Ukraine automobile: two troubles in one - fools on roads

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Paraphrasing old Russian saying, I would tell that in our country one of the biggest troubles - fools on roads moreover on ours. I am convinced of it daily. They threaten others lives and despise the own. And one more conclusion arises by itself: in our country special style of behavior on roads - at all was developed: pedestrians, drivers and car inspectors. It is the main trouble.

From where illiterate drivers


One acquaintance in conversation mentioned recently: "Oh, and at me the rights lie, I don't go. I bought about five years ago just in case, in any way won't be useful". "To buy the rights" it is very easy. At any citizen, wished to make it, there will be an acquaintance who through the acquaintance can resolve an issue. However, our fellow citizens buy not only the rights, but also diplomas, medical certificates, results of examinations. You will surprise nobody with it.

The second, more conscious category wishing to become drivers goes to driving schools. In modern domestic driving schools the course includes only 27 hours of obligatory practice (in Russia - 32 hours, in the countries of Europe - not less than 40 hours). For 14-15 occupations (and even it is less) you won't learn much. The initiative to increase a number of hours was, but it isn't realized. Instructors say that to our compatriots to pay dearly for courses and gasoline, therefore bigger number of hours possibly only at the request of the pupil. By the experience I will tell: after a course of the theory and practice me it was impossible to let out one on the road, especially to brisk city highways.

Traffic for me then was represented by continuous chaos, I didn't see the scheme and regularities, isn't skillful to overtake, isn't skillful to go a backing. And still all couldn't understand: how it is possible, having only two eyes, to manage to look at counter cars, in lateral mirrors, a rear-view mirror, at traffic lights, signs, pedestrians, a marking and the dashboard? I nearly half a year went with the "fixed" friends at whom experience of driving is much more solid.They just also finished business of instructors, having made of me quite grounded, though beginning driver.

The separate attention is deserved by examination procedure. As a rule, all driving schools closely "cooperate" with GAI. Some days before passing an examination the instructor asks the pupil, whether that wants to pass examination independently - or with the "guaranteed" result. Usually from group in 30 people there is one - two "honest". The others prefer to hand over a certain sum and to sleep peacefully. The instructed pupils come to GAI, sit down at computers and pretend that answer questions of tickets (to be fair It should be noted that in book driving school with tickets and answers to them it is necessary to buy at once, teachers force tickets to learn and arrange trial examination). Then pupils leave the room, wait a little and receive the driver's licenses. It is remarkable - to practician (that is directly driving) at all don't suggest to hand over. Even don't allow to try!

As a result all are happy: both driving schools, and citizens who got the driver's license, and GAI officers. This scheme works long ago and everywhere. If to look from other party and to compare it to "acquisition of the rights", not so this scheme and is bad. Sometimes even skilled drivers can't answer the questions connected with rendering medical care at road accident or with behavior on the road in a "exotic" situation, which in practice even difficult to imagine...

For everything it is paid

When I was stopped for the first time by the employee of GAI, I shone with journalistic happiness. At last - that I the ears will hear a song which else was never turned personally to me. And at the same time I will check the legend told recently by the deputy chief of regional GAI that (literally) "in 2008 of cases when inspectors of GAI took bribes, it isn't recorded". The car inspector didn't expect such joyful person at the violator (I exceeded on the route speed on 20 km/h) and itself blossomed. After an exchange of courtesies it nevertheless insisted on bringing to me in mine devstvenno the blank coupon record about violation. I got the note of 20 hryvnias and stretched to the militiaman. Reaction didn't keep itself waiting. To me wished happy journey, saluted and took from me the promise not to break any more. So there was the first "recorded" case of "vzyatkodatelstvo" to the staff of GAI. If me for it punish, I will insist that made journalistic experiment.

