NBP members seized Embassy of Russia in Ukraine

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Source: "Nyyusuzhgorod"

Ten NBP members rushed into Embassy of Russia in Ukraine and refuse to leave the building while to them there is no ambassador of the Russian Federation Victor Chernomyrdin.

As the member of executive committee of the coalition Other Russia Alexander Averin reported, group Russian National - Bolsheviks got into premises of consular department of Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

Among participants of the action - the bride of the NBP member Yury Chervochkin who has lost from a beating Anna Ploskonosova who has recently asked for political asylum in Ukraine.

"Since 1999 when the president Yeltsin illegally gave the country in a charge to nobody the known retired lieutenant colonel of KGB, the power in the country is delegated "on protection" to the, bypassing normal constitutional fight for presidency. The junta ruling the country resolves an issue of the power without us, the people of Russia. We are offered "to consecrate" only their decision with participation in false elections with in advance known result", NBP members declared.

"Trumped-up criminal cases, beatings and arrests became norm of the Russian political life. National - the Bolshevik Yury Chervochkin was killed only that agitated citizens to come to Dissenters' March", is spoken in the statement of NBP members.

In this regard, NBP members demand from the Russian authorities to remove, in particular, a ban on activity of NBP and to sit down at a negotiating table with the coalition Other Russia, and also "to dismiss the State Duma elected during dishonest and not free elections and to declare date of elections in new free parliament of Russia".

At the same time, the staff of Embassy of Russia in Ukraine doesn't confirm information that the consular department is seized National - Bolsheviks.

On March 21 the bride of the killed at the end of last year in Moscow area the NBP member Yury Chervochkin Anna Ploskonosova asked a political asylum in Ukraine.

On March 12 Ukraine granted a political asylum to Olga Kudrina, 24 - the summer activist forbidden in Russia National - Bolshevist party.

In January the Zamostyansky district court of Vinnytsia refused to the regional Organized Crime Control Department an extradition to Russia the activist Russian National - Mikhail Gangan's Bolshevist party.

The National - the Bolshevist party in 2007 was recognized by the extremist organization and its activity was forbidden in the territory of Russia. NBP is the member of the oppositional coalition Other Russia.


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