"To tell fortune it is uninteresting, and here on the vyvorochennykh from graves cemeterial crosses is cool!"

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In the small settlement near Nova Kakhovkaya local schoolgirls after lessons were amused on a cemetery that sepulchral crosses broke, smashed ogradka, broke monuments. Criminal case the other day is directed to court

Having arrived to the settlement near Nova Kakhovki that before funeral days to order mogilka of relatives, people were shocked by the seen: the tumbled-down gravestones broken and vyvorochenny crosses...

- Since fall on our rural cemetery someone began to mock at graves, - directly at a bus stop the local resident told the journalist of "FACTS". - At first in militia didn't declare: relatives will order a gravestone, and all. But soon destructions got such scale that the settlement hooted: there an ogradka will demolish, in other end of a country churchyard of the photo from gravestones посбивают, повыдергивают crosses, a monument will crush. "Evil spirit", - old women were christened. People continually corrected crosses, however riots didn't stop. But still bigger shock waited for us when the militia found, at last, thugs. They appeared... three local schoolgirls. We know them from the bottle up, children as children, grew up in the face of all. What them pushed? Doesn't go in!

"After lessons of the girl went on a cemetery to smoke and fool about"

At school there are lessons. The most younger, 14 - summer Ry which suspect of hooliganism, studies in the eighth grade, her girlfriend on cemeterial entertainments Galya sits at a school desk in next the eleventh.

- The call on a lesson rang out only - only, - the aunt Zina explains school the dvornichikh. Having heard that I from the newspaper, and having taken an interest that brought me into the village, she right there agrees to become a pro-guide:

- In 45 minutes we will manage to bypass a cemetery, it at once behind a school fence. The eyes you will see everything...

Before an entrance on a country churchyard the woman stops, three times are christened.

- I here the frequent guest, - sigh the dvornichikh. - The son broke by car, here 13 years ago and I come to see. Look, everywhere crosses roll as if the storm was carried by and scattered everything around. And here the broken monument.Bad people, differently you won't tell!

In крошеве granite fragments Zinaida long looks for something and gets, at last, the gravestone plate with dates of birth and death - tries to understand, whose ashes are based under a heap of the ruined stones.

- All my life passed in this village, under each cross someone familiar, - the woman is christened again. - Many on a cemetery don't go in the winter, they still don't know that girls did here. I after all know all hooligans from the bottle up - they are on friendly terms three together from kindergarten. Two study at our school, and the third - in the neighboring settlement finishes the tenth class. And if before it opened, somebody told the bad word about any of them, for anything wouldn't believe. Let пьянчуги what, it be fine, it is possible to understand, and that little girls...

Tatyana, mother of one of "heroines" as - that too I came to visit the dead of old men, together we came back home. Even before exposures it was. Too on what light I damned vandals, нехристями called. As soon as, she was surprised, the hand was raised against the sacred? ! And now is silent as if I kept silent. And what to tell, unless you wait such from the child?

On a country churchyard it is deserted, only our steps intrude upon leisure of the dead. Suddenly from - for trees two - the man with the companion are shown. Having noticed that the woman holds the camera in hand and something photographs, Zinaida stops, as driven: "Oh, look! " The investigator of Novokakhovsky city department of militia Irina Zakharchenko and the local district police officer Andrey Bogomazyuk on a cemetery was brought by affairs office.

- About that hooligans here did, I learned from the deputy chief of Novokakhovsky department of management on fight against organized crime of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kherson area Vladimir Kustov, - Andrey Bogomazyuk tells. - A few years ago Bushes buried mother, her mogilka too profaned - broke from a sepulchral cross a portrait, and a cross pulled out and threw out. With the colleague together we, I remember, arrived on a country churchyard, resembled: first I tried to count, how many crosses roll, but lost count after 35. The demolished fencings, raskolochenny monument, you see. Expeditious actions for search of malefactors allowed to contact three local schoolgirls, schoolgirls of 8, 10 and 11 classes soon. Traces from maiden footwear in the different ends of a cemetery specified that vandals in skirts boss. Then it was succeeded to find witnesses who saw how little girls after lessons "had a good time".When we brought all three to a strong point of militia several weeks ago, schoolgirls at first refused, but then frankly all laid out. On a question, why went on a cemetery, they answered: to smoke, fool about. The tenth-grader told literally the following: pier, breaking crosses, I derived pleasure. It wasn't simple hooliganism, and the whole ritual.

- Criminal case under article 297 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (defilement of graves) is brought, - Irina Zakharchenko, the investigator of Novokakhovsky city department of militia reported to "FACTS". - Article provides imprisonment for up to three years, but charge will be brought only to one of schoolgirls, as two others - minors. You know, girls treat an event as to any cheerful adventure, laugh loudly. On - to mine, don't understand all gravity of that did. That refuse the recognitions, again agree and report details. Meanwhile in law enforcement agencies tens victims addressed with statements already - graves their native are profaned. Many of what relatives are based here, long ago left the village, but now, in funeral days when people visit graves native, the number of statements increases.

"We simply fought crosses"

We with Zinaida returned to school just before a call from a lesson.

- At us anybody plainly doesn't know anything, - in response to my request to tell about at the fault schoolgirls the librarian of school shrugs shoulders. - I heard that girls went on a cemetery to guess, but on cards is say uninteresting, and on the vyvorochennykh from graves crosses is cool! Rituals certain carried out there. Read everyone, probably. But to you in militia to know it better, a little that is known to me.

