The criminal at a wheel of Donetsk BYuTA

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About that Yulia Timoshenko's Donetsk supporters often involve in party work of people who, to put it mildly, not in frets with the law, the Internet - mass media writes long ago. It is enough to remember mister Orekhov (No. 7 of an electoral list of BYuT in the Donetsk regional council on elections-2006) who to many inhabitants of Hartsyzsk and field investigators is known as authority the "Boatswain", repeatedly judged Vasily Holostenko - the former deputy of the chairman of Donetsk regional office IN "Batkivshchyna" and the lawyer with doubtful reputation Alexander Bakunts knowing in Donetsk a regional staff of BYuT legal service. Tendency to merging "it is white - warm" with representatives of criminals in Donetsk region gains steady character. Below - next to that confirmation.

We will remind that a few days ago the site PRO-TEST published the address the inhabitant of Donetsk Nina Tverdokhleb, BYuT addressed to the leader Yulia Timoshenko in which Galung's present chairman of the Donetsk gorotdeleniye of "Batkivshchyna" Ivan together with the dearest spouse Mirina was accused of participation in activity of the organized criminal group which is engaged in sale of people in slavery abroad. Our journalists decided to make own journalistic investigation.

We will notice that to find something confirming Tverdokhleb stated in the open letter information, it appeared, as one would expect, difficult business. Our sources in SBU anything couldn't help, having referred to that any convicting Galung's couple of data in the Department of Internal Affairs Information center of Donetsk region isn't available. However, made a reservation that if necessary and existence of the necessary communications and the sum of money equivalent to about 500 dollars, the interested person can "redeem" with ease materials compromising - the pier, similar cases presently not a rarity.

Most likely, quite so in due time provident spouses, for obvious reasons not wishing to have dirty spots on the reputation also arrived. The operational base Ubopovtsev "Scorpion" was more substantial, than its more readily available information analog...

As it appeared, the spouse of the chairman of Donetsk city "Batkivshchyna" Galung Mirina Nikolaevna really passed 1964 year of birth on the criminal case No. 67-648 brought in 2000 by prosecutor's office of Donetsk region on signs of Art. 124-1 ч.2 by UK of Ukraine "Human trafficking" (today it is article 149 of the Criminal code of Ukraine) as accused. It is specified also that proofs on business were collected: more than 100 girls (victims - a bus comment) are established, and from 9 from them the data exposing by an organized criminal group are received. Field investigators also held complex events: search, more than 100 000 hryvnias, erotic photos of girls are withdrawn, inquiries through the Interpol of Ukraine are sent to Tuptsy to the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Egypt and other states.

It is interesting that already on January 3, 2001 this criminal case "was suspended according to Art. 206 of item 2 Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine", and till today its status didn't change.

About what tells point second 206-й articles Criminal Procedure Code? That the pretrial investigation on criminal case stops, "when mental or other serious illness of the accused interferes with the proceeding termination".

Thus, leaves, what the spouse of the main byutovets of Donetsk at the time of a consequence психическа was unhealthy or sick with other terrible illness? It is unlikely. We will dare to doubt that Mirina Nikolaevna went crazy from the nightmares tormenting her from a remorse for tens of maiden destinies ruined by it. That she was a disabled person since the childhood is improbable also and was engaged in easy "business" because for plant didn't take to work.

And here in stories of the people who are well familiar with Ivan Galungoy, that that had a direct bearing most on dirty affairs of the wife, and after initiation of legal proceedings simply I handed over the second half to a consequence (the truth, from its consent), to us why - that is trusted more. Say, Ivan Dmitriyevich could convince the spouse "to sit down" at both, reasoning the offer that will find ways her "отмазать". Evil tongues claim that spouses even managed to divorce. For the period of a consequence.

Most likely, finally Ivan Dmitriyevich "" was responsible for a market also Themis's sword from the wife managed to take away. However, it is for certain not known how there passed a rescue operation. But, it should be taken into account that fact of common knowledge in the guesses that in our country for money it is possible to buy any medical diagnosis, and to remember the official reason (see above - a bus comment.) on which criminal case as the conclusion will thrust by itself was suspended.

We will give the floor to the public figure and the independent journalist To Igor Nezhurko, which managed to have a talk from one of victims who was sold in due time in sexual slavery by Galung's couple." I could make approximate idea of of this interview WHAT number of girls "employed" the couple and how many the torn-off and crippled lives they left behind the shoulders. - Igor tells. - It is interesting, whether Ivan Dmitriyevich remembers faces of those girls whom in the house photographed on a stream in erotic poses as goods? And whether he remembers Oksana at whom remained two children - orphans on Abakumov as her when transfer through one of borders broke off an antipersonnel mine, and the frightened girls, rushed to rescue it, drove away from poor as cattle and drove further? ! How girls whom they "employed" abroad, days hid at the thrown factories, in utility rooms of plants, on private apartments? Most likely, Ivan of Galung didn't expect that in general though somebody will arrive from captivity and will tell bodies as THERE it isn't sweet. And therefore, having learned such, quickly I began to separate from the wife - a pier, I here not and, am Mirina, and I so, by passed. Silly, of course, to sit down together, it is necessary to divorce, and then smoothly to pull out the second half of troubles - the benefit of money on foreign destinies "mowed down" enough. Well, law enforcement agencies, matter of course, resolve an issue in direct ratio to thickness of a purse of Ivan Dmitriyevich, i.e. the lopatnik is thicker, the it is easier than circumstance of a sentence... "

And after all to take such step as bribery of the medic or bribery to the militiaman great schemer Ivan Galung would don't cost anything. Ivan Dmitriyevich, appears, always treated the Law Letter, to put it mildly, from the prokhladtsy.

It is known that on July 1, 1997 Ivan of Galung was condemned (edition of PRO-TEST has the adjudication copy - a bus comment) Maryinsky regional court of Donetsk region according to Art. 215 p.1 UK of Ukraine ("Violation of the rules of traffic safety and transport operation by the persons operating vehicles" - a bus comment) for 1 year of corrective works with deduction of 20% of earnings.

The matter is that in July, 1995 of Galung, rushing on streets of Donetsk on "Nissan", I managed to arrange road accident in which four persons suffered at once: two were traumatized moderate severity and two more - easy.And after a grief - to the driver for the period of a pretrial investigation the measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave was chosen, that also in races moved, and was found only a month later!

Also, if to trust the same operational practices, two enterprises - JSC Donmedindustriya and JSC Variator - the founder and which owner in due time was Ivan of Galung, evaded paying taxes.

As we see, spouses appeared the friend a match the friend - a worthy cell of society, will tell nothing! In this regard, it isn't difficult to guess and what moral shape will be in the future and at their political "children" - rank-and-file members of Donetsk BYuTA. And about those who advances Ivan Dmitriyevich on steps of a party short flight of stairs, we will try to tell in the following article...

Source: PRO-TEST


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