In Konotop the robber cut to pieces the victim a knife and tried to cut out it language

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Simply terrible case occurred recently in one of Konotop parks. On 72 - the summer villager the unknown with a knife attacked, demanding money. Only by miracle the seriously wounded to the pensioner managed to escape from hands of the robber.
That day Victor Petrovich was going to go to Kiev to relatives. To about o'clock in the morning it went on foot to the railway station on a foot path along a track. Near an entrance to park of the elderly person someone called. He turned back and saw the unfamiliar guy with a knife in a hand.

- He asked me: "Money is? ", - Victor Petrovich still worries, telling about the incident. After all he happened to worry really awful minutes! - I answered that the pensioner and I have no money. Then the stranger snatched on me and started striking blows with a knife in the head.

The unfortunate fell on a back, appealing about the help. To muffle its shouts, the aggressor thrust a blade to him in a mouth and tried to cut out language. Overcoming terrible pain, Victor Petrovich grabbed a naked hand a knife blade, hoping it to hold. For any time it managed it, but then the robber pulled a knife on himself - and a hand of the pensioner рассекла a deep wound.

Painful shock, probably, gave to the victim of force. It escaped from hands of the robber and took to the heels. That pursued it and soon overtook, in blow having brought down from feet. At the next moment unfortunate I felt as the cold knife blade pierced in its side. From above kicks feet fell down. Victor Petrovich understood that he is doomed if doesn't escape from the criminal. That simply flew into a rage and cut to pieces the victim without any mercy. Improbable effort the elderly person managed to push away from himself an aggressor and again to rise to the feet. Almost fainting from pain and quickly coming weakness caused by loss of blood, he ran in the direction of the railway station. Having turned back, I noticed that the robber lagged behind. Probably, something guarded that and he decided not to pursue the victim. Through a breach in a fence the pensioner got out on a foot path and there, having finally weakened, fainted consciousness.

He didn't know, what is the time was unconscious. And when at last I recovered, first of all cautiously I looked around, being afraid of repeated attack.But the criminal it wasn't visible anywhere. Having collected the strength, the victim which - as limped to the station and addressed to employees of militia. It delivered in a first-aid post where gave first aid. And then on "fast" brought to hospital.

Fortunately, Victor Petrovich's awful wounds to physicians managed to be healed, and he was on the mend.

The initiative in disclosure of this cruel crime was assumed by the Acting Konotopsky transport prosecutor Vladimir Ostrovsky:

- Judging by the signs described by the victim, attacking I was the representative of a romsky nationality. Having compared time and an attack place, we detained several suspects among whom the victim surely identified the malefactor. The inhabitant of Konotop Artur V., 1989, earlier judged (5 years conditionally) appeared them. - two years - it didn't sustain a trial period, and now to a new sentence 5 years of unexpired punishment will be added.

Art. 121 of UK of Ukraine (deliberate drawing heavy injuries) which provides from 5 to 8 years of imprisonment is incriminated to the accused p.1. During the investigation it became clear that Artur was involved and in other crimes - thefts, robberies. Besides, I was engaged in collection of a tribute from bums. Concepts of mercy and compassion to this person were probably unfamiliar.

The carried out psychiatric expertize recognized the malefactor responsible. So he should be responsible for deeds.


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