The thief in the Lvov area left business cards on a place of thefts

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In the Lvov area law enforcement agencies detained the local leaving the business cards on a place of stolen registration plates from cars.

According to Head department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Lvov area,
20- the summer guy was detained by militiamen of Drogobycha on suspicion in stealing from cars of registration plates and extortion at car owners of money for their return.

It is reported that this week in city department of militia some handling about stealing of registration plates from cars arrived. All cases were very similar as in the morning drivers noticed stealing of registration plates, but on a windshield found the business card of the thief.

Having contacted the criminal, car owners could take away the numbers in a cellar of a certain house, previously having left there two hundred hryvnias. For days of such sums owners "Opel the Omega" and "Mercedes" lost.

In militia "Slavuta's" owner with data of the extortioner also addressed. Having estimated the car, the payment for return of registration plates was a little lowered - only 100 hryvnias. The blackmailer asked to leave money in an exhaust pipe of the same car on one of streets Drogobycha.

It is reported that having communicated to the thief by the mobile phone, the staff of Drogobychsky city department of militia went to it to a meeting with promised money and detained him on the hot. Now to it threatens till 5 years of imprisonment.

As it was reported at the end of July police of New - York searches for the robber in a suit of the hero "Star wars" Darth Vader, on suspicion in robbery commission.

The criminal in a raincoat and a plastic helmet rushed into bank on Long - Aylende. It threatened with a gun and took away cash then disappeared in the unknown direction by bicycle from cash desk.


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