Visit by the Odessa tax specialists of koblevsky night club "Brazil" will end for them with initiation of legal proceedings?

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At the end of August in the night club "Brazil" located in the territory of a recreation area of "Koblevo" of the Nikolaev area, occurred quite interesting case.

As eyewitnesses of events tell, the institution this night was hammered by visitors is and it isn't surprising, after all the resort season approached end.

No incidents happened while from among visitors five young guys weren't allocated.

"They "were slightly drunk" and showed certificates of staff of tax inspection of GNA in Odessa region", - witnesses of events reported.

According to eyewitnesses, during verbal sparring with administration of night club tax specialists declared that arrived to check an institution and even showed any papers.

They allegedly suggested "to resolve an issue" on a place for "small remuneration". Even the sum - 2,5 thousand dollars was sounded. The administration of an institution refused, having declared that won't "resolve" thus an issue. Then protection of night club "asked" tax specialists to leave a private property.

Small fight resulted.

At this time nearby there passed the staff of management on fight against economic crimes of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area which were in official journey in the Berezansky area.

They tried to calm the resisting parties, but were involved in the fight which has ended only with arrival of "Golden eagle".

But even after all calmed down, anybody up to the end didn't understand that occurred.

Tax specialists, having reached to Odessa, reported on a situation on the management which, in turn, transferred this information to Kiev in the Public tax administration of Ukraine.

Possibly, information told by the Odessa tax specialists, was directed against the Nikolaev militiamen who allegedly interfered with execution of their official duties.

In some days to the Nikolaev area there arrived the special commission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, consisting of the staff of Service of internal security.

The commission recognized actions of the Nikolaev militiamen lawful.

According to available information, now the prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area considers materials about initiation of legal proceedings concerning the staff of tax inspection of GNA in Odessa region.

The night club in which there was an incident, is closed at present. After a number of checks the administration of an institution made the decision not to fuel tension with tax specialists.


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