Yury Lutsenko visited the Kiev national university of internal affairs to congratulate first-year students

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Source: site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Addressing first-year students the Minister noted that: "The state is first of all the human rights device which builds the activity only on the basis of the right and the law of Ukraine." Those who for the first time decided to take a way of protection of the law of the state have to feel all responsibility of the choice because from now on they are part of one of the most responsible state institutions, part 300 thousand militia, group on which the obligation for protection of a law and order and legality is assigned. Everyone who wants will be able will learn such profession to protect the Law. Also Yury Vitalyevich told some words to parents of first-year students. It assured them that they give the children in a reliable charge and thanks to university they will be able to become true professionals of the business. And in confirmation of these words the minister handed over distinctions and awards to members of teaching structure of educational institution for good service and achievements in training of young specialists.

Except congratulations of the minister there were also congratulations of the rector of university, the general - the militia lieutenant Evgeny Moiseyev, known jurists and lawyers.

In turn graduates assured all that they will adjoin a maximum of efforts to receive a maximum of knowledge to become get prettier replacement with that who now serves, and also to be a good example for parents and relatives.

The holiday ended with an otsluzheniye of a military public prayer and distribution of specially made Easter cakes. And also exhibitions at which the last development in the sphere of capture of criminals was presented.

Reference: "The vnttrennikh put the Kiev national university" - there are 9 years. At the order has: 4 scientifically - educational a complex: trainings of criminal police; trainings of criminal militia, training of investigators and criminalists, trainings on protection of public safety and psychological service, the correspondence and remote form of education that profile faculties (training for departments of fight against a drug trafficking, the rights and businesses). On segodyanshny деньв University


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