In Nikolayevshchina the skilled swindler deceived three tens pensioners

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Three tens pensioners became victims of the aged swindler in Nikolayevshchina. The man tried to discover aged, offered them the various benefits and enticed at them money. The daily profit of the trickster reached one thousand hryvnias, reports HTH.

From 56 years of life 30 Mikhail stayed in prison. I left for a certain time - and again I came back. All terms - for fraud. The man tells: for criminal craft I undertook from - robbers.

Mikhail, detainee:

- I was released in 2003, in Korsun - Shevchenkovsk me exposed, took away the reference about release that I only from a zone, and on the same day me robbed. And I told: "They took away from me, now I will be".

The swindler of all equally deceived. I walked the streets, mainly, private estates, and I asked where there live old ailing people.

Mikhail, detainee:

- I came, it was represented either the employee of church, or the employee of social security and got a simple writing-book, wrote down there names of products, itself put the prices. And they speak: we want to take that, that, that, called, gave money. I took money - and left.

In a day I collected more than one thousand hryvnias. Money the man as the real ladies' man, spent for women. In militia already counted, how many old women were gathered by the swindler.

Andrey Arkushenko, head of May Day GO of militia:

- Such cases now about 20 in the city of Pervomaisk. This person is now detained, investigative actions are carried out, the persons which were injured from these illegal actions are established.

Militiamen the next time warn: "Be vigilant! After all swindlers can not only offer cheap products, but also urge to change allegedly old money for the new. Don't hesitate to check documents of social and other workers. And if there was a suspicion, at once call in militia.


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