Jokes jokes, but on myself I experienced as it is easily possible to hush up violation. You know the person who would drive the car and didn't bribe GAI officers? I - No. These rules of the game are formulated long ago and to us. They generated the terrible phenomenon: impunity. For serious violations it is possible to pay as well as for the small. Difference only in the sum. If the person has no problems with money, so all is possible for him! I know the mass of examples when businessmen and the mighty of this world took the wheel not that that in a state of intoxication, and being in an insole drunk. Only one of examples became known: incident with six death on the Poltava Highway. Now the consequence is complete, victims examined charge, now the accused meets him. However the city fills with hearings about intention of the murderer who being drunk deprived of life of so many people, to pay off from prison. The approximate sums at which estimated lives of victims are called even. We will hope that it won't occur. At least, court session will be open and all country will be able to hear a sentence. To doubt that everything will occur quite so, forces the similar case which has happened in April in Kremenchug. Then the drunk driver, the director of one of the local enterprises, brought down to death three people. And examination the next morning (!) finds out that it and wasn't drunk at all and pedestrians are guilty, practically rushed under wheels and it went not 208 km/h, and 120 where - that...

One more case, but, fortunately, without victims, in a week after the May tragedy occurred in Solonitsevke when the drunk deputy of one of regional prosecutors drove on a car to the private house, having demolished a fence. This case for obvious reasons of publicity didn't receive. And though state of emergency were shot with the camera by the arrived journalists, in GAI declared that "such road accident isn't registered".

It is noticed that among drivers of "Zhiguli" and "Muscovites" of violators it is less, than among owners of expensive cars. The reason is clear: maloobepechenny citizens are afraid to leave money for repair of the car and bribes to the staff of GAI more.

It is possible to pay for everything: for driving through red light, for drink driving, for arrival on the pedestrian. It is possible and in traumatology to pay for own treatment. It is impossible to pay only for quiet conscience. If it, of course, is available.

Be mutually polite!

It would seem, at drivers there are so much general "foes" - has to be and driver's solidarity! But it, unfortunately, is often shown only in "winking" to the passer for the prevention of GAI post. On roads, especially in the city, the help you won't always wait. Every day it is necessary to come up against a situation when one party needs to show generosity - most often to give way to other car. In practice happens so that for 10 minutes you stand, expecting when you will pass to come out from the yard or from a parking to the main road.

To pour over the pedestrian water from the next pool, to cut, put the car at the intersection, having closed the review to all other leaving cars or in general to block departure of cars is a daily automobile rudeness. It already level of culture, education of drivers. It is low and at pedestrians. They very often violate rules because them in general NEVER fine and the driver will be always guilty.

Therefore it is worth toughening punishments for pedestrians - violators. Or rather, not to toughen, and it is simple to start them to apply. After all the picture when grandmothers with carts pass chetrykhpolosny Gagarin Avenue obliquely, is familiar to much.

Drivers of scooters are especially inconsiderate the nadorogakh. And if - racers militia in forces though as - that to affect motorcyclists, drivers of scooters - "out of a reach zone". Scooters aren't considered as the vehicles which are subject to registration in GAI. Therefore their drivers aren't obliged to know the traffic regulation. The majority of drivers - women and teenagers who don't know that such "to include turn" or to light "dimensions" at night. Daily only in the Kharkov area some road accidents with participation of scooters are registered, often in these accidents people perish.

For roads waited?

The other day the mayor of Kharkov pleased, having reported that roads in Kharkov won't repair any more "pieces" but only continuous sites, and also I told about large-scale plans of the city power for repair and reconstruction of roads. Very much pleases that at the authorities at last - that hands reached roads. Perhaps, the mass criticism helped, or perhaps to Mikhail Markovic bothered to shiver on potholes. And equipment road updated, and requirements to repairmen toughened. Though there are precedents. A week before last in Kharkov drivers with surprise noticed that newly-laid asphalt on Petrovskogo Street again remove in some places.It appears, diligent road builders rolled up asphalt some manholes.

In an awful state district road of Kharkov. Traditionally belt roads of the large cities carry out very important function, unloading the city from tranzitnik. Kharkov ring besides that very narrow, so also with essential defects of a covering, and also with sites of very bad review. Result - a large number of road accident on district.

