"The father - the murderer" robbed the 6 - the summer son in his birthday

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On September 9 in militia with the statement for theft of money the inhabitant of Nikolaev 1978 addressed. The sum which the woman lost, made 3.5 thousand UAH. According to her, only one person, namely her former cohabitant 1980

could be the thief

As reported in Sector on public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia, law enforcement officers detained him on the same day. The detained man didn't deny the fault.

As it became clear, on September 9 the joint son of this couple was six years old. The father was the only guest on birthday. Whether the father brought a gift, it isn't known. But from the son it went ungifted away not. The guy found monetary savings of the girl of 1000 euros which she saved from the funds allocated by the government for the maintenance of the child. Without hesitation, it counted to itself(himself) exactly a half. Having considerable quantity of currency, it found for them application and the most part of means spent for alcoholic drinks. When it caught, the sum found in it, already was much less. Now it is waited by the punishment prescribed by Art. 185.

It any more first crime of the detainee. Earlier it was judged for the murder committed by it in 14 - summer age. Having stayed in places of imprisonment of 8 years, it probably will soon return there again.


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