Criminal business in the Crimea

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Human trafficking is all actions and the intentions connected with recruitment of the individual (or groups of such persons), their transportation within one country or out of its limits which include a purchase, sale, transfer, obtaining the income from these actions or the maintenance of such person (faces) for further use fraudulently is simple, coercion (with application of violence or violence threat), abuse of official position or a debt bondage, and also the maintenance of the person (faces) in a servitude or in the conditions of slavery irrespective of, is paid thus such work or not.

The crimes connected in the sphere of human trafficking for a long time got the international scales. This criminal business has well debugged organization and the milliard income from sale of "live goods".

According to experts of the UN human trafficking on level of profitability costs right after drug traffic and the weapon.

This problem doesn't recognize frontiers, doesn't do a difference between developed and developing countries, it is perfectly adapted both for poverty, and for luxury.

Fight against this type of crime demands universal activity and an initiative, both on state, and at the international level, and also working off of effective mechanisms of real counteraction in joint efforts of law enforcement agencies and public organizations of all countries of the world.

This problem and inhabitants of the Crimea bypassed.

For prevention of similar offenses, in this article we will tell readers about methods and tricks which criminals use, and also we will give a practical advice not to fall their victim.

Dreams break about reality

Tens of thousands of our fellow citizens became victims of dealers in people in recent years. And today, in Ukraine this problem is particularly acute most.

Using a difficult economic situation, unemployment and legal imperfection of protection of citizens, dishonest businessmen in many cities of Ukraine organize the criminal business which essence is reduced in the invitation of citizens to work abroad where they as a result are exposed to cruel operation, earning scanty money to itself and thousands for his organizers.

Generally export of "live goods" is carried out to Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Balkan countries, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, Arab Emirates, Israel, the United States, to Scandinavia and some other countries.

Without having permission to stay in the country and the right for the legal work, the Ukrainians who have arrived on earnings become hostages in hands of criminals.

Men exploit as general workers, couriers of smuggling, in shadow business and on harmful production. Without having any social protections and the rights, they receive real pennies which hardly suffices on payment of housing and livelihood for hard physical work.

For women, except usual work as servants or agricultural workers, the role of prostitutes is often prepared.

Young women and girls, having given in to a temptation of newspaper announcements quickly to earn money, working as the waitress, the model or the housemaid, are hired for employment abroad.

"Marriage agencies", "bureau on employment" and various "firms" offer everyone the help in the solution of this question.

But when "hunters of beautiful life" appear in the territory of the foreign states, it becomes clear that them simply deceived and violently force to work as prostitutes.

Similar human rights violations and violence over the personality in this criminal business have universal and mass character.

Women force to work for 12-15 hours in brothels or bureau of intimate services, almost free of charge.

Using freedom restrictions, blackmail and intimidations, souteneurs do them completely obedient and operated.

It is clear that in such conditions of people passes through psychological, moral and physical tortures.

One of important factors of such situation is that the woman is in the country illegally. Official documents according to which it arrived, are selected or lost validity period.

She is told that she is with illegal status in the country and it can entail many negative consequences at a meeting with police, especially absence of knowledge of language doesn't give the chance to ask for the help and to explain current situation.

No wonder that, being deeply intimidated, having passed through blackmail and threats, victims of sexual exploitation, even when homecoming very seldom try to address in law enforcement agencies.

In it thin psychological calculation of dealers in "live goods" also consists.

According to Department on fight against human trafficking in Ukraine, it is in the last two years brought about one thousand similar criminal cases.

To the country more than six hundred girls visited sexual slavery abroad were returned. From them about fifty - minors.

Also it is only approximate figures. Actually number of the women who shipped on searches of the best life outward and have become victims of dealers in people, in tens times more.

For the reference:

- it is possible to get a job on the lawful bases in the countries with which Ukraine signed the contract on mutual employment of citizens.

Today, such document is signed with Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia and Vietnam.

Ukrainians who go for official work to these states, receive a working visa.

Opposition of crime

- For identification and control of offenses, connected with human trafficking, in the territory of the Crimea police officers regularly hold expeditious and preventive events for check of travel companies, the companies engaged in employment abroad, model and marriage agencies, - the head of department on fight against crimes connected with human trafficking in ARC the militia colonel Igor Borisovich Mikhalev reported.

- Complexity of identification of similar crimes that they, as a rule, have the hidden character, - was continued by Igor Borisovich, - generally offers on illegal employment abroad proceed from acquaintances or intermediaries who are connected with an organized criminal group on human trafficking and receive for this remuneration.

Having trusted in criminals, the victim herself is interested in information nondisclosure as in it inspire that the success of a trip depends on it.

It is necessary to know that any legal firm on employment abroad won't suggest to drive to the country illegally or on a tourist visa.

I already wrote about swindlers from JSC Jefferson i Mackenzie from which actions hundreds inhabitants of the Crimea suffered. Publishing in newspapers of the announcement of employment in the USA, they simply deceived the clients, appropriating their money.

According to some foreign editions Ukraine wins first place on production and distribution of a child pornography.

Imperfection of the Ukrainian legislation complicates fight against organizers of this shadow business.

