Juvenile murderers from good families

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Juvenile murderers from good families

In appearance ordinary teenagers - school students, fashionable clothes, fashionable hairdresses and... fashionable hobbies. At least, looking at the four of friends …

… pupils of one of schools of the Artemovsky district of Lugansk still sincerely are perplexed, for what detained them. Special they didn't make anything, well you will think, killed some people... Delov - that...

The group of people without a certain residence chose for a long time the thrown lodges around Gorky Park. Led a usual life for the similar contingent. That similar people are timid because aren't protected, - business usual. Well to whom hunting to stand up for tramps?

Path near lodges of the former RAP (it is repair - the operational enterprise) all in blood. Blood on walls, on the earth already undertook an ice crust, in blood all subjects rolling nearby. And the disfigured corpses of the man and the woman near lodges. Simple belongings, the meal remains are scattered.

Four pupils since Thursday began to visit the temporary place of residence of bums. According to teenagers, they went "simply to be kidding". These "tricks" each time came to an end with beating of the homeless, but those didn't hurry to complain. Got off with hematomas and bruises and attempt... to buy inviolability. Teenagers from quite provided families began to demand from bums neither more nor less, and... money. Having heard incidentally conversation that coming to tramps to stay for a while the elderly stranger usually "lowers on binge" all pension, children decided to profit money...

Usually, at least, on an assurance of the experts, similar crimes are committed by children from dysfunctional or incomplete families. However in this history all on - to another. From all four only one young man lives in a family without father, his friends have a full set of relatives: fathers, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and brothers. And families of teenagers quite safe, with good material prosperity, parents - dear people.

- Money wasn't necessary to me, - Denis, the pupil 11-го a class tells. - I went there by the principle of crowd, all go, and I went.

On a question that connected it with other children, firmly answers that they are his friends. Earlier the guy was fond of hand-to-hand fight.

- My role in this case was to hit on hands of the one who will open doors in a lodge, to strike that didn't manage to be closed.

Denis and made.His friend Andrey (whom, by the way, all "friends" call "the ideological inspirer" crimes), having pretended to be drunk, giving out itself for "", I began to ask the homeless that those opened. When the door was opened, Denis hit with the prepared stick the person on hands. That jumped aside back. The same minute teenagers rushed inside.

In a lodge there were some people. At first on the street pulled out Valeria nobody. According to teenagers, it was drunk and at all didn't show resistance. The lodge left the fifty-year-old woman Elena. She began to cry and ask that it didn't touch, in exchange for it she promised to tell, money where exactly lies. The woman pointed to one more - thirty-year-old Olga, at it, according to Lena, and there was money. A bit later teenagers will put credit that they didn't touch the elderly woman.

While Denis conducted negotiations with Lena, according to him, the others rushed "to protect that didn't escape" already almost insensible Valery from a beating whom dragged far away from a lodge. Having struck some more blows, teenagers returned to a lodge and pulled out one more man hiding there by the name of Oleg. Him beat feet, then Kirill became one foot on Oleg's face, the second foot on a breast and began to jump on the person. Jumps were accompanied by questions of money.

Now Denis, puzzly remembering that hackneyed Valera when it dragged to a lodge, slept tight, thus loudly snored. Actually the man died, and that sadists took for snore, was agonal rattles.

- It was all in blood, it seemed to me that we to it interrupted an artery on a hand. Because from there plentifully there was a blood. According to Denis, he repeatedly asked friends "to stop", but as usual happens, the same will be told also by the others, trying to expose itself in the best light.

"Having dealt" with Valery, sadists returned to Oleg, having searched the man, found only cheap cigarettes. Having understood that the plan "to be enriched" can break, for rage попинали Oleg feet, and then, on the advice of Andrey, decided "to be kidding". Completely took off clothes from the man, removed underwear. Again and again searching a lodge, teenagers found a moonshine bottle. Nakhodka promised new entertainment. It was decided to pour over already insensible homeless alcohol and to set fire. However whether moonshine wasn't sufficient fortress, whether boys weren't able to set fire, but fire, despite all attempts, wasn't engaged. The remains of moonshine transferred to Lena and forced it to drink.Dragged up to naked Oleg Olya and began to demand that that "sucked away". Force bent down her head to genitals of the man. The woman cried and tried to beat off from sadists. Angry, as this "show" under the threat of failure, teenagers with frenzy began to beat Olga. Beat long, sticks and feet. Having again rummaged in rags in a lodge, Andrey found almost full bottle of "dichlorvos". To the let-out stream Andrey brought a match, the torch in a trice flashed. This torch the fourteen-year-old teenager will drive on the head and Oleg's face while fire won't go out. The passing casual car will frighten away the four of sadists, they as if jackals will disappear in the dark, and then will go will a little take a walk on a schoolyard, and later all will go under the wing loving mothers and fathers. Will have supper and will go to bed. Quietly, without any remorse.

