In Vinnytsia region the security guard a rate shot the vacationer, protecting "strategic" object

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As reported a press - service Ministry of Internal Affairs senseless and cynical murder of the young man was committed in July of the current year on rented a rate near the village Oak, which in the Zhmerinsky area.

The drunk security guard shot from the gun IZh-16 23 - the summer inhabitant of this village who arrived in the evening with friends to be redeemed. That worked on the former military who on pension contracted to protect a reservoir, it isn't known.

Most likely, the quantity of the drunk eclipsed mind of the fighter. But on the bank of a pond he apprehended appearance of people as real threat "voyenno - to strategic object". Therefore, having felt in the war, 69 - the summer man grabbed in hands a gun and ran to the car on which just there arrived four children.

Having guided the weapon at potential "threat" of object, he ordered all to leave the car.

The victim who was at a wheel and three his friends left a car, and tried to get on with militant didugany, to explain that are going to be redeemed only. However peace talks didn't work on the aggressive security guard, there was the dispute which final had too tragic consequences.

Two shots from a gun of the security guard tore off life of the young man. The friends of the wounded shocked with such outcome of the conflict that arose without any reasons, didn't dare to counteract the armed aggressive man. Children tried to give help to the blood-stained friend, called an ambulance, however doctors couldn't rescue it - the severe wound in a stomach was deadly.

By the way the major in resignation, without leaving the weapon, I escaped from "enemies" or rather from payment for made by escape.Before running away, it ran to the sentry box, took away the things and rushed in the field. The shooter lived in page Pultivtsakh therefore in that direction and I moved. On the way I stopped to a supply and I asked to bring it. Who from rural people will refuse to the elderly man? However, the soldier didn't manage to reach to the destination because from supplies it was removed by employees of zhmerinsky militia who already searched for it.

After commission of a serious crime passed some hours. Having seen militiamen, responsible for criminal history hid the weapon on a cart to which caused death. Gun as the tool of a crime which is one of incontestable proofs of his fault, sent for examination.

According to the chief of Zhmerinsky RO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Gennady Tkachuk, in case of fault finishing the detainee should be responsible for commission of deliberate murder. Under such article criminal case is brought. Trying to find to itself a justification the former tankman gives evidences that allegedly I tried to carry out honestly duties of the security guard …. At any cost. Here only the payment was too expensive.

Not to return life of the innocent guy any more any repentance.

The murderer is "shone" by 15 years of imprisonment.


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