Zaporozhye "быкштрассе" - don't speak "hop! ", without having put on "кэпку"

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You remember a children's introduction: "Forty - the crow cooked porridge, children fed - to it gave, to it gave, and to it didn't give"? Such feeling, as our mother the nature in the same way arrived with the kids - one endowed with uncountable talents, and others deprived moreover and approached to it with humour. And these "others" took and to spite of all became known around the world as street muggers.Genesis gopus vulgaris

From where there were these mysterious biped? Perhaps, it is those left unfinished boys whom in ancient Sparta dumped from the high rock? Perhaps, they by miracle managed to survive, and now they decided to revenge the world? The word "Street mugger" reminds of places of confinement. Having visited there, the person leaves with a brand, first of all sincere. And many prisoners have children, and understand, what "high" culture of education is received by the child.

Besides, the stayed - and it often quite fairly clever people - can pass on the life experience гопокидам - to street homeless children, children from dysfunctional families. In a word, to expand to gangrene is where. And the gopnichestvo history began with the small town near Moscow - Lyubertsy. The criminal act was there the same widespread phenomenon, as jumpsuits and a peel from sunflower seeds. "Highly intellectual" youth of this city of "lyuber" also laid the foundation whether subculture, whether separate human race - gopus vulgaris (lat. street mugger ordinary).

People of our yard

Zaporozhye in this plan a little than differs from other cities: in 90х here too it seemed that street muggers will soon take control if not of the whole world, then one sixth land. From each open window, street cafe, from each "Zhiguli" or stolen "Mercedes" in a mode нон - stop the gopnichesky techno rattled. But then the gopopopulyation started disappearing. There were available firearms, the turns were gathered by a Post-Soviet mafia so street muggers in itself disappeared from the horizon.

Today we call the street mugger of any guy dressed in a jumpsuit and shoes who, squating in the yard, takes a sip from a throat "Zhigulevsk" and nibbles sunflower seeds. So it: separate subculture or simply informal movement? Recently this phenomenon of Slavic culture interested foreigners. The English newspaper The eXile specially for the foreign readers who are interested in a phenomenon of street muggers, published about them article in which told about emergence history, these habits "simple Russian guys" and almost their full extinction presently. Having disturbed by such sharp statement, and in fear not to see more than these unique people living "on concepts", together with the friend I went on searches of Zaporozhye "chavs".

The arrangement obliges

In Zaporozhye there are some places which directly associate at citizens with street muggers. It, certainly, Kichkas, Baburka and SB (Shevchenko Boulevard). The last, by the way, not for nothing кличут "быкштрассе". These three points also underwent investigation on existence Zaporozhye гопкультуры.

First destination - Kichkas. The acquaintance advised to go down from the main street of the area to old school. The pier, there all "chavs" of the area gathers. Presentiment, I admit, indeed was as in the movie "Destination" - something has to happen. After all both the arrangement, and a situation oblige - as - in any way notorious Kichkas. Having approached is closer to school, having wandered round it, we noticed only a couple in love, but any "caps" and jumpsuits. It is visible, at street muggers сандень. In the upset feelings we went to wander about night Kichkas. But in spite of the fact that walked in most as it seemed to us, convenient places for гопстопа, anybody even sigarettes at us didn't "shoot". It was a little offensive, but "on a pocket" there were two more points where we and went next day.

Ivan Babura's dawgs

Without having ideas where on Baburka to look for followers гопкультуры, we decided to go in favourite, in our opinion, a place of "meetings" of street muggers - so-called "cafe". Poor booths with the plastic little tables placed around and chairs usually simply teem with these representatives of a sort … the human. But this time we saw only three "gopovskikh" of the person. They sat before a booth, as well as it is necessary, on cards, drank "Arsenal" and nibbled sunflower seeds. When we with a little scared look approached to a booth, because of a back the drunk voice was heard:"You who such, from where will be? "

Here I will afford small lyrical digression. The meeting of the normal person with the representative of underworld reminds a meeting of a rabbit with a boa. The weapon of street hooligans - our fear before them. We don't know rules by which there lives "that" world, but obviously we respect them. Here also the dog is buried. Without knowing rules of the game, those concepts, we accept them. Matter of course that least grounded street mugger, knowing couple of "lotions", will beat us in no time.

After all street muggers are not absolutely criminals. Their "counter" - arrival on the victim "market". They at first cause fear and confusion, and doing it without direct threat of violence. From outside can seem that the street mugger - politeness, and you, on the contrary - nervous, unbalanced, and even at all aggressive type. As a result the victim usually herself gives the property: pocket money, mobile phone, hours. For the street mugger the main thing - to feel the superiority over you. Unless you didn't know, what they too have a self-respect?

Эээ … it you to us? - we uttered indistinctly. - We not the local. Here, arrived to look at historical lands of the landowner Ivan Babura.

It is visible, the street mugger obviously didn't expect such answer, and the system glitched. Though, to our huge surprise, I started talking "hop", sitting next.

Yeah, Babura was the cool dawg. To keep such area under itself!

Now my system glitched. In any way I didn't expect to hear such from гопокида.

On BSh as on BSh

Having left far away from the noisy prospectus, deep into park in Shevchenko Boulevard, we again sat down at expectation. Lamps didn't burn, it was heavy therefore to make out the persons necessary to us. Only after 40 minutes of night watch we decided to be divided, after all gopus vulgaris - very timid creation. And here after 10 minutes of watch one by one somebody approached to my friend in "кЭпке" and a sports sweatshirt:

- Dayka to look at phone.

- For what purpose you are interested? (The universal answer - works always. )

After small hitch:

- And what, западло to show phone?

- You didn't answer my question.

- And you on mine.

- You want to run over me?

- I as normal boy ask you.

After "hop" I called you the normal boy, it is possible not to worry especially - the most dangerous stage of "communication" passed. In our case it became the last.

- Sorry, in repair only yesterday I carried.

The street mugger with a business look was developed and left back home.

Our address - not the house and not the street

Actually it is impossible to tell where the greatest congestion of street muggers is concrete in our city. Why Kichkas very famous exactly and Baburka? And you look, in what conditions there lives the majority of people: barracks, коегде communal flats, hostels and new faceless areas, where the street - an education basis. What can it give to the growing-up person? Life defines consciousness. And if to speak about street muggers as about separate subculture, rather not the mother the nature so disposed, and society in which there are such phenomena.


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