Yury Lutsenko returned himself migratory service

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The government repeatedly reallotted State department of migratory service to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko reported about it, transfers UNIAN.

"Theoretical opportunity was the main remark at stay of action of the government resolution and the direction of the corresponding representation in the Constitutional Court that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, having assumed migratory functions, can be beyond the regular number approved by the law of Ukraine. At the previous meeting the government specified the resolution that officials of the Secretariat of the President didn't worry, having written that transfer of function will be carried out within the existing number", - Lutsenko told.

The minister emphasized that according to experience of all European countries the migratory service is in structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. "In the ministry there was a department concerning nationality and registration of natural persons to which function of fight against illegal migration which always was competence of militia, and also registration of legal migration including refugees", - were explained by him will now be added.

Lutsenko didn't begin to predict possibility of repeated stay by the President Victor Yushchenko of the new adopted government resolution. "That the Secretariat of the President can think up still, I can't comment. Everything can be", - the Minister of Internal Affairs assumed.

In his opinion, symbolical is that fact that that day when the government referred migration matters in competence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it became known "of the scandalous decision of present migratory department in a subsoil of Ministry of Justice about granting the status of the refugee being in the Ukrainian pre-trial detention center at the request of the Azerbaijani party to the person accused of murder, and the thief in law".

Lutsenko reminded that in day of stay by the President of action of the government resolution the Prosecutor General's Office brought criminal case against one of officials of migratory department.

"That emergence of the repeated resolution on migratory service Ministry of Internal Affairs coincided with active investigations of other swindles connected with present department which, from our point of view, aren't absolutely accurate is also symbolical and objectively carries out functions on granting the status of the refugee", - he reported.

In his opinion, "war" for migratory service is connected with "misunderstanding of functions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and personal interests of present officials which are suspected of commercial use of granting the status of the refugee".

As it was reported, the President Victor Yushchenko Ukazom stopped on July 21 action of the resolution of the Cabinet of June 18, 2008 "Some questions of public administration in the sphere of migration policy" and at the same time appealed to the Constitutional Court with representation concerning determination of constitutionality of the document accepted by the government.

In the Decree it is noted that the Cabinet of Ministers, for the purpose of optimization of system of public administration in the field of migration, assigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs performance of functions of specially authorized central executive authority for migration in the borders determined by the legislation on refugees, and on coordination of activity of the central executive authorities on ensuring realization of the state migration policy before legislative definition within one year of the question connected with formation of the relevant central executive authority.

The head of state considers that this resolution is issued by Cabinet of Ministers contrary to provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine.


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