In Nikolaev "neutralized" 75 corrupted civil servants, 3 deputies, 12 militiamen, 4 tax specialists

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During a round table on corruption and ways of its overcoming which passed yesterday, 14-го August, in the building of management of SBU in the Nikolaev area, some figures of a condition of corruption in the region for the last few years were called. Generally results of opinion polls sounded.

According to the acting head of department of SBU in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Akulinin, the number of the Ukrainian citizens who are compelled to bribe, in comparison with 2006-ым year, grew by 7%. Estimating prospects of change of a situation with corruption in the last three years, 44% of the interrogated citizens of Ukraine consider that no changes will happen, 38% are convinced that corruption increases, and only 18% expressed confidence that scales of corruption decrease. Besides, 70% of Ukrainians are convinced of an inefficiency of actions of the government, consider them ineffectual, and 8% are convinced that actions of the government can be considered effective.

According to results of the research conducted by Institute of social and political psychology of Academy of pedagogical sciences of Ukraine, last year paid services of doctors of 31% of respondents, teachers - 17%, employees of GAI - 13%. Proceeding from results of research, the western and central regions of our country are most struck with corruption - 54% of respondents here were compelled to bribe. In east areas coefficient of giving and receiving bribes at the level of 42%, in southern - 37,5%.

The deputy chief of department of fight against corruption and organized crime of USBU of the Nikolaev area Vitaly Prozhenik told how affairs with corruption among officials are. And that is called language of real documents, instead of bulletins with opinion polls.

According to him, in seven months of the current year law enforcement agencies of area made 173 protocols on corruption act (in 2007-ohm year, for comparison, 209 protocols were made).These are 35 civil servants of the third and fourth category, 40 - a heel - the seventh category, three deputies of local level who were brought to administrative responsibility, 63 officials of local governments. Among law enforcement agencies 12 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 4 employees of bodies of tax administration were attracted. Also it is the incomplete list, approves g - N Prozhenik.

The range of all spheres where corruption could be shown in this or that form, is rather wide. The facts of participation of officials in corruption schemes and mechanisms constantly come to light at compensation of the VAT, regulation of the land relations, implementation of government procurements, use of budgetary funds, construction of buildings, constructions, rent privatization, and also for rendering various services to relieve "client" of excess bureaucratic red tape, etc.

There are corruption acts which are punished administratively, and there is a penal corruption. If to speak about corruption in educational or medical institutions, teachers and doctors can't be brought to trial for bribery (only to administrative) as they aren't officials.

The management of security service urges the public to give feasible help in identification of the facts of corruption and in development of ways of overcoming of this adverse social phenomenon. For this purpose, actually, SBU managements in various regions also carry out such round tables.

- We wait for normal response from public organizations, public opinion as all - to put in motion this stagnant problem, this evil, - Vitaly Prozhenik assures.


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