- I didn't want them to kill, and didn't gather. Just like that it turned out. I was finished by friends, told, what it isn't necessary to feel sorry for them, it after all bums, scourges - unless it is people?

Andrey quietly tells that this Saturday was not the first visit of "rookery" of bums. The company went "to have a good time" any more the first time. There came on Wednesday, then on Friday, simply beat bums, and on Saturday as simply and killed.

Andrey, the most younger of all company, already faced earlier the Law. But then for a robbery of phone it regretted. The lovely teenager, time нашкодил, why to it to spoil all life?. And there were to it at that time only thirteen... Andrey, as well as everything, is firmly convinced that he so, at anything that he beat nobody, well, maybe, struck a two-three of times. And killed others... In monosyllables answers all questions, repeats that tried to stop friends, but nobody heard it... Similar words are told also by other participants of a bloody slaughter. Parents not for nothing pay to lawyers. Even it is perfectly visible to the nonspecialist their work. "I wasn't, I don't know, I didn't want... " And unanimously finish indifferently: "I repent and more so I won't be... "

One more participant of murder - Vasily, 16 years. Studies at the same school in 11 - m a class. It is more angry, than it is frightened.

- We simply beat bums, why, I don't know...

As well as his friends, "heats the others". Vasya is angry more that the unfortunate died, now he should be responsible for murder. And if bums remained are live, "entertainments" for certain would proceed repeatedly. After all it is necessary for teenagers as - that cheerfully to spend leisure-time behind walls of the educational institution...

According to answers of the last detainee Dmitry the lawyer can be given safely a mark "perfectly". I was present at a fight, is detained on suspicion in murder. Me подстрекнули (the teenager hardly utters unusual for him, but already learned by heart word). Nobody wanted anybody to kill, went to have a good time. Personally I beat nobody, well can, two разика and struck. For what? So they swore... mat. By the way, teenagers found that so long looked for. Money in the sum of four hryvnias.

Comment of the prosecutor of the Artemovsky area of Conversation of S.V.

- The crime committed by teenagers, strikes with the impudence and cruelty. The prosecutor's office of the Artemovsky area brought criminal case under article 115 UK of Ukraine (premeditated murder).

At present the detainee chose a measure of restraint - detention.

The comment 1-го the deputy chief I LIE Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of the militia lieutenant colonel Antonov A.A.

- On December 16 on the 02 line the message on detection of corpses of people in Artemovsk the area arrived. Near lodgings where citizens without a certain residence lived, there was a fight. On disclosure of a crime all forces of militia were thrown. Character of a crime testified that, most likely, the crime was committed by people of a so-called "subregistration" element: former prisoners, bums, addicts. The bases to assume that so brutal murder - work of teenagers, especially from safe families, at us weren't. On disclosure of a crime two days left. Quickly - the search way identified the personalities of suspects. When before us teenagers appeared, even worldly-wise militiamen were a little not in themselves. But most of all struck when on a question, why you made it, one of detainees answered: "And what to feel sorry for them? They are bums".

It is possible to understand parents of the detained minors paying services of lawyers. It is much simpler to complain now that "set up" their children that indicators are necessary to "cops", and their innocent boys - only victims of circumstances and an arbitrariness. So or, at least, approximately any parent, facing face to face that the fanatic grew up from the small child so thinks once. So it is much simpler to look in the face to people, than to believe and recognize that their own child became the cruel executioner.

The presumption of innocence working for the criminal, unfortunately, doesn't give the chance neither to call a surname, nor to show faces.To court of people remains only "suspect", "detainee", but in any way the criminal.

To phone in school at which minor fanatics studied, it wasn't possible. During the day nobody took a receiver. Apparently, you shouldn't explain the silence reason.

Names of teenagers are changed.


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