Raphael Goroyan: WITHOUT the RIGHTS?

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We continue to follow the developments in conflict series "Raphael Goroyan, the Businessman, against Nikolay Stoyanov, the Prosecutor". New plot - from the first person, with the comment. The word - to Raphael Goroyan.

The Nikolaev militia, seemingly, not before fight against local crime. About twelve mornings on July 18 called from Koblevo: the Ararat restaurant is surrounded by militia, big forces of "Golden eagle" are tightened, the search begins. That, as why - anybody doesn't explain with sense. I called on television and to the lawyer. And itself I went to the regional Department of Internal Affairs - to reception to mister Naumenko.

Such speed from me didn't expect, and only through time, having bethought, tried to bring out of the reception chief. The events were removed by the operator 35-го the channel, presence of the press damped an ardor of militiamen.

Mister Naumenko accepted me, but not in private. I invited in an office of mister Pogorelov and several more subordinates. I didn't receive from them any intelligible answer to the questions.

What occurs, than I break the law? Of what specifically me accuse? Four times I won in vessels claims against prosecutor's office decisions. And four times for a short time on me and my relatives criminal cases which were scattered because of groundlessness were opened. When, at last, I will be able quietly to work? In construction prevent to be engaged, and the construction of objects is suspended. It is closed - on a formal cavil of "Oblenergo" - Ararat restaurant.

I regard it as provocation. What for? Probably, to intimidate me and to make more compliant. Or on the contrary - to push on any violations of the law. It won't be. What's next? In conversation with the militia management to me gave "friendly" advice - to be reconciled with mister Stoyanov, to find with it a common language. That means - to give a share in business.

Similar councils generously I distributed and "group of companions", carrying out at this time a search at Ararat restaurant. I understand: militias bothered prosecutor's office dismantlings which that strives to carry out others hands. Mister Stoyanov will leave Nikolaev soon. And it is necessary to be responsible for a lawlessness to performers.

I took an interest at mister Pogorelov:when will return me the driving license? Them illegally withdrew, having stopped my car on the ground that won't fasten a seat belt. Here, really, scandalous, socially dangerous violation! Mister Pogorelov couldn't answer.

After substantial conversation I left the Department of Internal Affairs and learned two more news. Searches, except Koblevo, occur on the apartment of the sister and at my office. What looked for? I think, and plainly didn't know. Installation was simply given: to find though any catch to continue to put upon me pressure. Didn't find, made about it paper and were removed. Without apologies, certainly.

But in Koblevo events reminded shootings of the cheap fighter. Cordon, divisions of "Golden eagle" on fences approach an entrance door, rush into the room with shouts and a mat … To them nobody was going to repair resistance. In restaurant there were only a cook and my relatives. Them locked, within four hours didn't allow to leave - to drink water or, excuse, in a toilet. The search passed zealously - overturned furniture, scattered things … Two strongly drunk grandfathers got to the understood from vacationers. They in anything didn't penetrate and strove to take a nap, while there that.

At last understood that was the cause for operations - the resolution of Berezansky district court was taken out regarding initiation of the next criminal case "upon" - lawyers understand as far as it is the cunning formulation. Upon the decided - allegedly long-term land lease under restaurant was issued with violation of the law. It is a lie. I am a citizen law-abiding, and, including, in questions of registration of property.

Except witnesses and "Golden eagle", mister Lukyanov, and employees of UGSBEP, misters Karabut and Voytovich participated in a search the investigator from Berezanka. Behaved extremely provocatively, offended and humiliated the present. Dared even to raise a hand against the woman - my lawyer. Took away everything that wanted: except, actually, technical documentation, took the computer, the printer, restaurant documentation.

Having broken open a door, rushed into the closed room and were disappointed. There my personal belongings and the alcohol remains - the incomplete bottles of the cognac which have remained from christening of my younger son were stored. Why they were interested so strongly by these bottles, - don't know … Wanted to take away with itself the ATV, but couldn't answer the lawyer a question: and it - has that what relation to land lease? But councils allowed to reconcile with Stoyanov very much willingly.

Why, by the way, the same militia won't take an interest: on whom the AAS state of emergency mysterious firm which has leased … all koblevsky coast is issued? ! ! According to my authentic data, the fabulous income from the sun, air and water began to flow with a month ago in a concrete pocket - to Nikolay Stepanovich Stoyanov which state passed for a long time for 100 million dollars! I don't count someone else's money. Simply I want that the person, on the position urged to be the first defender of the law, didn't break him for the sake of own enrichment! It will be impossible to approach to the sea soon, without having paid for it 10 hryvnias! And unless under the law the coastal strip can belong to the individual, let and to the prosecutor of the region? ! But it is a subject already another big story to which we still will return.

Makes comments on the incident the direct participant and the witness of events at Ararat restaurant Radika Belova - the lawyer of the Nikolaev regional colleague of lawyers:

I managed to reach to "Ararat" literally in ten minutes, I just was in Koblevo. Me first didn't let - presence of the lawyer is undesirable where the lawlessness is created. I can testify that a search was executed with obvious violations of the law.

Initiation of legal proceedings in a situation which unambiguously is in гражданско - a legal framework isn't proved. Especially, initiation of legal proceedings upon - the known trick, allowing to delay time to distance from participation in investigation, those who is interested in its justice. The resolution on dredging wasn't, it wasn't made by the investigator, despite my numerous requirements. The reason for that one - dredging was illegal, and all present knew about it.

In the resolution on a search the documents which are subject to dredging are accurately designated. It is a question only of technical documentation on the earth and restaurant structures. Looked for obviously something another. Didn't find and - were upset!

On official procedure participants of a search had to suggest present to give out the required voluntary. We would give all necessary technical documentation, it in an absolute order. Instead in "Ararat" the show which is strongly beyond the law was arranged. The search, especially, dredging can't be carried out in absence of the owner or official representatives of local government, the municipal enterprise. This requirement of the law also wasn't observed.

Procedure of dredging became brazen violation.The resolution, for obvious reasons, wasn't made. I strongly objected against seizure of documents and the computer equipment, not having relations to the main point. That is, dredging was compulsory. And in that case, it has to be carried out only under the court resolution. Which too wasn't.

Separate subject - defiant, not man's behavior of militiamen during a search. I personally suffered - I was hit twice by Karabut - probably, on a professional habit.

We intend to appeal against these actions and to reach the highest instances - for this purpose there are all bases. I as the woman also intend to defend the honor and advantage - the similar behavior is inadmissible and has to be stopped. We have a law, and all are obliged to observe it!


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