Give up hope behind a barrier

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According to expert data four and a half million Ukrainian labor migrants abroad stay. On geography of their place of stay it is possible to study the political map of the world. Domestic diplomats aren't in time behind movement of migrants: the necessary agreements in the sphere of employment are signed only with twelve countries. And without similar documents our compatriots have fine opportunity to be transferred and without time machine to the two millennia ago - in a slaveholding system. However, as not owners, and slaves.

Hard share of the worker

We will begin from the very beginning. When the person makes the decision to go to look for happiness in foreign lands (we read: to earn money as the guest worker because in the homeland of work he can't find), most often at it already is which - what communications in that country where it goes. The matchmaker, the brother, the godfather - here approaches all. But only units reflect on, whether legally there are the abroad relatives and friends, whether on the lawful bases there will be able to stay and you. Usually everything occurs on all to the known scenario: the trip to other country on a tourist visa, "to lag behind group and to be lost", to reach above-mentioned acquaintances and - to work - to work - to work. About any official registration for work, control from the host state and consular department of Ukraine the speech doesn't go at all. On difficulties start reflecting, having only made the decision to come back home or having got to any unpleasant and unforeseen situation. Then - that also there are stubborn problems and the international dismantlings. And then all country amicably is surprised: and why it is so heavy to our citizens to receive the visa, for example, the Schengen?

To tell in a similar situation about possibility of any protection and support from Ukraine in a case a swagger - the posh as - that even it is inappropriate.But after all unplanned and unpleasant situations happen and at those who went to work with official permission, through the reliable intermediary, with the correct visa. Where to address in such cases?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that beyond limits Ukraine 116 consulates which purpose "is protection of citizens of Ukraine, their lawful stay abroad according to the Ukrainian, local and international legislation" function. Yes here cases in which it is recommended to address in these diplomatic missions abroad, and explain why to consulates go, only when the trouble will appear suddenly and "to keep there are no more than forces". When losing documents, at detention or arrest, in case of an illness or a trauma to native consulate on others earth it is compelled to go and the illegal immigrant. For consultation by the legislation of the country of residence the very few address, and most often it is those people who are in others country officially, but would like to specify some nuances.

Especially "pleases" one more case when it is recommended to address in diplomatic mission, - if you sold in slavery (!) also deprived of all documents. It is interesting how it was imagined by authors of the law? Under hands on a white limousine "owner" will bring you into consulate to write the application for loss of documents? About slavery in general conversation special. Human trafficking - the third on profitability after sale of the weapon and drugs. Very often under the guise of legal employment in the countries of the Middle East and on the Balkans Ukrainians hire in brothels. To catch professionals rather hard. Documents at them at first sight as it should be, and will go deep into legal nuances from potential clients of such tricksters of very few people. After all not from good life agree to go to other country for unclear work. The international female human rights center "La Strada — Ukraine" works just in this direction: experts of the center are engaged in human trafficking prevention, realization of human rights promotes, in every possible way helping to find the place in the sun in Ukraine. In that case need where - нибудь to leave, and together with it - and risk to get involved in a bad unpleasant incident - significantly decreases.

The abroad will help us?

Whether the Ukrainian consulate can really help the citizen of Ukraine which has got to trouble abroad? Not in offense to our friendly African people it will be told, but nevertheless it is poorly believed that the consulate of any Zambia or Zimbabwe especially will row for the whole world even if his citizen will eat in other country. And Ukraine so persistently aspiring to Europe, on level of consular support too it is still far not at the European level. To go west, it appears, hard not only politically and economically, it is necessary to change psychology of the ordinary person. How many already was cases when people asked for the help in consulate, and phone there didn't answer, was nobody on a place, the consul drove off and when it will be not known.

In an ideal the consulate and law enforcement agencies have to cooperate on accurately adjusted system, as a Swiss watch. That is, as soon as the department would receive inquiry from the homeland about any citizen even if it isn't registered and even arrived illegally, such simple and clear chain as the consulate - militia - hospitals - mortuaries, the list is possible would start working at once and it is necessary to continue.

Question of the relation to simple citizens - the most painful. Not for nothing after all these simplest citizens so don't love consuls and consultants of the Ukrainian representations abroad: still the Soviet psychology "without me at you will turn out nothing, I am necessary to you" in any way doesn't promote quality of service. Also the vicious circle turns out: the person naturally doesn't want that him humiliated, in government bodies doesn't address and when it is impossible to do without address - the situation repeats at first: you have to me, means - wait.

Why - that nobody reflects that migrants can cause the real international crisis. Now the most indicative example is the Romanian - the Italian case. As soon as it became known that in Italy all Roma who are in the country, fingerprints without fail will force to hand over, Romania reacted addresses to Brussels and bilateral negotiations. The Romanian president Traian Basescu in every possible way tries to protect representatives of the country. And it in spite of the fact that as a whole the attitude towards Roma in the state not the most benevolent. But Romania as the member of EU doesn't suffer the discrimination relation to let unreliable, but nevertheless to the citizens.And even explanations of the Italian prime minister Berlusconi that it supposedly for their benefit, didn't stop indignation of the public and mass media.

And here representatives consular установ Ukraine can't act as the party in court for the purpose of protection of the rights and interests of our citizens the abroad, to be intermediaries or representatives in affairs who have character гражданско - legal disputes. And there are the situations similar to a plot when Ukrainian заробитчан searched with humiliation, selected all money and deported from Germany. (Even experts can't unambiguously understand this concrete case why there were problems with visas and who exceeded powers. )

To help Ukrainians with all nuances of work abroad - the purpose of work of the International organization of migration. Those who carefully planned the trip and I got necessary advice, - it won't appear in similar history.

But nevertheless we won't exaggerate so. After all under the registered laws the consulate has to do (and sometimes, you won't believe, - even does) much. Only why - a positive response it is too heavy to get that. Much more often stories about impossibility of a marriage out of Ukraine (though consulates have to register new cells of society) catch sight or about murder of the Ukrainian citizen in Poland and impossibility even to take away a body from Warsaw.

Written by a feather - not to cut down and an axe. Only not in our case. That at Ukraine can turn out any country, so to ability everything declare it on paper. In practice - everyone who passes through a boundary barrier in the direction from Ukraine, needs to hope only for itself(himself). Therefore we should studying, studying and once again to study. That at least competent authorities were called such not for nothing and could help competently to those who asks about the help. Main nevertheless is a desire. Without it any law won't earn. So, maybe, it is worth gathering in consulates of foreigners? For demonstration performances...


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