Murderers of taxi drivers from Uzhgorod

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The gang kept Uzhgorod in awe more than a year. The train of attacks on taxi drivers in Uzhgorod put all Zakarpatye militia on the head. Night robbers behaved strange: preferred to clean the taxi drivers working at white "Zhiguli". The scenario of punishment was simple: the driver beat, took away ridiculous money - 50-200 hryvnias, and the car threw where - that on the route.

Heart of the driver didn't sustain a robbery

Victor was carrier not the first year. I was proud of how well it understands people - at first sight sees the unreliable client. But that time the intuition brought it. About o'clock in the morning two young people approached to its old "Zhiguli", asked to give a lift to them to Orekhovits's village. Having been delighted to the favorable order, Victor bargained and agreed to take passengers a little.
- Hey, the chief, - heard Victor in a minute. - Brake - at those bushes, beer was much …

"Zhiguli" as the passenger asking on the nature, grasped behind the driver by a throat didn't manage to stop. Having begun was to beat off, Victor quickly understood that resistance is useless. As ill luck would have it, in the morning the taxi driver laid out from the car the massive adjustable spanner, lying the last couple of days to the left of a seat.

- Grandmas drive, everything that is! - the second passenger shouted. - What was overlooked in your can? Mobile phone get!
Paralyzed by fear moreover and with the squeezed throat, Victor couldn't move. And robbers also didn't wait from it for active actions. Sitting on a forward seat I rummaged around victim pockets, I found money and documents. Having tied hands and feet of the taxi driver his laces from boots, robbers threw the poor creature on a roadside, got into the car and were behind turn.

To be exempted from ropes it appeared not so difficult, and here it was necessary to come back to Uzhgorod in the middle of the night on foot long. First of all Victor declared in militia, and after a while got sick with heart attack. Then one by one some heart attacks followed, the robbed taxi driver became the disabled person of the first group and the wheel didn't take any more.

Mobilka is dearer than life

Statements from the robbed and crippled taxi drivers arrived in militia regularly. According to the estimates of investigators, malefactors was at least four. According to victims made identikits. Taxi drivers of all Zakarpatye handed down terrifying stories, reluctantly agreed to carry the companies from several men.

One of victims even managed to beat off from robbers, however, at the price of own health. To Sergey, as well as to Victor, two approached, asked to bring. The scenario was played in the accuracy but when the passenger started smothering Sergey, it didn't fall into a stupor, and began to resist. It escaped from the car, but, having run off some meters, regretted to leave the car. Robbers caught up with the taxi driver, a fight was started. Sergey beat off desperately, with the injured person broken by a nose and several changes he defended the old car and some hundred hryvnias. Eventually, malefactors escaped, having captured mobile the taxi driver.

Strangely enough, robbers often drove away cars for some kilometers from a crime scene and threw. It allowed the Zakarpatye taxi drivers to construct the version, allegedly money is absolutely not necessary to bandits, they for something revenge drivers of white "Zhiguli".

Killed just like that

When one of taxi drivers was missing, about night robbers told already all city. Disappearance of the driver right there connected with activity of a gang and as field investigators found out, not in vain. In evening of the watch Dmitry came into roadside cafe to drink coffee. The snack bar as always was overflowed, behind one of little tables some young people drank beer, and is obvious not on the first glass. Right there was an old acquaintance of the taxi driver, Vera. The company continually released caustic remarks to the girl.

Dmitry for the acquaintance interceded, then quarrel developed into fight. The taxi driver hastened to leave far away, but soon returned to the same cafe. The drunk company rather thinned, and two - Rodion and Stas, having reconciled with the taxi driver, wished to sweep by a taxi. Went to the nearby village, to the uninhabited house.
- The taxi driver forced to make the way through a window to the house, - I told "VV" the employee of TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zakarpatye area Ivan Ladzhun. - There in several blows in the head him killed. Malefactors threw out a corpse of the taxi driver to the river.

Term for cruel games

Uzhgorod not megalopolis.It would seem, at such number of witnesses to find four robbers keeping in awe of taxi drivers of all region, was a trick. Year was necessary for militiamen. Eventually, checking an alibi of all which are earlier judged for similar crimes, detained the company of the local "molodets" who already several times have visited a dock.
- Three suspects didn't admit the guilt, - confirmed in a press - service of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zakarpatye area. - And one, Vitaly, started cooperating with the investigation, to tell how prepared as the plan made. At it found the toy gun which the guy took from the nephew - to frighten taxi drivers in the dark. And from fright after all you won't sort, the real weapon, or not.

Uzhgorod горрайсуд sentenced two members of group to 12 years of imprisonment, the organizer of attacks and the murderer, Rodion - by 15 years. Vitaly received 5 years with a delay for three years. I was in business and the fifth person involved, that Stas, the accomplice of murder. But it still didn't find. The condemned have to pay to victims 200 thousand UAH

Money appeared not the main motive of crimes: from inaction robbers very much wanted to take a fun. White "Zhiguli" became a gang counter, a peculiar card.


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