Maniacs should be known by sight: in Ukraine the pedophile - the foreigner

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This process was waited by all country. For the first time in Ukraine the foreigner suspected of sexual relations with minors appeared before the court. 58- the summer pedophile loved boys whom bribed entertainments and entertainments. To children it seemed Santa - Claus. For corruption of minors and the introduction with them in sexual relations the court sentenced sex - the tourist from Switzerland to 11 years and 6 months of imprisonment. The criminal will serve this sentence in the Ukrainian zone. But whether everything guilty of such crimes will be deprived of freedom?

From Switzerland to Zhitomir behind "love"

A year ago "VV" the first wrote about adventures of the loveful Swiss in Zhitomir. Hans came to Ukraine since 2004 and though he managed to visit Rivnom, Vinnytsia, Kiev, but chose for sex - trips Zhitomir. Children were caught in its net from dysfunctional, needy families. Enticing them entertainments and entertainments, Hans quickly gained lads. Regularly I paid for intimate services from 20 UAH to beginners to 100 UAH to favourites. I gave preference to boys at the age of 11-13 years. As soon as children became more senior, it right there severed with them relations. Always I photographed for memory of the partners and I didn't leave photos never.

Teenagers looked forward to arrival of the uncle Hans. By this time they, that without noticing, hired other victims - boys, having had heard plenty of stories about cheerful pastime, asked to acquaint them with Hans. How many children visited embraces of the pervert, the consequence couldn't establish. According to the found photos it wasn't succeeded to identify the personality of several tens boys. And it isn't known, to how many else children it would spoil life if in militia mother of one of the boys didn't address, found in the son he couldn't explain the money, which origin.The story 12 - the summer teenager was believed not at once by field investigators, but soon they had to be convinced of truthfulness of his words.

In the afternoon on December 31, 2007 Hans put in the car of two boys and went with them to the country. The car stopped in a secluded place at the river. Militiamen had to watch at distance the events in car salon - in hope that declared won't be confirmed. Alas. The foreigner, as they say, detained on "hot". While he took off trousers and swimming trunks, militiamen appeared suddenly.

Only 10 children gave evidences and recognized itself as victims. The Swiss assured that isn't guilty in anything, into sexual contacts with children didn't come. I claimed that fed children and I gave them money by kindness sincere. But to explain why it was naked in the car with two children, I couldn't. Thus Hans repeated that became the impotent man two years ago. Pier, children stipulate it. His words didn't confirm and didn't disprove. Experts couldn't draw an unambiguous conclusion concerning its potentiality. Though at a search found empty packing "potential" and a pack of condoms …

Fortunately, arguments of the citizen of Switzerland didn't affect a court sentence, him found guilty. However, at present his lawyers submitted the appeal in hope to reduce an imprisonment term by decisions of district court.

For the sake of Lolita went for murder

It not isolated case. In Ukraine pedophilia epidemic is noted. Militia reports continually report about emergence next "the fan of children".

In the city of Makeyevka two guys of 21 and 22 years who raped 14 - the summer local resident of one of districts of the city are detained. In Sevastopol 38 - the summer local not only forced minors from dysfunctional families, but also shot these scenes on video. As it became clear, the pedophile for 8(!) years sold the finished shooting materials to the foreign acquaintance on 1000 dollars for the movie. Terrible scenes were posted online on specially created site.

By the staff of criminal investigation department of Dneprovsky district management of militia of Kiev from captivity it was released 13 - the summer girl captured 53 - the summer pedophile. The first time it caught for Lena at a country house in the village. I dragged it in the car, I took out to the wood and I did with it that wanted. Then I showed to the child a hole on a forest edge and I declared: "You will tell somebody - you will lie here". After the similar repeated several times, the girl told mother that she had to worry.Having contacted the tyrant by phone, the woman demanded to leave her daughter alone and threatened to go to militia. And in some days she was missing. The girl remained to live with the sick grandmother and the aunt. After disappearance of the woman Nikolay still took out the unfortunate child to the den in one of villages of Poltava region three times, forcing to send home sms that with it everything is all right. During the next trip the girl managed to report to the aunt where is. On the same day to the specified address the group of staff of criminal investigation department left. Field investigators released the little concubine and detained its elderly "fight - the friend".

The detainee was 53 - the summer realtor, the inhabitant of the Dneprovsky area. It is married, has two adult children and even the grandson. As it became clear, at it already I was 17 - the summer mistress. It - that also pointed to "dad" to the girl - the teenager when that wanted the mistress more young. Some days the realtor took for a ride to field investigators, denying fault and bargaining for qualification of the act. And on one of interrogations it became clear that loss of mother of the girl - business of his hands.

Now the minor victim is in a condition of the strongest stress. As it became clear, it is pregnant. Doctors, psychologists, employees of social services work with it. The child can't still recover from everything endured. According to physicians, the period of rehabilitation can last for years. And field investigators are sure that the injured - not the only victim of the suspect.