Those who go by the car to the Crimea, in any way won't wait for opening of a new site of the route Moscow - Simferopol. Site Kharkov - Pereshchepino (118 km) will officially open by the Independence Day. Though the daredevils loving a fast driving, drive for a long time on this route from Pesochin to Novomoskovsk. Such drivers doesn't frighten that in some places of the route mountains of sand are filled and there are latest works on improvement of the road and bridges. The route, it is necessary to tell, really the best of passing on area.

How to fight?

Periodically Ukrainian authorities remember that for safety increase on roads it is necessary to do though something. From examples it is possible to give mass fining of all drivers, whose cars on a windshield had no yellow stickers of the policy of the autocitizen, and large-scale quickly - preventive working off which was carried out from January 10 to February 10 this year when 12 thousand Ukrainians lost the driving license. After that the President of Ukraine sent to the Verkhovna Rada the bill of Ukraine "About modification of some acts on improvement of regulation of the relations in the sphere of safety of traffic". In November of last year Victor Yushchenko demanded to increase penalties for traffic violation of the rules, and also administrative responsibility for drunk drivers. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine considered the presidential bill, however further it business didn't go.

If the bill nevertheless becomes the law (and the hope for it thaws: to deputies not to roads and accidents), the penalty, for example, for drink driving will grow to 1 700 UAH (for comparison - in Europe 1 200-1 500 euros). But increase in penalties - there is more to come. For each violation points - from 2 to 25 will be charged in addition. For example, for the left place of road accident - 21 points. Having gathered for a year of 30 points, the driver loses the rights.

Today in order that the violator paid a penalty, the employee of GAI has to make the protocol and file a lawsuit it against consideration.But, as a rule, from - for the small sizes of penalties (at a huge number of affairs on them) only insignificant part reaches consideration. Courts simply aren't engaged in affairs, so far as concerns a penalty in 7,5 UAH. If the bill becomes the law, violators won't be able to evade responsibility any more, counting on sluggishness of vessels and the state performers: according to the presidential bill of GAI will provide the right to write out a penalty directly on a place. And it will be possible to pay it directly right there by means of a credit card through POS-terminals with which promise to provide each GAI squad. Plus to it for efficiency to violators promise encouragement - a minus two points. At first these points will write down in the coupon, and further in the general electronic system of the account. If in a year total amount of points doesn't reach 30, all gathered automatically are cancelled. Certainly, the violator has the right to challenge any resolution of the employee of GAI in a judicial order. If the court sides with the driver, together with a penalty points will be cancelled also.

If similar innovations in the legislation nevertheless occur, there is one more question: how to be with inspectors of GAI, whether they will be able to resist temptation of large bribes? Of GAI assure that now corruption on roads is promoted by low penalties. Say, the bribe of 10-20 UAH instead of protocols and vessels isn't perceived as a violation of the law. Receiving such sum, the employee of GAI doesn't feel any responsibility, because it small. But when the penalty even for small violation will make 100 UAH, it becomes more dangerous to accept such bribe purely psychologically. Especially so far as concerns a penalty "for driving in a state of intoxication". The situation in a root will change: the employee of GAI hardly will begin to risk, receiving money from hands of the drunk driver. If through his fault there is a road accident, at investigation it will be difficult to disregard the inspector who "didn't notice" such driver.

And finally. The case with "middle finger" became the most resonant business which connected with roads and has drawn attention of the Minister of Internal Affairs. You remember when the GAI officer dared to address indecent gesture to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada.Why the minister doesn't bring information on punishments of drunk drivers to the public, whose driving ended with death of people? Control of the minister really has to be control! Why there is no information on the dismissed GAI officers which prosper on bribes? That "fight" which "is conducted" with corrupt officials is a laughing-stock for all country. The desire of GAI officers to have money from all and everyone reaches marasmus. Even if the driver isn't guilty in anything, he all the same will lose dispute, proving the case. Until the authorities won't start fighting rigidly with "desire to give" at the driver and "desire to take" from the GAI officer, - none of us won't be insured from an arbitrariness on roads.


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