Who shot in the Western Ukraine?

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Source: "Journalistic investigations"

In the capital of Galichina trade with the next Poland prospers, in the city there are new markets as mushrooms grow changes, through border overtake foreign cars, and later the huge mass of New "ostarbeiters" in the opposite direction moves.

All these new kinds of activity, "personal computer" claims, and took under the control local criminal groups from which leaders such authorities as Zavinya, Shtiblet, Run, the Baby bird, Tomato, the Chemist, Artur, Mucha are distinguished.
Except taxation by a tribute of legal types of business, the Lvov mobsters were engaged also in a traditional criminal act: stealings of cars, control of prostitution, human trafficking organization, underground gaming.
The former director of the largest Lvov market "Pivdenny", and then нардеп Pyotr Pisarchuk on whom in 2000 attempt was made, in one of the interviews told how in due time authorities Zavinya and Artur invited him for conversation in cafe of the Lvov airport.
There to him explained that "cops it is good but if you want to live quietly, it is necessary, dear friend and to share with us". According to Pisarchuk, then racketeers started pressing on him: hijacked the car, beat windows in the house, and, eventually, the businessman had - to share with them.
For 1992-1994 between criminals all markets of Lviv were divided. There is a legend that in 1992 in Lviv was a little сходняков on which the city was divided into spheres of influence, and each group began to be engaged in the "small business".
So proceeded till 1994 when one morning directly near an entrance of the house in an emphasis the largest Lvov authority of Orest Zavinsky (Zavinya) was shot.
The Lvov criminal world was shocked with "impudent" murder. After the magnificent funeral, organized Zavin, the Lvov bandits tried to find out who killed him.
Among the "иуду" didn't find, and suspicions fell on "Caucasians", but also there everything was "pure".

There is a hunting for wolves.

