal. It is good that though they still have the right to it. But, if the owner of point of reception of metal at the time of check couldn't provide any documents, it fined for 170 hryvnias (!) earlier - and it is all - navsy the cost of acquisition is 8 kg of scrap. And only one pig-iron cover of a manhole costs 400 UAH. Whom could penalties frighten?

And now at all there was the decree canceling even this light penalty. In the middle of April deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, providing obligations of Ukraine to the Council of Europe concerning a humanization of system of execution of punishments, adopted the law "About Modification in Criminal and Criminally — Procedural Codes of Ukraine". And here on these, new European norms we have to treat now those who deprives of us telecommunication - the Art. "gumanoidno".188 "Theft by dismantle and other method of electric networks, cable communication lines and their equipment" is completely withdrawn now from UK!

And, in spite of the fact that since school years we acquired that the law has no retroactive force, i.e., works only from the moment of the acceptance, the new power, in aspiration "to lay down under Europe", tramples also on this legal axiom which has developed during historical development of the principles of the right, recognized by all developed legal systems and reproduced in the majority the international declarations and pacts on human rights. In the new law it is specified that it has retroactive force, that is extends on people who made illegal actions to the introduction of the law in force, including on those who serves sentence or left it, but have a criminal record.

It seems, stationary telecommunication in Ukraine will die soon. And by the way, not only it. After all by new rules of liberalization of punishments theft of mobile phones, and small hooliganism is amnestied also, and still there is a lot of only. In - the general, be eaten who can - the holiday came to the STREET. Unfortunately, today - not on our.

How to be protected from the state

Despite this "paradise for punks", the resolutions limiting activity of places of acceptance of scrap metal, continue to work. But, in order that they were really realized, it is necessary to combine efforts of the authorities, law enforcement agencies, mass media and the public. For this purpose the deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk city council Alexander Murenko initiated campaign for fight against the illegal places of acceptance, acted with deputy inquiry at the past session of the City Council.

- Illegal places of acceptance of scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals have to disappear from the map of Dnepropetrovsk, - considers A. Murenko. - In April meeting of the special commission with participation of representatives of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, "Ukrtelecom", law enforcement agencies and regional administrations took place. On its conclusions, in each district of Dnepropetrovsk 2-3 businessmen legally buy up metal, but thus in the city about 2 thousand (!) of points of illegal buying up of metal which "live" at the expense of licensed points of reception of scrap metal work. These points are almost in each district of Dnepropetrovsk, generally they take place in the private sector.At meeting it was entrusted to representatives of local authorities to take measures for prevention of thefts of metal from cellars and lift mines, and to law enforcement agencies - to check activity and allowing documents of legal places of acceptance. Unfortunately, quite often illegal points of reception of scrap metal without registration of any documents hand over "crop" to legal points of reception of the scrap metal, having the corresponding license.

Certainly, legal points of reception of scrap metal are very necessary to the city. However it is necessary to stop their cooperation with buyers of stolen property. On a press - the conference which has taken place in Novy Bridge news agency, Alexander Murenko called also mass media and the public of Dnepropetrovsk to join in campaign and to take activity of points of reception of scrap metal under rigid control. Each resident having information on activity of such points, can phone about it to "the hot line" to public organization "Gromadska Force" which the first responded to the offer to become the public controler and to transfer information to law enforcement agencies.


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