There would be no happiness and the misfortune helped

To detain the pedophile - a complex challenge. Not many children are ready to tell parents that happened to them. Sometimes the adult not to children, they have absolutely other cares. Real number of the children who have undergone sexual violence from adults, it is impossible to establish. The children who have been often intimidated by pedophiles, prefer to be silent about an event. But happens, as militiamen show indifference and callousness to small victims.

The Donetsk maniac - the pedophile did a lot of noise, and not only in area, and and in the country. The bastard under any harmless pretext entices in the car of girls of 7-10 years, gives a sleeping pill injection, takes out to the country and forces. Already more than ten similar cases is. The maniac bosses in the area territory since 2006. Its age, according to descriptions of children, 30-40 years, growth - 175-180 cm, thin, hair dark with streaks of gray. Moves on the car of black color.That's all that is known of the imperceptible pervert, apparently, gone in hiding. The tyrant could be traced for a long time if militiamen treated performance of the professional duties more seriously. Only recently four chiefs of local regional departments of militia and 25 of their subordinates who tried to suppress the fact said goodbye to work that in area the serial maniac - the tyrant of children acts. They "didn't notice" that the pedophile has the same handwriting.

The population was connected to search of the Donetsk maniac by the most active image. Inhabitants began to get accustomed more attentively to neighbors to whom children often come that helped to trace other pedophiles who have settled in area. According to the chief of Donetsk militia, in the region 98 pedophiles are.
- Is those who was brought to trial, it was condemned or it was already released from imprisonment places (having served sentence for rape or corruption of minors), and also those who is suspected of commission of similar crimes and is under examination, - Nikolay Kupyansky explained.
Also it is only official data, actually the pedophiles living in the same Donetsk region, it is much more.

Sadists can pay off

To distinguish the pedophile not so - that and is simple. Experts in the field of legal psychology divide them into two types - mentally sick person or healthy, but the sadist. Its age can be both 20-28 years, and 40-60. It is impossible to define at first sight the maniac. Most often externally it is the most ordinary person. Very much can be that it has a family and children, and that it is quite positively characterized at work. And meanwhile crimes of sexual character concerning children in Ukraine don't become, on the contrary, less their number grows.

Perhaps, because villains believed in the impunity? Several years ago the director of the large enterprise, the beautiful family man, the father of two children, in time to become the grandfather, corrupted minor girls from dysfunctional families. As the meeting place the rental apartment, age of favourite girls 58 - the summer voluptuary - from 12 to 15 years served. It became known of hobby of the grandfather incidentally, one of his mistresses became pregnant and when the little girl of the house pressed, she had to tell about the adult lover. The prosecutor's office brought criminal case on the basis of the statement of mother of the victim, but miracles started occurring further.In - the first, four parents from five established victims of the pedophile took away the statements, having written that have no claims to the tyrant. In - the second, the detained businessman were compelled to release for recognizance not to leave on a state of health. And he didn't begin to wait for the termination of a consequence and, especially, vessels.

The defender of the only minor girl who hasn't refused the indications, told:
- The lawyer of the suspect offered mother of my client money in exchange for that it took away the statement, but the woman didn't take them - honor of the daughter for it more expensive. I more than am sure that parents of other girls preferred to punishment for deeds - dollars. Business didn't manage to set in motion. According to my data, the seducer hides in Israel and at all doesn't know that he gave birth to one more son.

Many villains believed in the impunity. They can pay off, having paid a certain sum to parents or trustees of injured children, and to business won't set in motion.

Themis on the party of victims

Pedophiles nevertheless appear on a dock and even on a zone. Themis and the citizen of Switzerland who has deformed life of several tens boys didn't regret.

The Kerch court pronounced a sentence to three pedophiles, in the past to seamen of foreign swimming. Seducers of girls got different penals of imprisonment, from 8 to 11 years of imprisonment. 70- the summer inhabitant of Kerch holding a serious post on one of the large city enterprises, was suspected of hundred cases of seduction of minors, 15 from which it was succeeded to prove in court. The pedophile met schoolgirls on the street, seated them in the respectable foreign car and took away to the country or in the garage. The seducer "generously" rewarded compliant girls, treating them with chips and lemonade, and also gave them from 10 to 30 hryvnias for "a love session". Thus only one of girls was the pupil of a boarding school, and all the others lived in safe families. The kind grandfather will spend ten years in prison. One more seducer preferred to have a good time with babies from 8 to 11 years on the bank of the Sea of Azov. For the addiction to little girls 60 - the summer lady's man is sentenced to eight years of imprisonment. One more condemned inhabitant of Kerch adopted the two-month girl eight years ago. When the foster daughter was seven years old, 60 - the summer pensioner decided that she ripened for "love". For corruption of the stepdaughter the old libertine is sentenced by city court to 11 years of imprisonment.