And meanwhile leaders of the Lvov criminal groups start shooting, as ducks.More than two tens Lvov criminal authorities of different caliber were killed.
One by one by means of bullets, explosive and grenade launchers at night and in broad daylight the Chemist, Shtiblet, Ara, Osik, the Deaf, Roman Shchadilo, Bazila were killed Tomato.
On parking in broad daylight with 15 shots it is killed 37 - summer authority the Brick when came to take away "Toyota". And after this one more shock for the criminal world - near an entrance of the house from the gun "Makarov" is fatally wounded by three shots the holder of "common fund" 44 - a summer Mushroom.
Usually the person influential and respected in criminal circles is appointed to such "position" - very big temptation to profit the general money. Murder of the person of such level in the shadow world doesn't say goodbye.
At the end of 1999 at the JV Avokado gas station located on the street on March 8, it was killed 40 - a summer Crucian. The killer trapped him and made 11 shots, five bullets got to the head. It isn't excluded that the crucian came around at gas station not only to fill the car, but also to take next "tribute".
Around Ryasne-2 in the car the colleague Karasya Orest Skolsky by nickname the Trout was killed also. Together with it in the car there was his friend who got wound. According to some information, Orest Skolsky who in youth stayed for drawing heavy injuries, was schoolmate Karasya, in due time the last "helped" it with the conflict to criminals on "privatization questions" in Moldova.
At an entrance of the house down the street Factory, 10 it is shot 54 - the leny Vladimir Zinchenko, known Zenya under nicknames and Sukhumi. The authority got the last nickname because in Soviet period controlled a gaming and the markets of solar Abkhazia.
After last "trip" Sukhumi got over to Lviv and, on hearings, I controlled the Krakow market. Said that by the time of death it it is final "I sat down on a needle" and actually I departed from affairs.
Some members of criminal group of the "Cats" which leader Alick Kot at that time already stayed abroad were killed one by one and did there independent business. Experts claim that killed - generally ordinary "cats" who couldn't hold the influence after departure of the leader abroad.
Murder of influential authority of Artur Kozmin who is better known as simply Artur became a high-profile case.It shot in own apartment together with five mobsters and 62 - summer mother
Traces of resistance weren't, and corpses were at a table where murderers found them behind a card play and beer. On one of versions, killers someone from the had to let in.
Artur stayed four terms: for theft, storage of the weapon and sale of drugs. He too, according to militiamen, was an addict.
On known authority and before attempts were made. Once at a window of its apartment shot from the grenade launcher, and in the second Artur got off with a bullet wound in a foot.
Galitsky criminals shot not only in Lviv. In Strye from a machine gun the local authority Oleg Leniv is shot. In 90-x years it had close relations with Orest Zavinsky and other Lvov leader of a gang, Rokero, too the killed.
In due time It is lazy controlled in Strye market and currency business, stages of foreign cars, road prostitution, it was paid also for "roof" commercial and even by some state enterprises. It was lazy it is condemned for extortion in 1994 and 1998 twice. For the first time its group "made a mistake" on racket. Then the militia arrested 6 members of gangster group from whom withdrew "BMW", a large sum of currency, guns, carbines and a sawn-off shotgun. Seven bandits managed to run abroad.
After court over Lazy control over stryysky road prostitution was assumed by Yatsura's (Boar) group, but soon and it "lost" on racket. It is interesting that any "trassovichka" didn't testify against criminals in court.
In November, 2001 one more authority of the criminal world of the Western Ukraine Igor Miloslavsky (Mucha) was killed in Prague. It didn't live up to the 38 - the anniversaries of everything two days and was shot by the killer when left shop accompanied by security guards.
According to some information, Mucha after Orest Zavinsky's murder remained the most influential West Ukrainian criminal authority, but went further the predecessor. I took segments of the gangster market of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia under control.
The criminal group of the Fly raised "tribute" from businessmen on the international means of communication, from objects of roadside infrastructure, "ran" into firms of the fellow countrymen who have got over abroad, and speak, even extended "influence" on some western businessmen.
On one of versions, Mucha fell a victim of the next limit of the criminal transnational market, and on another - it "the Lvov friends" didn't like that Igor Miloslavsky graduated from law department of the Lvov national university, that is on concepts became "cop".
Buried Mukhu under control of militiamen - just in case if other Lvov authorities are lit. Criminal case against authority was closed in connection with his death.

Killers remained unknown

There are some versions of the reasons of such mass hunting on the Lvov criminal authorities. On official, all of them became victims of shootouts in the environment and they are custom-made murders. And such avalanche of "dismantlings" in Lviv of shadow structures and special appeal of the city is explained by excess concentration.
In that all these custom-made murders, doesn't doubt and нардеп Pisarchuk, but he claims that No. … the majority of custom-made murders in the Lvov area didn't do without security officers. Crimes are investigated usually by those who will organize them. Militiamen and bandits divided spheres of influence owing to what one became dead men, others cripples, and the third ran abroad".
Professionalism of performance of murders, and also their not solvability suggested to many an idea that here didn't do without participation of intelligence services. Across Lviv even legends spread that leaders of the criminal world are shot by militiamen fanatically betrayed to business from carefully kept dark White Arrow organization. As the founder of this organization consider the former chief of Smolensk management on fight against organized crime of the colonel Alexander Lomtikov.
In 1999 the colonel and eight of his employees arrested on suspicion in murder of 14 members of criminal groups and their leader Tigran Petrosyan - Olevsky. This business wasn't proved, and all suspects were set from FSB insulator free.
On one of versions, "The white arrow" was created in 90-е years in the territory of the former USSR when which - who from militiamen understood that fight against crime with observance of all laws is almost impossible.
Some consider, something similar happened and to criminal authorities of the Western Ukraine. Militiamen convince that existence in their ranks of any kept dark organization - myth simply discrediting law enforcement bodies.Anyway, but the majority of experts consider that now in the Lvov criminal world the calm for a long time will set in.


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