But, there is a wish to note, - Igor Borisovich Mikhalev, - that in all cases when the Crimean militia managed to bring to trial of distributors of a child pornography added, all of them received real imprisonment terms.

In practice, in many European countries, even visit of sites on the Internet connected with a child pornography, involves criminal liability, without speaking about distribution and production.

For prevention and disclosure of the offenses connected with sexual and labor exploitation, illegal migration, detection of offenses in the sphere of public morals, somehow the pornography, a pimping, procurement, and also with promotion of a cult of violence on TV, on the Internet and other carriers employees of UBTL is conducted permanent laborious work on check of operational information, poll of victims, witnesses, and also to monitoring of advertisements in mass media.

Article 149 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "human trafficking" prescribes punishment in the form of imprisonment from 3 to 8 years. If this crime was committed concerning minors, term increases till 15 years with property confiscation.

Though, even 15 years behind a lattice not too strict punishment for those who crippled not one destiny, and on whose fault children and girls got serious physical and psychological injuries.

In case something is known to you of similar crimes - the request to phone - (0652)-520-119.

Be careful of tempting offers

Last year, the staff of the Crimean militia detained the thirty-year-old citizen of M. who for several years was engaged in that sent girls to Arab Emirates for the purpose of occupation by prostitution.

In due time she tasted sweet of life of foreign brothels much, and, having returned to the Crimea, decided to organize the business - to deliver to souteneurs of young little girls.

M.'s citizen met girls, generally from rural areas and dysfunctional families, and, telling about beautiful life and easy money "there", under the pretext of financial assistance and compassion, sent them abroad.

"live goods" it earned reward for each unit in some thousands of dollars.

- As a result, it got to our field of vision, - the deputy chief of the Crimean UBTL militia lieutenant colonel Ivan Ivanovich Pokhilko told, - having carried out careful expeditious development and having collected incontestable proofs of criminal acts - M.'s citizen was detained by the staff of the Crimean militia.

In 2007 the court sentenced the criminal to 5 years of prison.

Cases when work in Moscow and other large cities of Russia is offered to young women are frequent. In practice, criminals take out them for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Having remained in others city without money and documents, not all manage to come back home safely. In most cases, being afraid of physical violence of souteneurs, they are compelled to join ranks of street "women of easy virtue".

So, in 2007 to the women working for Koreans on cleaning of onions, it was offered to go to Moscow to earn money, allegedly for work on production of the Korean salads.

Having believed the onions magnates, eight girls, one of which minor, went to earnings.

When they arrived to the capital, instead of the promised work them locked in the apartment, selected documents and reported that they will be engaged in prostitution.

Only thanks to intervention of law enforcement agencies of the girl were released, and criminals appeared before the court.

And it is far not the only case in the Crimea lately.

Having given in to arrangements of criminals, our fellow citizens subject to risk not only the lives, but also wellbeing of the relatives who are compelled to sell real estate and to take the huge credits to release native of slavery.

Were going to go abroad?

Criminal case of the citizen of G. who together with accomplices organized in Simferopol illegal sending our fellow citizens abroad became a striking example of the broken schemes of the citizens connected with employment abroad.

During the period from June, 2003 to September, 2005 this person under cover of fictitious travel companies carried out criminal plans on a taking money concerning twenty five people.

People, having believed promises of the citizen of G. to get a job in Italy, transferred to it on 10-15 thousand hryvnias for the promised services.

As a result, they at best, went according to the tour to Slovakia where to them it was told that to Italy will illegally reach. Some victims of swindlers even managed to cross illegally the border, but, having remained there without work and money, it was necessary to ask for help at the charitable organizations and the Ukrainian consulate for return home.

For conspiracy of the activity malefactors constantly changed an arrangement of the office and the scheme of criminal acts.

In case it wasn't possible to open for the client in Embassies of Slovakia or Hungary a tourist visa, they pasted the counterfeit in the passport. As a result of such swindles of several people crossing by bus польско - the German border, detained, fined and installed in prison.

Criminals, continuing the activity, tried to discover clients among acquaintances and placing announcements in newspapers.

Having believed promises of swindlers, trustful citizens left not only large sums of money, but also were subjected to various physical and moral tests.

The court sentenced G.'s citizen to seven years of imprisonment with property confiscation, various punishments were received also by other members of criminal group.

Councils that who goes abroad

- Trust nobody your passport.The documents proving your identity, always have to be only at you.

- If you are going to work or study, take care that your contract was written in language clear to you and also that conditions, the place and time of your future work or study were accurately established.

- Leave at home, to the friends or relatives detailed information on the stay abroad with the address and contact phones, and also the copy of the passport and the contract. Not superfluous will leave the photo and addresses of your foreign friends.

- Don't forget to find out phone numbers of embassies and consulates of Ukraine abroad. If you appeared in a difficult situation or someone threatens you, address to representatives of the country who are obliged to help.

In many countries non-governmental organizations and services which provide the help to the persons which have got into difficulties work.

- Stay term in the territory of the foreign state is limited by interstate agreements on a visa-free regime or is specified in your visa Violation of term of stay or a visa regime will make difficult or even impossible your following trip abroad.

- Don't forget that the knowledge at least elementary words of a foreign language considerably will facilitate your stay abroad and will help out a difficult minute.

Be vigilant!


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