The largest airline of the country underwent raider capture. Work a top - management of the enterprise was blocked by the shareholder, at which less than 5% of the company.

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The top - Aerosvit company management reported yesterday to "CASE" of attempts of raider capture of the enterprise. According to representatives of the company, the reason for such statements arose after during carrying out meeting of the supervisory board and registration of meeting of shareholders of the "Aerosvit" appointed to August 27, attempt of power capture of the company was made.

"Events which occurred on August 27, 2008 in JSC Aerosvit Airline adminzdaniye, were accompanied by use of force", - the acting as the director general of "Aerosvit" Kostantin Botev remembers. According to eyewitnesses, the group of 20 people rushed into an office building of airline, beat protection, broke open doors and rushed into offices of employees. "Blocking of meeting was accompanied by removal by regional courts of the unauthorized decisions directed on blocking of activity of governing bodies, destabilization of work of transport enterprise", - Botev states.

Subsequently management of airline knew that the Komsomol district court of the city of Kherson accepted a number of the definitions, forbidding to hold on August 27 supervisory board meeting, meeting of shareholders, and forbidding registrar of airline to carry out registration of shareholders. Besides, on July 31 the Komsomol district court of Kherson recognized invalid the power of attorney of one of shareholders of "Aerosvit" of the Gilward Investments BV company which possesses 42% of "Aerosvit". With these decisions on hands to "Aerosvit" there arrived the senior judicial performer of Borispolsky gorrayonny justice department Grigory Sokolov. Thus the office building of "Aerosvit" isn't in limits of the Borispolsky area.

Representatives a top - ме - a nedzhment of airline consider the events as attempt of raider capture. In the company also note that behind all events stands JSC Bureau which possesses 4,8% of actions of "Aerosvit". From his name the claims directed on blocking of work of operating bodies moved in courts. In "Aerosvit" note that at removal of the given judicial definitions representatives of the company in a hall of court weren't invited. According to Botev, these judgments are illegal and will be appealed.Besides, "Aerosvit" already addressed in Ministry of Transport and the Interdepartmental commission on questions of counteraction to illegal absorption and capture of the enterprises.

According to "BUSINESS", the final beneficiary of the Byuro company is Grigory Gurtovoy - the director general of The Renaissance — the Capital Ukraine investment company. Itself Gurtova yesterday I refused any comments on this conflict and I didn't specify, in whose interests "Bureau" works.

At the beginning of August representatives of JSC Bureau sharply opposed one of questions which had to be considered by shareholders of "Aerosvit", - attraction of a credit to the amount of 10 million dollars on the security of the land plot belonging to "Aerosvit" in Forosa (Crimea). The company addressed to the government with a claim of that this credit is planned to obtain in The Credit — Dnepr bank, and in case of a credit non-return "Aerosvit" can lose this ground.

At the same time in airline note that the question of the credit was only a pretext for blocking of carrying out meeting of the supervisory board on which important decisions for the company as earlier representatives of "Bureau" of Skalko and Gurtova voted for alienation of this property were made.

"The credit - Dnepr" offered the most acceptable conditions for receiving the credit among some other banks with which negotiations were conducted. The interest rate for the credit was only 10% per annum at average market - 15%", - claim in the company. In opinion a top - management, at huge turns of "Aerosvit" return of such credit wouldn't represent for it a special problem, and the deliberate non-return would cause huge scandal in business - circles. Besides, the question of attraction of this credit was removed from the agenda on August 12, and this problem at the time of attack didn't exist. "A question of pledge of the earth - only distracting maneuver for carrying out raider operation", - it is spoken in the "Aerosvit" statement.

The Aerosvit company in 2007 transported 2,54 million people, the net profit of the enterprise made 8 million dollars.


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