Two Nikolaev "tramadolshchik" tried to disappear from militia, but they were stopped by a column

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Yesterday, on July 16, the staff of department of fight against a drug trafficking of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs together with the staff of Management on fight against a drug trafficking of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area carried out special operation on detention of dealers the tramadoly.

As well as it is necessary, expeditious purchase of narcotic substance was carried out, but on unforeseen circumstances, at once it wasn't succeeded to detain "tramadolshchik".

They, having shown resistance, tried to disappear from law enforcement officers on the VMV car.

Police officers rushed to a pursuit.

"Drug dealers" didn't manage to run away. Trying to disappear from a pursuit, they crashed into a column, before it having provoked one more road accident.

After the column "stopped" criminals, they were detained by the same staff of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs.

The help of fighters of "Golden eagle" and Spetspolk wasn't required to militia - they arrived to a detention place (crossing of streets B. Morskaya and Potemkinsky) already when malefactors lay facing the earth.

During car survey, in salon 34 plates трамадола, ammunition and a cold weapon were revealed.

The quantity of the withdrawn is specified as on the way "tramadolshchik" could "send" proofs.

It should be noted that at one of two detained documents on the car and the rights didn't appear.

an inspection of detainees on participation in other crimes is now carried out.


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