Raphael Goroyan's opponents carried out a press - conference

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On July 30 in business - the Aleksandrovsky center I took place a press - conference of the Nikolaev regional public organization "Nikolaev Human Rights Group".

The main task a press - the conference which is carried out by the head of this organization by Sergey Kurichenko, was to acquaint the public and mass media with the facts of raider capture of the earth the director of Prometey concern Raphael Goroyan which allegedly took place recently.

All this, according to the head of the Nikolaev human rights group - not that other as "show". Most likely, active opponents, and also victims decided not to lag behind the management of "Prometheus" and to arrange "show".

One of victims Dmitry Grigoryev, the lawyer of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, representatives of the Central prosecutor's office and the Central regional department of militia was for this purpose invited.

According to Sergey Kurichenko, 3 cases of capture of the earth by the businessman - on Sadovaya St., Potyomkinskaya St. and Bolshaya Morskaya St. were recorded only recently. All objects which were chosen by the director of concern, were inhabited. In all three cases Raphael Goroyan as Sergey Kurichenko claims, uses one scheme: having staked out a certain site, he starts acting as "an elephant in a crockery bench". Raphael Goroyan even refused purchase and sale of houses, and in case of refusal to sell the part of the house at the price established to them, "survived" people living there. Thus, allegedly, using "various" methods.

Example of it, according to Sergey Kurichenko, Dmitry Grigoryev's history, the jobless inhabitant of Nikolaev who possesses the house on Potyomkinskaya St., 114/1 can serve. This ground with construction on it is between office "Prometheus - agro" and the Investroy Plus firm which owner is Raphael Goroyan's brother-in-law - Mger Garutyunyan.

"Systemacity of actions of Goroyan is already confirmed. Goroyan - the person quite dangerous, and therefore our organization addressed to deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, law enforcement agencies and so forth, which. can be, all - will be able to stop Goroyan and his team", - Sergey Kurichenko declared.

Besides Goroyan's identity, from the leader of human rights group got also to the Nikolaev judges who consider the cases connected with Raphael Vaagnovich "not impartially".

Besides, on a press - conferences the question of nationality of the head of "Prometheus" and his sister, and also about the criminal cases brought against mister Goroyan (their Raphael Vaagnovich denies existence) was brought up.

According to Sergey Kurichenko, "The Nikolaev human rights group" will protect the rights of citizens, affected by Raphael Goroyan's "activity".

But why mister Kurichenko chose to himself in "clients" "affected" by Goroyan's activity unclear, after all according to Raphael Vaagnovich, his rights too are violated as pressure is put upon it "" from prosecutor's office and other law enforcement agencies. And it would be much more favorable to Sergey Kurichenko to protect Raphael Goroyan's rights. Especially both heads have similar hobbies - both consider the paid pickets by effective way of achievement of the purposes.

The next judicial proceedings will take place in August, 2008.

It is necessary to wait, what result "show" will have, with pleasure played both Raphael Goroyan, and his opponents …


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