- About our eighth-grader Ry bad you won't hear anything, - Tatyana Vyacheslavovna, the director of studies of school speaks. - Though not the honors pupil, but the girl active, remarkably draws, issues school wall newspapers. Mother one brings up the girl. I burst into tears when learned. 11-го a class it is more difficult to Galina to speak about the schoolgirl. Very closed, studies badly though Galin the brother - pride of school, now he is a student. With the daughter mother as she admits, can't cope: willful, impudent, to all around is rude. We, on the truth, can't still recover from one thought that our schoolgirls could arrange disorder. But, when in the village the wave of indignation rose and people were up in arms against school, the management was close to excluding them.However, in - the first, still the court didn't tell the word, and in - the second, the law on general secondary education doesn't grant to us the right to expel girls.

Galya flatly refused to talk to the journalist, and here Ry agreed to explain in the presence of the teacher how got to a scandalous situation. The thin fragile girl with white as at an angel, ringlets watchfully I sat down on the chair region: "What to tell? "

- You understand, - quietly begins Ry, - us in militia deceived. Told: you are children, to you will be nothing. Here we also admitted. All this there wrote down, and now - criminal case. So dishonestly. Yes, on a cemetery were. Stopped as - to smoke that, Ania asked a lighter, I gave. The girlfriend why - didn't manage that подкурить, and she from loonies threw a lighter under feet. I took offense, grabbed the first stick on eyes and wanted to hit Anka, at all without having noticed that in hands at me a cross. It made the same: I grabbed a stake and on me. We, it turns out, fought crosses. Yes, there is a lot of tumbled-down crosses, but it did not only we, and other boy there still was. It is more senior.

- And how your schoolmates apprehended all this history? - I am interested at the girl.

- Normally, - smiles Ry. - Nobody condemns. Only one guy ceased to talk to me and calls an ugolovnitsa.

Later I called the investigator Irina Zakharchenko and transferred it in brief ours with Ray conversation. I was interested, in particular, that it for the guy is more senior which as she claims, actually ruined graves. "Really, - Irina Zakharchenko, - one of locals, 20 - summer Nikolay, the unemployed confirmed, removed from crosses of the plate and handed over them in scrap metal". Concerning it criminal case which is already brought to trial is brought, and at the beginning of April the first preliminary hearings took place. However to so large-scale ruins on a rural cemetery, the investigator is sure, the guy isn't involved, it was destroyed systematically by girls - schoolgirls.

We didn't manage to meet Rainy mother, and here mother 17 - summer Galina told the journalist that her girl though the difficult child, but not so to rage on a cemetery. Let supposedly at first will try to prove fault of children in court.

- We will prove, - Vladimir Kustov, the deputy chief of Novokakhovsky department the Organized Crime Control Department is sure. - There are indisputable proofs, there are witnesses.The father of one of little girls was present at our conversation with the daughter and heard how she confessed that took great pleasure, ruining sepulchral hillocks, - he was shocked. There, from where it a sort, for similar education of the daughter would punish on - мужски. The father worries that criminal trial will bar to his child the way to institute. All this so, but conscience all the same it is necessary to have. You understand, nobody would bring criminal case if parents of girls agreed to order the ruined graves. Families, by the way, were close to such decision, but Anin the father of all перебаламутил, children refused, parents struck an attitude: "At first prove! " Than we also were engaged.

", It seems, schoolgirls were engaged in an occultism... "

People came almost each day to the Village Council behind news: what evidences are given by girls, why they offended the dead?

- Schoolgirls it seems were engaged in an occultism, - Alexander Leonidovich, the vice-chairman of settlement council shrugs shoulders. - On the truth, people and words - that such at us don't know where to think, for what reason of the girl of a grave ruined. I won't recover after those events. The child derives pleasure of that pulls out a cross from a fresh grave... Well unless the normal person can understand, about what the speech? Yes, people go, bear statements. Directly on doors of the Village Council the address to inhabitants with a request hangs to visit a cemetery, to check, whether as it should be gravestones and if that, to address in militia. Such scandal, how many I live, I don't remember! Before Easter settlement council by own efforts ordered many graves. That could, we made. In this criminal case, by the way, we act as the dissatisfied party. If the dead have no successors, relatives, local authorities are responsible for safety of graves.

At two schools where girls study, teachers too shrug shoulders: how such could happen?

- Ania has very weak knowledge, - the principal admits. - It is a lot of truancies. As - that called the father, complained, he beat then the girl so we stopped this practice. Began to communicate more with mother, but now here carried out teachers' meeting, the father came to it. I told that his daughter isn't guilty in anything, incidentally there were in the bad company, instigators - absolutely other children. Perhaps you will consider that it is a bad position, but we decided not to hurry. Let the last word will tell court, and before the law on the party of the child.Invited the investigator who runs business, to carry out a class hour in collective where this girl studies. I very much want to believe that schoolgirls didn't arrange disorder on a cemetery. After all graves of our ancestors - the most sacred from this that at us are in general.

As reported to "FACTS" in Novokakhovsky city department of militia, the pre-judicial legal investigation of riots on a rural cemetery is complete, and it is brought to trial.

P.S. Names of schoolgirls are changed in the interests of the investigation.


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