Successful joint operation of the Nikolaev and Donetsk Organized Crime Control Department saved life to Voznesensky to the businessman

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It would seem, today such sad phenomenon of the ninetieth years of the last century as capture of hostages, sank into oblivion. But isn't present, in militia reports sometimes there are messages on such crimes. Here an example on the basis of which it is possible to shoot the cool action film.

… Recently in the South Ukrainian regional department of the Organized Crime Control Department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area which is headed by the lieutenant colonel Yury Cherny, the inhabitant of Voznesensk addressed. She reported that recently to her 63 - to the summer husband - Armenian Ruben there came on a visit the Donetsk fellow countryman Artur. In couple of days, after phone call, Ruben went to Donetsk by the car. Also I disappeared into thin air. And two days ago Ruben called it by the mobile phone and asked to send urgently to it to Donetsk … 50 thousand dollars! The spouse caught disturbing notes in his voice. Strengthened alarm and that in response to a question where to take it such big money, Ruben blurted out: "Borrow at our fellow countrymen! ". Also I began to call surnames of people, which... wasn't alive any more. The wife understood that the husband got to trouble, and addressed in militia.

Yury Cherny reported on received information on the management of the Organized Crime Control Department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area. Charged to check it to the head of department of fight against Organized Crime Control Department gangsterism militia major Igor Skibitsky.

To win time, field investigators offered Ruben's wife to report to the specified Donetsk address only part of money and to tell to mysterious recipients that collecting the remained sum will require time. Malefactors agreed to wait …

Meanwhile field investigators of the Organized Crime Control Department began to look for gang of extortioners. Oper had no doubts that Ruben is in their hands. By this time the staff of the Organized Crime Control Department already knew that Ruben owned a mill, a milkchurn and a kruporushka. And the wife of the gone businessman, having departed from shock, I remembered that the husband went to Donetsk behind the equipment for a mill.

Ruben's traces needed to be looked for in Donetsk. The group of capture from among field investigators of the Nikolaev Organized Crime Control Department was headed by Igor Skibitsky.They took with themselves and Ruben's wife who agreed upon a mobilka with extortioners that will personally transfer them the repayment rest only after will see the husband live and safe …

In Donetsk the staff of the Nikolaev Organized Crime Control Department was to the first deputy chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk region militia colonel Valentin Parsenyuk. Earlier it held a position of the first deputy chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. The colonel gave command to the chief of the Donetsk Organized Crime Control Department to give nikolayevets all help.

Field investigators of the local Organized Crime Control Department quickly established the nine-floor house, extortioners held Ruben in one of which apartments. In the yard the wife of the businessman learned the car of the husband becoming dusty here already some days.

Calculated also the apartment in which there was a captive. The entrance door was from thick metal, because to take the apartment straight off it wasn't represented possible. And during power storm of the apartment the criminals protecting the captive, could do it harm.

Having conferred, field investigators arrived at idea: sooner or later someone from extortioners has to leave the apartment. At least in shop behind products. It was decided to make an ambush.

Time hung heavy, but expectation of field investigators was rewarded. In the morning of the next day the specified apartment was slipped out by "suspect". It is one of the types protecting Ruben, I left in shop behind cigarettes. Fighters of special forces "Falcon" accepted it "purely" and forwarded in the imperceptible minibus parked at the neighboring house with tinted glasses. One of participants of gang of extortioners appeared the detainee. He didn't begin to persist and reported that he and two friends hold some days Ruben in the specified apartment waiting for repayment. As Ruben's wife still didn't give the most part of the demanded sum, fighters aggressively are adjusted. They are armed with the gun and lose patience.

Field investigators understood - it is impossible to hesitate. Besides, prolonged absence of the accomplice could guard extortioners. Fighters of "Falcon" the selected keys tried to open a door of the "bad" apartment silently. But the malefactors who have sat down there, having let out the friend behind cigarettes, right there from within locked a door.

Field investigators reported on this unforeseen situation on the colonel Valentin Parsenyuk. That at once gave command on storm. Everything was farther, as at cinema. Fighters of "Falcon" by means of a special charge battered down a door. That didn't manage to fall from loops as "соколята" rushed inside.In a moment two fighters in masks already lay on a floor in handcuffs. They didn't manage to use an air gun at all.

Then the captive sitting on a chair and entangled from feet to the head by an adhesive tape was released. On his head there was a cellophane package. Ruben didn't hope any more to survive. The major Skibitsky right there called the wife of the businessman and told her a joyful message.

Soon extortioners delivered in the Kiev regional department of militia of Donetsk where during interrogation and the course of events was established. It appeared that Ruben and Artur studied together in one of schools of Yerevan. Then the destiny scattered them in different places. Ruben moved to Ukraine, grew roots and opened in Voznesensk the business. And here Artur, having matured, I rose on a curve path, it was judged for robbery and extortion. Once their ways were crossed and Ruben invited the fellow countryman on a visit. While Ruben's wife laid a table, Artur attentively examined his dwelling. Also it was convinced that that lives not bad, probably, money are found. And when the owner told about the business and mentioned that looks for the equipment for a mill, at Artur the artful plan right there ripened: to entice Ruben to Donetsk and to take control of its money. Having thanked the fellow countryman for hospitality, Artur mentioned that is supposedly at it in Donetsk which - what communications, and it can help Ruben with equipment purchase. On that also left.

And soon Artur called: "Come, the macaw, with money. Here also we will resolve your issue". During this time Artur developed the careful plan, picked up reliable assistants. His fellow countryman with whom it served earlier sentence became one of them. On Artur's call the accomplice urgently came tearing along from Odessa where was on criminal "tours". Artur picked up the second accomplice in Donetsk. This was in great need in money. For intimidation of future victim accomplices bought an air gun, the exact copy of real "PM". Were cast, it was necessary to wait for Ruben …

However and Voznesensky the businessman was the person careful. He decided to go to Donetsk with the minimum sum of money - in investigation. Having left the car in the yard, it, without suspecting about a trap, I called at a door of the specified apartment, counting on Artur's reciprocal hospitality. But it was waited by "surprise". Ruben didn't manage to come into a hall as he was met by two men … in black masks. One of them held the gun in hand. Ruben tried to jump out of the apartment, but right there fainted from blow the gun handle on a nape.

Ruben the attached adhesive tape to a chair regained consciousness.On his head the black cellophane package was tense. One of fighters depicted to him alternative: or he calls the wife and that brings 50 thousand of "dollars" cash, or remains here for a long time. Thieves warned Ruben, don't intend what to joke.

Ruben called the wife with a request to transfer money to thieves. And that that understood all gravity of a situation, began to call surnames of the dead. Reception worked. Malefactors didn't guess anything, but Ruben's wife understood that the husband is threatened by danger of death, and right there addressed in militia.

As we see, the Nikolaev and Donetsk staff of the Organized Crime Control Department acted quickly and professionally. Extortioners were detained and installed in the pre-trial detention center chamber. Now them check on participation in similar crimes in the territory of Ukraine. The further destiny of malefactors will be decided by court.

And the hostage after release left for Voznesensk. I think, now it will be more careful in a choice of partners.


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