In June the sentence of Feodosiysky court concerning 19 - the summer pedophile who has raped 9 came into force - summer I Bring down. Having returned from imprisonment places, the tyrant invited to himself to the house of the boy to listen to music. I treated with vodka with which the child quickly got drunk and I fell asleep. Having used its helpless state, ex-the convict raped the child then turned out. Valentina on the street picked up "fast" and took to hospital. The state accuser demanded to sentence the tyrant to 12 years of imprisonment, but the Feodosiysky court sent the pedophile to prison for ten years.

Unfortunately, nobody will count, how many bad people still walk on freedom.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2006 according to Art. 155 of UK "The Sexual Intercourses with the Person Which Has Not Reached a Sexual Maturity" 68 criminal cases, according to Art. 156 "Depravity of minors" - 282 criminal cases are brought. In 2007 under the same articles 97 and 311 criminal cases respectively are brought.

Alla DUNINA,"Evening messages"



The sexopathologist, the candidate of medical sciences Mikhail Ekimov explains that often pedophiles - imperceptible in society, quiet persons, unsociable, diffident. It is difficult to them to communicate with contemporaries as their mental development lags behind a little.

Them pulls to children in every sense. It is pleasant to them that children listen to them, see in them seniors. The bulk of pedophiles isn't inclined to murders, violence - it is rather, they simply involve children in sexual games, corrupt them.

The reasons - in the childhood didn't finish or changed "in the doctor" or similar childish sports. Pedophiles - murderers and tyrants are people who in the childhood endured sexual aggression. Them pulls to make it with others - the same children as there were they.

Often such deviation is accompanied by schizophrenia or other mental diseases. The desire to rape collects during any time, and after a crime there comes a discharge.

And then the tyrant again looks for the victim. A certain behavior, look, feature of appearance - something can provoke it that will awaken his children's memoirs. Pedophilia treatment very difficult, it is necessary to understand motivation of the person. To force the pedophile to be treated forcibly - it is impossible.


In the USA data on all criminals who ever have committed sexual crimes, are public. Any inhabitant of the USA has the right to learn, whether there live pedophiles, seducers and tyrants near his house or work. On special sites of states names, photos and addresses of the persons who have been earlier condemned for rape, seduction juvenile and other crimes are published.

On June 29, 2006 there began work the all-American on-line database of the persons who have committed sexual crimes which all 50 states joined.

In Great Britain in June, 2006 the Minister of Internal Affairs John Reyd issued the order according to which the pedophiles living near schools, have to replace a residence.

The decision was made after the sensation lifted by the News of the World newspaper. The edition submitted to the minister the list of 60 unbound pedophiles who live in close proximity to educational institutions.
In Ukraine anything similar doesn't exist. That near you the pedophile lives, it is possible to learn only after to your child there will be a trouble.


Scientists came to a conclusion that sexual thirst of adults for the juvenile is almost incurable. The only thing that can discourage pedophiles to hunt for children, - chemical castration. It apply in many European countries of the world, in particular, in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and also some American states. And in America the law on compulsory castration which came into force in 1990
Under this law, chemical castration can be appointed by the judge in case condemned, having gone out of prison, makes recurrence of sexual crimes. Thus the court can't punish the tyrant surgical castration, but the respondent can go to it voluntary. In the State of California chemical castration is obligatory for pedophiles since 1996. And on January 1, 1997 the law according to which the person for the first time condemned for a sexual crime concerning the child, can at conditionally came into force - an early release to pass treatment atsetatmedroksiprogesterony (Depot - pro-belief) or its equivalent.
In France in 2005 campaign for strengthening of public safety and prevention of recurrent crimes on the sexual soil also began.To tyrants started giving acetate ципротерона or to carry out monthly an injection леупрорелина.

In 2004 in Israel similar campaign for introduction of chemical castration for pedophiles - by means of the preparation "Dekapeptil" which within the pilot project of Ministry of Health of Israel and prison administration accepted condemned for pedophilia and serving sentence in imprisonment places also began. In the last some years "Dekapeptil" in Israel it was possible to buy, and free of charge it started being entered in prisons since 2004.

Italy followed the example of above-mentioned countries and too joined in fight against pedophiles a method of chemical castration. In 2003 such measure was provided by the bill on sexual crimes concerning minors. In the new law on pedophilia the provision on an employment ban was included in child care and educational institutions, in the organizations which are often visited by minors, those persons who were already condemned for pedophilia also.

The law provided sanctions and more drastic measures concerning the persons who have already served sentence for pedophilia, but again noticed in this crime after an exit to freedom.

South Korea since April 2 entered the death penalty for rape and murder of children till 13 years. The prime minister Khan Syn of Su especially noted that those who kidnaps, forces them and kills, don't deserve any indulgence. In the country also to 7 years of imprisonment the minimum measure of punishment for crimes on the sexual soil against children is raised that automatically cancels conditional term. Concerning such criminals the early release won't be applied also.


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