How to secure the life against illegal invasions

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At trips on a long distance on the privately owned vehicle or the motorcycle it makes sense to take with itself not only things of prime necessity and foodstuff, but also that at least will help to keep safety of travel and life a little.

Except usual means of self-defense, such as, a big role protection of inviolability of private information and property has a gas spray, the gas gun and other goods of la of safety of activity. Unfortunately, in a modern century danger expects the person continually and therefore to be constant on the check not only it is desirable, but also it is just necessary. Statistically the most various factors can do harm to the person, beginning from results of natural activity and animals and finishing the person. So often it is possible to hear and read in mass media that the state authorities do material and moral harm to the person, interfering not only on the territory of his property, but also taking root into personal space and getting into its private life.

Employees the road - transport services resort to the most various means and methods of impact on the simple person, for example, using dictophones professional, they write down information issued by the person in an oral form. Though under the law it is full violation of the rights and opportunities of the citizen and the person.

Receiving oral informal conversation on a writing-down data carrier is violation of the law and pursues punishment. For example, getting into the car to the staff of traffic police, the violator of road rules can be restrained in the rights because of those staff of the state representation of the power.

It is possible to secure own life by means of the similar devices ensuring partial or full safety of human life, for example detection of listening devices whether will allow to define there is in the space, any recorder which will keep a conversation recording and speeches of the person.Here thus employees of some public services illegally interfere in private space of the person, and the person in turn has the full right to secure it at lawful level.


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