On the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant counterfeit materials were used and purchases on overstated to hundreds times to the price

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The president of GP NAEK "Energoatom" Yury Nedashkovsky published corruption schemes of the previous management of the company. Some criminal acts, according to him, were carried out and in separate division "Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant".

According to Nedashkovsky, the unreasonable bureaucratization practically in all structural cells of the company, mismanagement which often borders on a criminal negligence, and so-called system of "kickbacks" on which the goods price and services is overestimated at least several times is the main reasons of braking of development of "Energoatom" in order that from the received excess profit to pay bribes to lobbyists.

- From the first days I faced need to stop practically every second purchase of materials, works and services in connection with obvious overestimate of the prices several times. I emphasize that it is a question of hundred millions hryvnias. Today over 140 million UAH are cancelled about 30-ти results of earlier held tenders for total amount. The majority of purchases to "Energoatom" aren't necessary. On the rests the repeated auction will be held.

Yury Nedashkovsky intends to consider personally need and validity of each purchase.

Happens that suppliers who offer lower price, on far-fetched, artificial, previously to the garbled formal bases simply "jump out" of the tender. Very favourite supplier wins result "road" in every sense this word and someone.

In 2007 years there was popular the following scheme. The firm - the participant of the tender - wins with one price, and in the course of performance of work considerably it increases. Owing to use of mechanisms of so-called dynamic contractual price in conditions when such mechanisms in principle shouldn't be applied.

The separate attention is deserved also by another "ноу - Hau". After the announcement of the winner of the tender results are cancelled, appears new. The winner of the new tender the same, but the price of purchase is considerably increased.

Yury Nedashkovsky gave the tender as an example on stroitelno - installation works on reconstruction of system of technical water supply of power units Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant on the Tashlyksky reservoir.

- It is carried out. It is cancelled. It is carried repeatedly out. The winner in both cases same - JSC Yuzhenergostroy. The price as a result of such ingenious fraud increases on 50 million UAH! - he noted.

The head of "Energoatom" gave situations when the equipment which for years was stored in nuclear power plant warehouses, is again bought from itself through the intermediary as one more example of corruption schemes.

Very serious threat for safety of nuclear branch, according to Nedashkovsky, are cases of delivery to nuclear power plants of counterfeit production which took place in 2007-ohm year.

In particular, it concerns delivery on Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in 2007-ohm year of counterfeit details of pipelines and pneumatic distributors from JSC Energomash (Kiev), and also purchase of details of pipelines at itself through the same firm.

On these facts by Security service of Ukraine are brought and numerous criminal cases are investigated. On the same criminal cases realization established facts at the end of 2007-го years of reinforcing production the intermediary - the same JSC Energomash - on It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant at the prices, which by 302 times (it not a typographical error! ) exceed the price of the producer. By the way - domestic Ivano - Frankovsky reinforcing plant.

Yury Nedashkovsky considers as the most ambitious and difficult task of the company preparation and stage-by-stage deployment of new nuclear construction. Many problems are connected with continuation of terms of operation 1-го the power unit Are southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant. Its design 30 - the summer term of operation expires in 2012-ohm year.

Researches and preparation of proving materials on safety revaluation for obtaining the license for the continued term of operation are now conducted, large volume of modernization actions, qualifications, inspections and reassignment of a service life, its replacement if it settled the resource is carried out.


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