The knife became the last argument in dispute of the man and the woman

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In пгт Brotherly the Nikolaev area the man killed the darling. Couple lived together not one year. Every day, according to neighbors, in their housing Shakespearean passions raged: quarrels, reconciliation, loud feasts and jealousy. I stopped these infinite series a knife which the man in one evening grabbed during the next squabble.

About murder militiamen were reported by the unknown. I told that saw from a high-rise building balcony as the man hid someone's body in bushes. To the specified address the task force which found a female corpse left. As investigators established, the poor creature her lover deprived of life.

Ivan Primak, the head of Brotherly RO of militia in the Nikolaev Region: "Sorted out the relations therefore, between them quarrel which developed into a fight was started. The suspect grabbed a knife, and struck three blows to the woman in a nape. The first two blows were not getting, and the last, it, however, a matter of luck, the knife blade came off on the first vertebra and got under cherepno - a brain box. The death was instant".

Lovers lived together long ago. Often drank. Anywhere didn't work. The detainee already had problems with the law. The last 15 days he spent behind bars after darling wrote on him the application that it beat it. But neighbors tell that the woman too was not a gift.

Olga Bakumenko, neigbour: "It was very aggressive in a state of intoxication. It started quarrels generally. As a wall at us the general in the house, everything was audible. Fights, quarrels were and at two o'clock in the morning, and in three. Here so it led to such tragedy which occurred".

The detainee from the perfect doesn't disown. Tells that didn't try to disappear at all. Say, I loved the killed. And I knifed from - that was drunk, and the woman made it scandal. I promised to leave the house. Having been jealous of her of the imagined rival, the man undertook a knife.

Detainee: "I rose and I hit me with a bowl on a hand. I wanted on the head, but I evaded. I boiled. She says: I for two years will put you, all the same I will punish you. I took a knife and hit it three times in a neck.I thought in the evening to go to militia, to admit. But me outstripped. At 4 o'clock me took".

For the morning, after murder, the man extended a body on the street and hid in bushes. Carefully I covered a corpse with branches that flies didn't sit down. Itself I moved to the companion to fill in a grief with vodka. There he was detained also by militiamen.


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