"In Nikolaev all city community has to support construction of the ice arena", - the deputy of the City Council Igor Bolotov

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Yesterday, on August 28, meeting of interfractional council of the Nikolaev City Council took place. On it the question of construction in Nikolaev of the ice arena was considered. About it with the explanations the deputy of the City Council, the president of city Federation of hockey Igor Bolotov addressed to colleagues.

"In 2010 will note the century the Ukrainian hockey. It is one of the most popular sports in our country. Children and teenagers who in the course of training in game in hockey gain important experience of a collectivism, works in team come to sports sections and schools. As a rule, it is very active, energetic children, and sports activities under the leadership of exacting trainers save many of them from asocial manifestations at difficult teenage age. By means of hockey we can create for our youth alternative in carrying out leisure, we can keep young people from the use of drugs and alcohol.

It is important to consider and that fact that participation of the region or the country in sports competitions helps to consolidate society, promotes formation of patriotism and national consciousness.

Having built ice arenas in all regional centers, Belarusians, for example, already could reach the Olympic Games semi-final. In Belarus 13 ice arenas are built and is planned to continue their construction in each regional center. In Tatarstan 24 ice arenas, and this year will be built five more. And in Ukraine on 47 million population - 13 arenas with artificial ice. It turns out, 1 ice arena is the share at us in the country of 3,6 million people. Besides any of the specified sports constructions doesn't meet the modern requirements.

In 2007 the state program "Hockey of Ukraine" was accepted. For its realization it is necessary to create the corresponding infrastructure first of all. In five years it is planned to build 60 ice arenas with a capacity from 450 to 1 500 places everyone in which will function детско - junior sports schools.The task to create in the country not less than 24-x professional clubs and to hold the hockey championships of Ukraine is set.

Already construction of four palaces comes to an end: in Donetsk, Kharkov, Kherson and Ivano - Frankovsk. For 2008 the state provided 120 million hryvnias of budgetary funds for construction of 6 more ice arenas, including in Nikolaev. 15 million UAH on construction of the ice arena in our city are already reserved in the state budget. The federation of hockey of Ukraine found the investor who is ready to make investments in construction of this ice arena and is sports - an entertainment complex at it.

What the city community as a result of implementation of this project will receive? The first and most important - our children will be accustomed to a healthy lifestyle, to become tempered in sports competitions, to form character, to seek for leadership and a victory. Besides, there will be additional workplaces, receipts in the city budget will increase, is sports - the entertainment complex with the ice arena becomes a fine place for carrying out family leisure.

The Nikolaev city council has to approach with all responsibility to the solution of a question on allocation of the land plot under construction. The question of a location of a building site while isn't solved. Therefore, financing from the state budget can't be begun. Further delay is fraught with that the means reserved for Nikolaev, will be transferred to other city.

The federation of hockey of Ukraine hopes for understanding of importance of this question and for support from the Nikolaev mayor V.D. Chaika and all depuy corps of the Nikolaev city council.

Construction of the ice arena in Nikolaev has to support and all city bulk, everything to whom health and worthy education of younger generation" isn't indifferent, - the president of city Federation of hockey Igor Bolotov emphasized.

After discussion of a question of construction of an ice skating rink in Nikolaev the working group which has to study existing options of the land plots under new ice object for the fastest solution of session of the City Council on definition of a place of a building site was created. Into the working group entered:deputies of the City Council Igor Bolotov (chairman), Vadim Merikov, Sergey Zhayvoronok, Dmitry Nikonov, Valentin Krasnozhon, Alexander Trifonov, and also head of department of land resources of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Alexander Moroz and chief architect of Nikolaev Alexander Bondar. Till September 15, before the following meeting of interfractional council, the working group has to provide the conclusions.

Deputy of the Nikolaev city council
I.O. Bolotov


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