Are sure, what to you don't listen?

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In process of approach presidential (and it is possible, and not only) elections in Ukraine such burning topic, as secret obtaining information from communication channels, in popular speech - the wiretap declares itself.

Articles 163, 182, 359 of the Criminal code of Ukraine provide criminal liability, respectively, for violation of secret of correspondence, telephone conversations, personal privacy, secret obtaining information.

The maximum term - till 7 years of imprisonment. Guilty can find performers quickly - search activity, customers and those who promoted of. There is also an adminotvetstvennost.

However the legal liability doesn't stop from listening of known politicians. How many people in Ukraine are listened, both government bodies, and commercial structures it is possible to guess only.

"Espionage sets" smuggling

"The heads of commercial structures having znachitelnymy financial opportunities, create private security services. And in them involve the former law enforcement officers, power structures, investigation divisions", - tells the deputy chief of management of counterprospecting ensuring information safety of the state of Department of counterintelligence of SBU.

According to him, those sufficiently own skills quickly - to search activities (HORDES) and use of special equipment. The experience gained during service is used by them both for ensuring security functions, and for illegal maintaining HORDES, monitoring of various data links.

Technical means of secret receiving information kontrabandno imported into Ukraine are most often used. The most running are the newest high-quality complexes of monitoring of networks of cellular communication. In two last their years it is revealed 4.

Secretly radio radiating bookmarks (such "bugs" in a staff - apartments of political parties, offices of some heads, objects of information activities it is revealed more than 60), means of visual supervision take root.

In Ukraine such technical means develop and make at the enterprises having the corresponding licenses.And as consumers only law enforcement agencies by the legislation it is authorized to them to be engaged HORDES act. Illegal use of such means penally.

Therefore such devices import illegally. So, in December of last year a complex for the wiretap revealed at customs inspection in a compartment of the conductor of the train Moscow - Kishinev on a check point the Farm - Mikhaylovsky. USBU excited in the Sumy area upon criminal case, the investigation is carried.

True-life story

About a year ago representatives have security services of one of capital commercial banks withdrew the whole arsenal of specifics of secret listening of telephone conversations of citizens in a cellular network, a large number of the materials collected with violation of their constitutional laws and freedoms.

Among them - detailed files on individuals, listings of conversations, data of external supervision, counterfeit certificates of law enforcement officers...

So the staff of security structure of bank in interests of its management "tried". Files were formed on the basis of "outdoor advertizing" work, with use of confidential information databases of state agencies.

"In fact, it was conducted illegal HORDES, methods and ways of intelligence services - secret apartments, secret sources, visual supervision were applied. The consequence isn't closed", - the zamnachalnik of management tells.

Small yes udalenkiya

"Complexes for secret съема from communication channels many provide information as something bulky, occupying a half of a big office, - the head of department of state protection general Valery Geletey speaks. - It not so. Believe my experience - in due time I worked as the first deputy chief of investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and I know about what I speak".

"Approximately for half a million hryvnias it is possible to acquire very perfect, compact and sensitive equipment, using in the unseemly purposes... ", - the former scout speaks.

In the summer of last year in an internal court yard of SBU showed automobile "Volkswagen" which plied across Chernigov and I taped telephone conversation mobile in GSM-range. The complex was established in a car luggage carrier.

In a course quickly - investigative actions citizens to whom listened - over 60 thousand facts of interception of their telephone conversations are established also!

The investigation is on this case already completed.Charges under article 359, part 2 UK of Ukraine (illegal use of specialtechnical means for съема information from communication channels) are shown to two persons. Materials are brought to trial.


How to you can listen?

By means of special technical means - radio bookmarks indoors, the "bugs" established in stationary phones, and also by scanning and interception of signals of cellular communication.

As the tap the radio receiver which has been adjusted on the necessary wave can be used even.

Whether intelligence services can listen to you?

Yes. If you pass in any status (the witness accused, injured) on criminal or quickly - to search business. But in order that to you started listening, surely there has to be a judgment.

As practice shows, at desire the sanction on the wiretap can be received concerning any person, having proved to court that he any side is involved in any criminal case.

How to distinguish, what to you listen?

Existence of hindrances, clicks, noise, "echo", foreign voices, vklinivaniye of others conversations. Check the telephone set, whether there is no "bug" in it or any suspicious subject.

Experience old reception: in conversation with someone start misinformation and trace reaction of people who could listen to you.

Where to address if you suspect, what to you listen?

With the statement in prosecutor's office or Security service. Guarantees that will establish the guilty and will punish, it won't give, but "hunters" behind others conversations and secrets will frighten off.

Bring the acquaintance (better than two) from the former employees quickly - technical service SBU or Ministry of Internal Affairs which would advise you on these questions.


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