G. Russian: "The today's crime rate can be compared with the period of gangster Odessa of post-war years"

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Sharp increase in crime in Ukraine compelled to recognize already and militia. However the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs says on this subject very reluctantly, what it is quite possible to understand - to whom hunting "to brag" of failures in work? That really occurs in law-enforcement bodies, it is possible to learn unless from opposition. Gennady Moskal in the interview to "National self-defense" informs the public on militia affairs with an enviable regularity. That there are his statements for "Cadillac" presented to A.Mogilev, initiatives for renaming of militia or rough miscalculations at disclosure of resonant crimes. Today's conversation with the oppositional minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - about a state of affairs on "the criminal front" the countries in seven months.

- Gennady Gennadiyevich how you will characterize a today's criminogenic situation in Ukraine?

- So difficult situation in the country wasn't for all years of independence. Before me statistics in seven months which testifies that the militia is incapable to provide today level of personal and property security of citizens and absolutely inadequately reacts to those calls which face it. So, since the beginning of year in Ukraine 299 thousand 829 crimes are registered. Similar jumps of crime weren't since the end 80-x years of the last century when the Soviet Union with the subsequent chaos collapsed. Now the role of this chaos was played by nonprofessionalism of the militia management, other reasons I don't see. Prompt rise in crime happened in all without exception country regions. In the Dnepropetrovsk area - for 58,3%, in the Crimea - for 45,9%, in Poltavshchina - for 45,5%, in Kirovogradshchina - for 44,9%.Similarly - and concerning a crime rate on 10 thousand of population. In the Crimea from a last year's 62,7 this indicator I jumped on 91,5, in the Dnepropetrovsk area with 57,6 to 91,1, in Kiev with 64,2 to 76,9 and so on.

- And how the militia reacts to the address of simple citizens?

- Interesting question. In seven months in law-enforcement bodies 1 million 784 thousand 691 message on crimes arrived, that is in militia nearly four percent from all population of Ukraine addressed. And so, that you knew - from all these messages in 1 million 262 thousand 400 cases the militia refused initiation of criminal cases. It is more, than two thirds. Here to you and reaction to the address of citizens! By the way, from those crimes which all - were registered, most of all - crimes against property, that is thefts. Their specific weight makes 61,7%. Compared with the similar period of last year the number of thefts grew about the country by 71,3% is extremely bad indicator for militia.

- Figures strike … And how concerning disclosure of crimes?

- And in any way. From all the registered 299 thousand 829 crimes the personalities of criminals are identified only in 170 thousand 799 cases. It is the little more, than a half. Approximately the same situation, and sometimes and the worst, and crimes rather mentioned already against property. So, from more than 146 thousand thefts criminals are established only in 60-ти thousands of cases, from 23 and a half thousands of burglaries - in 11 and a half thousands. From 4 thousand 300 pocket thefts which it is frequent though small, however simple citizens most of all suffer from them, criminals are established only in 1 thousand 100 cases. Even from 15 thousand frauds of criminals found only in 7 thousand 600 cases though it is such type of a crime when victims saw the offenders in a face. Low efficiency of militia and on fight against hooliganism surprises. Once Khrushchev told that under hooligans the earth has to burn. But at us they feel in perfect security. All know that becomes on streets of the cities, and however, hooliganisms in seven months across Ukraine are registered only 5 thousand 700 …

- It is heavy to believe that hooligans in Ukraine became less. And what the statistics speaks rather injured from crime - them too became less?

- On the contrary, their quantity sharply grew.In only seven months from crimes suffered 182 thousand 731 citizens. From them from heavy and especially serious crimes - over 73 and a half one thousand, from robberies - over 13 thousand, murders and attempts - one and a half thousand, thefts - over 120 thousand. These figures can be compared unless with statistics of the period of the New Economic Policy, Lyonki Panteleev or gangster Odessa of post-war years. But if we take data concerning persons who carried out crimes, it will appear that their only 134 thousand. That is the number of the established criminals is much less, than number of victims of crimes …

- At the beginning of July the President brought the cocaine bought on the Internet, marihuana and a hallucinogen on a meeting with the militia management. Such "example" visually as - that worked on indicators of fight against drug addiction?

- If worked, not in that direction. In seven months in Ukraine 146 thousand 828 consumers of drugs are registered. These figures, especially after a mentioned meeting of the President at which he sharply scarified fight against drug trafficking, would have to increase, and they on the contrary - decrease. As for withdrawn since the beginning of year of drugs, these data - in general on laughter to hens. So, cocaine in Ukraine in seven months withdrew "already" 170 grams, трамадола (which still can be bought almost freely at every turn) - 75 grams, strong medicines - the "whole" 5 grams, and such widespread drug, as an acid - in general any gram! Well, if already bodies of militia ignore criticism of the President of the country, what from them simple citizens can expect?

- Literally several weeks ago the militia declared exposure of criminal group of black transplantologists. This high-profile case as - that is displayed in statistics?

- In any way. This year it isn't brought any criminal case for an illegal organ transplantation. Any!

- And what is made in the direction of fight against corruption? After all Ukraine, as we know, already on the 146th place on corruption level …

- You judge. In seven months in the country it is revealed only 19 criminal groups and the organizations with the corrupted communications. From them two - in executive authorities and one - in local government. But in legislative and judicial authority - any. Across all Ukraine since the beginning of year 1897 bribes are revealed.Are detained for crimes in the sphere of office activity of everything is navsy 149 people. From them for bribery - 71, for an abuse of power - 37. Who after such figures will believe, what in the country serious fight against corruption is conducted? By the way, not the best situation and with illegal privatization - 23 criminal cases all over the country!

- In what reasons of such low overall performance of militia? Whether it is possible to correct a situation?

- The militia needs structural reforms which ripened long ago. Because leaves so that units work day and night, and the majority comes to work and idles. There is a number of divisions which sputtered out long ago. We will take work of departments on fight against organized crime for an example. Each area has powerful management the BOP, and in seven months they solved less than three thousand crimes. These are one and a half percent from total of detected crimes. That what return from them? Any. Approximately the same situation and on the railroads. On six railroads only 8 thousand 262 crimes are committed, these are 2,8 percent from total. Though the railroads at us are equated to territorial administrations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the whole states there work, and their heads sit in general positions. We go further: on air transport in seven months only 188 crimes, on sea - 94, on river - 229, on objects of defensive branch - 263 are registered. Though all these objects sponsor managements specially attached to them and militia departments. Which in effect are engaged in nothing. Staff of such divisions most often commits crimes because at work they have nothing to be engaged … Here where it is necessary to begin reforms. However only authoritative professionals, instead of such as Mogilyov with the advisers - freeloaders who never worked in Department of Internal Affairs, don't understand in their structure and everything will be able to carry out them, on what are capable is to take expensive cars in gifts, to block off traffic on routes and to put forward an initiative about any renaming of militia …


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